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Australians Love Jacinda, They’re Just Not Sure Why

Bryan Firebrand:

In an attempt to understand why so many Australians gush and fawn over New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as if she’s some kind of demigod, The Waterton Chronicle has asked a group of self-described “Jacinda lovers” to outline what it is they love about the Supreme Leader of New Zealand.

Lynn (49) from Brunswick said “Scummo bad, Jacinda good.” in a particularly detailed response.

When pressed by this reporter, Lynn said “If you even have to ask, you’re too stupid to understand.”.

Colin (45) from South Yarra explained that “she’s a woman, with a baby, and she hugs people. What more could you want in a prime minister?”

Marjorie (63) from Bendigo said “she’s a lot better than that Morrision man. She’s not a man, for a start. And she stopped the volcano, and you didn’t see the bushfires spreading all over New Zealand did you?! And now she’s stopped coronavirus too! She has magical powers.”.

“I like her smile.” Rachel (33) from Werribee explained.

Adding to Lynn from Brunswick’s sentiment, Gillian (23) from Frankston said “have you been living under a rock or something? She’s amazing! Scomo bad! When did you ever see him wearing a hijab and hugging random strangers?”.

“You’re a fxxkwit!” an anonymous contributor added.


  1. I have an idea – we will take Scomo and they can have Ardern.

    Actually she wouldn’t last a week with the hard nosed competent Ministers like Dutton, Frydenberg and others. She would soon be found out and scuttling home to New Zealand.



  2. Don’t believe everything you hear from the ‘Jacinda-loving’ Media.
    I’ve got loads of mates and relatives in Australia and every single one of them reckons she is nuts for shutting down the Economy.

    “I feel sorry for you guys”
    “We are taking a hit over here but you guys are in deep shit”
    “She really is a Communist isn’t she?”
    etc etc



    • While I agree with your conclusion (don’t believe the media) I must also point out the echo-chamber we all live in.
      I thought most of NZ-ers were fed up with the lockdown, and eager (angry?) to go back to work…. and yet….. everybody is bashing the idiot of Soy Boy Simon in Facebook for pointing out the CoL is destroying the economy.
      Probably your relatives are a bit smarter than the average Bruce or the average Kiwi.



    • I spoke to two people in AU yesterday.
      One in NSW and one in QLD.
      They cannot believe the smashing of business and all things and for similar health outcome.

      A big concern there is that ScoMo has been saying almost daily that bars and clubs will probably be closed for a year.
      That is of concern for an Aussie. It is just not True Blue mate .
      There will be new arrivals to AU who will consider it good.

      Typicality there are service clubs where a lot of people say 70 , live alone, spend their days in these clubs.
      Cheap food, cheap grog, pokies in NSW, free entertainment, free air con.
      These people are literally self isolating. It may be gone for quite some time.

      The normal bottle stores are open. My brother went in the weekend. It is BAU.
      Petrol prices are well down.

      NZ – complete shut down and destruction for similar health outcomes as AU.
      Capitalism is dead. They told us in 2017.
      But did we listen?.

      No more bourgeoisie for you!



    • The comments in Daily Mail tell you realpolitik not the media makeover cobblers.

      I followed the comments section of the DM for Brexit and Trump election. The outcome was clear.
      Just some fruity, lefty pollsters dont get it; hate that they are wrong, then rage against the machine thereafter, slowly descending into Macbeth madness.

      “Jacinda Ardern like you’ve never seen her before”



  3. ……”And she stopped the volcano…….. And now she’s stopped coronavirus too! She has magical powers”…….

    Fuck me loose. To think we’re forced to share the world’s scarce oxygen reserves with women as delusional as this!



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