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Study Finds COVID Death Rate Of Zero For Those Who Take Vitamin D Daily

A recent study published in the MDPI or Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute found that people taking vitamin D daily and who have at least 50 ng/mL in their blood have a mortality rate of zero for COVID-19.


“Mortality rates from clinical studies were corrected for age, sex, and diabetes. Data were analyzed using correlation and linear regression. Results: One population study and seven clinical studies were identified, which reported D3 blood levels preinfection or on the day of hospital admission.

The two independent datasets showed a negative Pearson correlation of D3 levels and mortality risk (r(17) = −0.4154, p = 0.0770/r(13) = −0.4886, p = 0.0646). For the combined data, median (IQR) D3 levels were 23.2 ng/mL (17.4–26.8), and a significant Pearson correlation was observed (r(32) = −0.3989, p = 0.0194). Regression suggested a theoretical point of zero mortality at approximately 50 ng/mL D3.”

According to the paper, without calcium supplementation even very high vitamin D3 supplementation does not cause vascular calcification. The authors say that vitamin D3 supplementation in the range of 4000 to 10,000 units (100 to 250 µg) is needed to generate an optimal 40–60 ng/mL level.

Supplementing vitamin D with approximately 200 µg of vitamin K2 is recommended by the authors of the paper to help filter calcium into the bones instead of the blood.

Another recent study found that among COVID-19-positive patients, the group with vitamin D levels of more than 30 ng/ml had significantly lower hospital stays, and no difference was found among the groups in terms of age and gender distribution.

According to the paper, elevated vitamin D levels could even decrease COVID-19 PCR positivity.

Many media outlets, as well as politicians, have been highlighting the higher death rate from coronavirus for black Americans than White and Asian Americans, but differing vitamin D levels and obesity are the likely culprits.

Furthermore, according to the CDC the death rate from diabetes is highest among non-Hispanic black adults and lowest among non-Hispanic white adults. During 2004–2017, the death rate decreased from 438.3 per 100,000 to 391.1 among non-Hispanic white adults, from 602.0 to 485.7 among Hispanic adults, and from 804.3 to 607.0 among non-Hispanic black adults.

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III shows that non-Hispanic blacks are at more than 10 times greater risk than non-Hispanic whites of being in the lowest quartile of 25(OH) vitamin D serum measurements. Hispanics have 2.5 times the risk, and other races have 3 times the risk.


  1. Cleaning out the factory the other day, I “discovered” 12 kg of vitamin D powder. That should last us years at an approximate weekly rate of how much? Any chemists out there able to suggest suitable dose rates?



  2. Sorry Ed I can’t help you there but I saw on a site an Israeli Dr saying that if you take 4,000? a day and zinc also you should be taking vitamin K. I bought Bit K 75mcg Vitamin D 1,000 but take 4 a day and zinc 14.9 = 74.5 mg I have no idea of the amounts you need but remember that you can take 4000 vitamin D with no side effects. I am not up on all those figures in the article so don’t know what they all mean. If someone out there could explain that would be fantastic. Many thanks in anticipation



  3. A good interview, with the South Africa Doctor.. Dr. Shankara Chetty.
    Explanations are good, easy to take in, from his observations & experience in practicing the Art of Medicine, so he came to know & understand much of Covid in his practice, and so able to successfuly treat thousands of his patients.

    Reiner Fuellmich;- Dr. Shankara Chetty | SCA Session 82: There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
    1 hour 53 secs : 12 Dec 2021

    I thought I was it was going to be a bit tedious and long, but watching it off and on, drew me in, & kept me going as he puts things simply & very well.
    I was not able to grab key lines but it is worthwhile, practical, that all Doctors in New Zealand should watch, if they believe they are a real Doctor.

    So to recall roughly, noticing the actual 2 ways the virus works on the body, and the time line, so treatment should be more focused considering that time & what is happening to the patient.
    His success rate is great.

    Considers the vaccines and those issues, and puts it very realistically.

    Considers Omicron already knowing it, and the future, some good points, and some not so good points.

    Considers the evolution on how from the bat to human, in such a short time.

    No more deaths for his patients with Covid.

    His views are that it is like the reaction to an allergy, and how to treat that.

    The spike protein is the big & difficult problem to figure out & treat, over the next few years.

    Many of us will be helped by this lecture as many dots of what we know, he pulls together very well to give a very good picture!
    Nor does he pull his punches; so also questions just what is going on.



  4. A Canadian Doctor who explains very well of the Pfizer Report.
    Then goes onto discuss other features of how human cells work and relates to the S spike Protein.
    And how other highly problematic issues may arise in the body.

    Breaking News: Pfizer’s Own Stats: 1200+/40,000 Trial Participants Dead | Interview with Dr. Nagase
    43 minutes : December 13, 2021

    — Dr. Daniel Nagase graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 2004, is a registered member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Alberta where he has been a doctor for over 15 years, an emergency doctor for 10 years and has treated patients in rural under-serviced communities throughout Alberta since 2015.
    Dr. Nagase was fired after treating three covid patients with Ivermectin at the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre. Listen to him speak on the dangers of the injection from a microbiology perspective.

    Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial results; are these statistics “acceptable”?

    Absolutely not. They wouldn’t be acceptable for any medication brought to market, this magnitude of side effects, 31% either died, had permanent disability or were not recovered.
    It’s insane that at the time of the report to government authorities, April 30th, 2021 that this drug, this injection wasn’t pulled off the market immediately.

    Explaining some devastating known side effects…

    Sequela is some type of a problem that lingers even though you recovered.
    Let’s say you had an extremely high fever with seizures and the seizures never actually went away, you keep getting occasional seizures every now and then, or you have paralysis of an arm or a leg after the seizure and that just doesn’t go away.

    Reverse transcriptase is where mRNA is turned into DNA, and depending on where that segment of DNA accidentally interrupts and integrates itself into the cells DNA, you can either be causing cancer, you can be causing mutations, or you might not cause anything at all. It’s completely random.
    The reverse transcriptase itself can lead this mRNA injection into causing new mutations in the DNA.

    Effects on pregnant women…

    Out of 274 pregnancy cases where pregnant women received this injection, there were 75 serious reported clinical events.
    75 over 274. That’s a 27% serious clinical event instance.
    Any pregnant woman who received this injection after April 30th, 2021 should be suing their obstetrician for malpractice. Absolutely unheard of.

    Effects on our children…

    There were 34 instances where children under the age of 12 were given this injection between December 1st and February 28th.
    Of those 34 children, 24 had serious side effects.
    Of those 24 kids who had a serious case after getting this injection 16 were resolved or resolving, 13 had not resolved and five were unknown.

    Risks of genetic damage to children….

    We’re not even talking about the genetic damage.
    This is just the damage that they discovered in the first three months between December 1st and February 28th, a pregnancy is nine full months.
    We don’t know how many of the other cases that were non-serious in the first two months might turn into serious events, miscarriages stillbirths, birth defects, deformities, developmental delay, which is where a child doesn’t develop the ability to walk, talk or think at a normal rate.
    In previous years, it was called mental retardation. We have no idea what the long-term effects are.

    Are smaller doses for children safe and effective?

    No, as long as there’s enough of a dose, if it’s a 1/3, one quarter, one tenth a dose, it only changes the amount of time it takes to produce copies of itself.
    It’ll just take a little bit longer at one tenth of the dose than at the full adult dose. There is no safe dose for this injection.

    Dr. Nagase has major concerns about the long term damage that for some will continue from the S spike protein.



  5. A good article from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi:
    The video explains it much more.

    Does the vaccine work? against Covid.
    ‘”The [Covid-19] virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.”

    Stop Believing All Of The Crooks and Criminals

    Blood Stream/Spike Protein

    If the benefit of the “vaccines” is zero, what are the risks?

    Click on the video :- 12 minutes.

    Points out what pathologists should be looking for, to see the damage.
    No wonder as this Canadian pathologist has noticed, linked to by Alice

    Seems to line up with Dr, Chetty, a sort of allergy affect to S spike protein, and the problems of the “immune” problems becoming a problem, as also with Dr, Nagase.

    If this vaccine is supposed to be a trial phase experiment, under “Emergency Use Approval” then why is not proper monitoring being done, proper timely autopsies, and why the big delay in reporting back on pathologist’s samples?



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