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Sunlight Is The Best Protection From Covid




Sunlight is the best protection from Covid – NOT ‘hiding’ indoors & behind disposable masks

Exposure to Vitamin D in sunlight is a strong protection against the Covid virus, not shutting yourself away indoors hiding behind a mask.

Dr. Brett Weinstein statement regarding the impact of sunlight in protecting against the Covid Virus:

Volume and airflow reduce the density of particles that one interacts with and that has a highly protective effect against Covid. UV light disables the virus, maybe sunlight even more so.

Dr. Weinstein mused that none of this should be surprising given that “the Covid virus ultimately came from a lab.

The conclusion is obvious: maximizing outdoor activities with ample exposure to natural sunlight is a “best practice” in the defense against Covid. Remaining indoors and increasing the density of particles by hiding behind a disposable mask is a poor practice.


  1. Perhaps some brave (Suicidical?) person should tell DL …That maximizing outdoor activities with ample exposure to natural sunlight is a “best practice” in the defense against Covid’

    I doubt that she’ll be pleased; can’t let the sheeple out of the paddock; you never know WHAT they might do…

    It’s (as always) about POWER and DL is loving it.



    • But people have been giving cindy the big FU and going to the beaches after the pink haired land whale went and said it was ok!
      If it’s good enough for the politaratee, it’s good enough for the plebs!!!
      Bet cindy did a little dance after that lot! With a major effort at singing to accompanying it as well!
      Com’on Crusher. Wind her up some more and see if she spins!



  2. They are going to do it anyway.
    Well except for the lab rats and vegans.
    Even the pink whale was out in the sun with her girlfriend.

    Noticeable that the area in NZ where the longest daylight is and where people are exposed to the sun for the longest time has not had a single case in 2 years.
    Whereas Fiji which apart from being a filthy place, has had 500 deaths.
    Bindi seems to cope but places where the sun never shinees ( arseholes included), seem to have a problm.



    • Not correct Viking

      The southern part of the country has more sunlight/daytime hours than the northern part in summer but in winter it is less
      eg compare Dunnydin to Auckland.
      One hour more in summer but one hour less in winter -when you need it more.

      If you wish to do the arithmetic.

      The longer twilight in the south in summer will give the appearance of a longer day.



      • Well the covid was floating around down there in the long summer days. and just to blow that theory of yours they also get chilled cold wind and plenty of it in the winter.
        That blows the shit away and limits people’s interactions. No personal spread. Of course, they are much hardier living down there as well so most likely have better immune systems.
        what I didn’t add and maybe should have is that its the UV in the light that fucks the virus. You know, the stuff that causes melanoma and we are forever told to slip slap and slop. No one of course has bothered to say that not everyone is compatible with that stuff.
        so go with the vitamin D and the uv.



        • ….. and just to blow that theory of yours….

          It is not a theory about the length of day
          It is fact.
          Source shown and should be general knowledge.

          Don’t dig a hole for yourself
          Instead of a wall of words you could have said:
          gee I was wrong; thanks for picking that up !



    • Nasska
      The whole slip slap slop idea over the past 20+years might have had an effect over time. If the body had not had much “practice” in forming VitD naturally because of the excessive protection then it’s ability may have dropped (use it or lose it!!).



    • Fresh air and sunshine has been used for hundreds of thousands of years for recuperation and staying healthy. Even in recent times, returning soldiers with injuries in both world wars, recovered better when wheeled outside into the outdoors and sunshine. And in even more recent times, recovering Covid-19 patients.

      “Orc, stop painting pictures on the cave wall. C’mon out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. It cannot be doing your health any good to be cooped up in that damp cave with stale air.”

      Indoors has:
      [1] No sun.
      [2] No fresh air, no fresh air electricity.

      Outdoors has:
      [1] Sun, Vitamin D
      [2] Fresh air with the correct ion balance and quantity.

      Covid-19 takes hold and runs riot in your lungs with it’s positively charged Spike protein creating an imbalance in ion polarity and quantity. Which in turn inhibits the uptake of oxygen. Lack of oxygen uptake creates hypoxemia and hypoxia, which is what kills Covid-19 victims. The body-wide lack of oxygen creates body-wide inflammation called a cytokine storm. A chain breaks at it’s weakest link, so where there are co-morbidities, i.e. degraded organ or system functionality, and/or immune response, that is what gives way.

      Fresh air helps restore the correct ion balance and quantity and restores the oxygen uptake.
      Telling you to stay indoors amplifies the Covid-19 effect. Telling you to stay indoors is making the problem worse than it is, and is helping create poor health. Idiot is too nice a word to describe anyone that suggests you should stay at home. That DL does not suggest getting out into the fresh air and sunshine leads to an inescapable conclusion:

      [A} She has no clue, and is doing as she is told.
      [B] She knows, and is doing as she is told.



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