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California Begs Residents To Change Their EV Charging Routines

It appears as though California’s plans to become an environmental and socialist utopia are running face first into reality.

The latest dose of reality came this week when the state, facing triple digit temperatures, began to “fret” about pressure on the state’s power grid as a result of everybody charging their electric vehicles all at once.

The state’s power grid operators have been telling residents to “relieve pressure” from the grid by charging their EVs at off-peak hours, Newsweek wrote.

Twice last week the California Independent System Operator (ISO) told residents to conserve energy voluntarily, including asking to charge their EVs at certain off-peak times. The ISO also suggested “avoiding use of large appliances and turning off extra lights,” the report says.

The state’s Flex Alert Twitter account posted on June 18: “Now is the perfect time to do a load of laundry. Remember to use major appliances, charge cars and devices before #FlexAlert begins at 6 p.m. today.

Despite the fact that the state seems hell bent on converting all of its residents to EVs, Patty Monahan, the lead commissioner on transportation at the California Energy Commission, said that when residents choose to charge their vehicles will be important “in keeping the power grid balanced“.

Charging behaviors matter when it comes to California grid goals,” she said. “By incentivizing, primarily through rates, charging behaviors that capitalize on when renewable energy is being generated—we basically have a win for the grid, and we have a win for the drivers in terms of reduced rates. Rates are a climate strategy, and California plans on using rates to help drive the charging behaviors that are going to help the state electrify transportation while cutting carbon from the grid and saving ratepayers and drivers money.” (Emphasis added)

Matthew Moniot, a researcher with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory said that most drivers who charge at night “will have to change” their routines: “If you look at aggregate load across the grid, it tends to spike in the evening hours whenever people come home.” He called it a “tricky problem” that relies on “how much can we move what’s currently overnight charging to be during the daytime hours, when generation may be more excessive.

With Cindy banning oil and gas exploration here, and the big push for EV’s, where is all the power going to come from?

Unintended consequences from the dumbest PM in our history


  1. And because DL ‘really truly’ believes that electrikery comes out of a wall-socket, nothing will change and she will remain virtuously-ignorant of realities.

    She will of course ‘Feel the pain’ on behalf of the ‘Team of Five Million’ (albeit fleetingly and before breakfast) but, bouyed-up by the sycophantic media will remain blissfully-convinced that she is doing everything good for Noo Zelind

    By such means does one control sheep…



  2. Lake onslow….
    Lol what a joke, waste energy to pump water to store for later generation. Would be better to keep the energy stored in the dams to start witg, i know its supposed to only used water/enrgy at times of spilling but i highly doubt it as vested interests would want it filled so they can generate money, also the extra load would push up prices the shortage in dunstan/roxburgh dams would push up prices so win win for gentailers
    The only way pumped storage would work like it should on paper is if ALL power generation was 100% stare owned, if theres companies involved that seek profit then their intentions are not in the consumers best interests.

    The country needs a large scale hydro storage project built somewhere in the north island where the drmand is, any descent amount of generation in the south island is a waste due to transmission losses.



    • I heard an engineer speaking on pumped hydro. It is designed to work when there are high river flows during rainy periods using the water that would have to be spilled by opening the floodgates. When the river flows are lower during the summer the dam’s capacity would be supplemented by burning natural gas or coal which has now been banned by DL, Wind generation to power the pump is not available in light airy summer days.



      • I spend alot of time in central otago, clyde and rox dont really spill that much anymore as they take alot more load then a decade ago.

        I see no point in draining those 2 hydro lakes to fill onslow because the waitaki system is spilling/generating excess. Pumped storage is like socialism… great on paper but in real life is costly,impractical and eventually fails/goes broke.
        Whats the point in having a hydro system that relys on human intervention to fill the bloody thing when we could just build another hydro dam on a river somewhere in north island and let nature fill it… also provide storage for tee inevitable water shortages you lot have up that way
        Its also retarded building any generation at the wrong end of the country!!! Ffs they still dont know what to do with manapouri/tiwai yet.



  3. If wind were reliable we’d see container ships with sails. Solar only puts out useful amounts of electricity about midday when both private & commercial vehicles are in use & not available to be charged.

    We can have electricity supplied by wind & solar or we can rely totally on electric vehicles. We can’t have both.



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