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Taxpayer To Front Up Yet Again?




Auckland Council reportedly in talks to buy Ihumātao land

The Ihumātao land dispute could be drawing to a close, with discussions underway for Auckland Council to step in.

RNZreports the Crown is considering loaning money to the council so it can afford to purchase the land – owned by Fletcher Residential.

Fletcher is asking for $40 million for the land – more than double what it was bought for in 2014.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is reportedly leading talks around the resolution.

He told Newshub on Monday the Government is focused on “supporting a resolution that respects all parties including the Crown, mana whenua and Fletchers”.

He says the Government is continuing to work on finding a solution.

“These matters are complex and are taking some time to work through,” he said on Tuesday.

There is also an interim decision to increase the heritage status of the Ōtuataua Stonefields Reserve to include the land owned by Fletchers, he told Newshub.

As well as extending the land, it would be changed from a category two historic place to a category one – the highest level of heritage recognition.

This means the land would be classed as being of “special or outstanding historical or cultural significance,” according to the heritage website.

The report from RNZ has angered ACT leader David Seymour, who says it shows the Government “caving” to protesters.

“The message the Government will be sending is this ‘if you break the law and illegally occupy other people’s private property, we won’t punish you, we’ll help you,” said Seymour in a statement.

“It is also deeply disappointing that, given Auckland’s housing crisis, 480 affordable homes may now not be built,” he continued.

Ihumātao is one of New Zealand’s earliest settlements.

It was sold to Fletchers in 2014 and protests began shortly afterwards.

In 2016, a small number of community members started camping by the side of the road, reports RNZ.

But in July this year, public support skyrocketed after eviction notices were handed to the occupants.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called for a halt in building progress in late July while the Government worked to find a solution.

For once I hope Winston is right. He said there is no way taxpayers money is going to be used to settle this PRIVATE LAND DISPUTE. Do you trust him?

It could be a loan from the taxpayer to the council. The council would then pay Fletchers for the land, thereby bypassing the fact that the taxpayer is buying the land. Winston can then say its not taxpayers money that Fletchers are getting.

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  1. So the less you contribute to society the happier this useless bunch of pricks masquerading as a Govt is, want some land just pop up a few tents invoke some Maori bullshit and hey presto it’s yours if you want to double down invite the mad queen to open her big useless gob to inflame the situation further, and now we are meant to believe NZs 2nd biggest liar Peters like that prick has ever been right about anything maybe he could fork over the coin from his private slush fund, whatever happens one thing is certain Kiwis will be lied to & fkd over yet again



  2. I’m not surprised. Nothing the COL does surprises me any longer. They feel they are fully justified to lie, commit sexual assault, rip off the taxpayer with their silly schemes, give into feral protesters over privately owned land, steal our guns, shut down our oil and gas industry, stop us driving on decent roads, and pay bludgers a living wage out of our hard earned taxes. No, nothing surprises me any more. Roll on 2020 election so we can finally kick them our of their taxpayer funded cushy trough, or at least into the opposition trough. 😡 😡 😡



    • you say
      …They feel they are fully justified to lie, commit sexual assault, rip off the taxpayer with their silly schemes, …

      well look up

      This is their 1984.
      There were real threats of nuclear war in the real 1984.
      Now this lot make shit up.
      I suspect They have a ‘make shit up’ department that is more active than the Kiwibuild operation.
      Mind you that’s not hard.

      Remember through the haze that Notional was very soft and did not do much in 2008 to 2017.
      They basically addressed ‘matters arising’ like Sth Cant Fin, Earthquakes etc but for 9 years – nearly a decade – little initiative.
      Zero reversal of Labour legislation. Policy was either matters arising that have to be addressed or kicking the can down the road.

      Now look at the softies like Soimon and Nikki Kay and don’t think Luxon will be the only Vatican-approved woke leftie they bring in.
      The outlook is not that flash whichever path.
      We are in the slipstream of the UN with no Exit signposts.



      • The last 3 terms of National were very disappointing. National used to be for the individual, not special interest groups, and I can no longer tolerate that they are now the simpering party they have become.

        I will vote Act in 2020. David Seymour has at least stood up for the rights of all NZ’ers and our freedom of speech.

        ACT 2020 ✔️



  3. The report from RNZ has angered ACT leader David Seymour, who says it shows the Government “caving” to protesters.

    ACT is definitely getting my vote next year!

    p.s. I phoned Peter Williams on Magic Talk about this and I was absolutely ropeable! Although he agreed with the thrust of my point, he kinda drew the line when I said that the appropriate response to this gang of Maoris was teargas and water cannon – but they ended up getting $40 million instead and it’s an outrage which will cast a dark shadow over all private property ownership henceforth in New Zealand.



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