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Supreme Leader flexing her ample gnashers




Waterton Chronicle

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apparently gone full Fidel Castro, as the harsh realities of trying to run a socialist dictatorship in a democratic nation make their way home to roost.

With those pesky opposition MPs and journalists beginning to ask too many questions, like “how will people pay for stuff without jobs?”, “when will we be allowed to have a haircut?”, and “was it really necessary to completely fxxk the entire country?”, Jacinda has had about enough of representative democracy and accountability, deciding instead life would be a lot easier if people just shut up and did what they’re told. And smiled. And hugged.

“Yeah look, she’s just a bit over the whole having to explain herself to people thing.” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Propaganda & Loyalty told The Waterton Chronicle. 

“She doesn’t see why she has to put up with people questioning her all the time. She’d much prefer if they’d all just leave her alone to be honest.”.

This reporter tried to speak to an actual government MP for comment but was told El Presidente has issued an edict banning anyone from speaking to the media.

“Sorry, you’ll have to wait for El Presidente. It’s just better for us if she does it.”.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters apparently tried to remind Jacinda what country she’s running, but was quietly whisked away by First Dad Clarke and a bunch of loyalists before he had a chance.

“She’s gone full Castro. You never go full Castro.” a political commentator explained.


  1. Which of our aspirational fashion gods has provided the clothes horse with the yellow camo dress that has been a constant this week?
    Is she trying to convince us she’s down with the duckshooters?
    As well as completely rooting the economy, she’s creating visual nightmares as well.



  2. Fight, Fight, Fight, climate scam followed by Corona Scam, though be better to call it what it is ,the CCP virus. False Flag attack to bleed the way.
    What else would you expect from the Former Socialist Youth World Leader, up against the wall with all of them.



  3. I see the gutless one has been exercising her gnashers to produce more stuff that isn’t very kind directed at someone who isn’t one of her fawning sycophants.

    Mark Richardson challenged SLGs understanding of sportsmen on Thursday, so she waited for a different show on a different day to lay on the response when she had the microphone and he didn’t.

    “I wonder what New Zealand under Mark Richardson would look like,” Ardern told The Rock’s Morning Rumble on Friday in response. “I don’t know if that’s just because he does mornings, and mornings are tough but he’s a pretty angry person.”

    Ardern is about to find out that there are a number of angry people in New Zealand – starting with the 1000 people a day who have lost their jobs and are now applying for Jobseeker benefits. The people who have, or are about to, lose their life savings as their businesses collapse will be angry. The taxpayers who are going to get monumentally stung for the twenty thousand million dollar bill for this cock up are going to be angry.
    And some of them are going to say things that are a wee bit unkind about Jacinda Ardern.



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