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‘Systemic Racism’ Caused Climate Change




Biden Climate Team Blames ‘Systemic Racism’ for Climate Change


As it turns out, climate change isn’t the fault of greedy, rapacious capitalists deliberately spewing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

It’s really the fault of evil white people. At least, according to a couple of members of Joe Biden’s climate policy advisory committee.

These are the kind of numbskulls who will populate Joe Biden’s administration: Committed radicals who could give a hoot in hell for science, rationality, or reason.

Maggie Thomas is a former climate advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren and is currently the political director at the far-left environmental advocacy group Evergreen Action. Cecilia Martinez is a real whacko who is trying to integrate climate policy into a social-justice agenda. She’s the executive director of the Center for Earth, Energy, and Democracy (CEED), which “works to provide research and analytical support to environmental justice groups and coalitions, as well as educating and empowering communities at the forefront of the environmental justice movement.” Both Thomas and Martinez say racism is somehow responsible for spewing CO2 into the atmosphere and initiating climate change.

We welcome both green loonies to the United States government.

Washington Free Beacon:

“Unless intentionally interrupted, systemic racism will continue to be a major obstacle to creating a healthy planet,” Martinez said in a 2019 press release touting her “Equitable & Just” climate platform. “The only path forward is to design national climate policies that are centered on justice.”

For Thomas and Martinez, such policies require “massive” government spending and the “realignment of public dollars at all levels.” Thomas’s climate plan demands “trillions” in public investment—not only to “crack down” on oil production and shift away from the nation’s “fossil fuel economy” but also to fund welfare programs, including rent and utility relief. Martinez’s platform calls for much of the same, including increased government investment into “affordable and quality housing.”

As you might expect, there will be plenty of pushback — some of it from centrist Democrats. And of course, the fossil fuel industry is going to have something to say about it, too.

Power the Future founder and executive director Daniel Turner accused Biden’s climate team of using “racism” and “justice” to “nationalize the nation’s energy industry.”

“Punishing America’s energy workers will do nothing to address climate change and it will do nothing to address injustices. It will, however, cause the prices of gas and utilities to rise sharply, and that will punish the less privileged most of all,” Turner told the Washington Free Beacon. “We do need to talk about housing, employment, and racism, but doing so under the pretext of energy policy will deliver muddied, expensive, and pointless legislation.”

I don’t think these two wackos are interested in “nationalizing” the energy industry. I think they want to destroy it. And won’t they be pleased with Biden if he follows the advice of Thomas and issues an executive order “establishing a ‘government-wide environmental justice initiative’ tasked with centering ‘federal environmental policy around equity, justice, and inclusion.”‘

In reality, there is zero chance any trillion-dollar initiatives on climate — or “social justice” will see the light of day in Congress. But if Republicans don’t get their act together soon, more and more Democrats who see “environmental justice” as an extension of “social justice” will get elected to Congress and that nightmare could become a reality.

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  1. Tis going to be an interesting few years here and abroad, i fear the stupidity and double downing on retarded policy when they realise and deny that all they done was make it all worse. (Just wait till they start hammering cindy for lack of action on climate emergency)

    Heres a hint, NO amount of money can fix climate change or racism. Adding vast sums of money to the equation will only exacerbate the issues.



    • IAASB says
      ‘Here’s a hint, NO amount of money can fix climate change’

      Climate change is normal.
      It is superior to humans.


      “The last ice age led to the rise of the woolly mammoth and the vast expansion of glaciers, but it’s just one of many that have chilled Earth throughout the planet’s 4.5-billion-year history.

      So, how often do ice ages happen, and when is the next freeze expected to begin?

      The answer to the first question depends on whether you’re talking about big ice ages or the little ice ages that happen within those larger periods. Earth has undergone five big ice ages, some of which lasted for hundreds of millions of years. In fact, Earth is in a big ice age now, which explains why the planet has polar ice caps. [Photo Gallery: Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Cracks]

      Big ice ages account for about 25 percent of Earth’s past billion years,
      said Michael Sandstrom, a doctoral student in paleoclimate at Columbia University in New York City.

      The five major ice ages in the paleo record include the
      Huronian glaciation (2.4 billion to 2.1 billion years ago),
      the Cryogenian glaciation (720 million to 635 million years ago),
      the Andean-Saharan glaciation (450 million to 420 million years ago),
      the Late Paleozoic ice age (335 million to 260 million years ago) and
      the Quaternary glaciation (2.7 million years ago to present).

      These large ice ages can have smaller ice ages (called glacials) and warmer periods (called interglacials) within them. During the beginning of the Quaternary glaciation, from about 2.7 million to 1 million years ago, these cold glacial periods occurred every 41,000 years. However, during the last 800,000 years, huge glacial sheets have appeared less frequently — about every 100,000 years, Sandstrom said.

      This is how the 100,000-year cycle works: Ice sheets grow for about 90,000 years and then take about 10,000 years to collapse during warmer periods. Then, the process repeats itself.

      Given that the last ice age ended about 11,700 years ago, isn’t it time for Earth to get icy again? ”

      Facts, smacts, we are in post-truth world.

      I would like to apologise for being white and presenting facts.
      I am so, so sorry. !!



  2. “Maggie Thomas is a former climate advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren and is currently the political director at the far-left environmental advocacy group Evergreen Action”

    Now there is a sl ave name if ever I heard one !!
    Maggie Thomas.

    ‘At least she was good enough to work under a Native American person, Pocahontas Warren, and not push her white privilege.’

    Hey, on a lefty blog that would get applause, and they would believe it.
    The disconnect is great out there.
    So sad.



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