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Tell Me Again about Global Warming




Look and learn.This shit about humans causing all the changes to our planet has to be the biggest con job ever. I am fascinated by the earths history and how stupid the woke are who believe anything so puny as humans can have an effect on the earth.

Global warming has happened in the past, with catastrophic effect. It will happen again in the future without any help from us.




  1. Global Warming/Climate Change is a reasonable enough hypothesis on the surface, but what alarms me are the following:
    – The suppression of dessenting opinions
    – The predictions that turn out to be false
    – The leaked e-mails of discussions about “tweaking the data to get the ‘right’ results”
    – The utility of Global Warming as a tool for taxation
    – The political utility of a “existential threat”
    – The utility of Global Warming as a tool for guiding weak minds
    – The ability to spin Climate Change as a “heads I win; tails you lose” argument
    – The inability of the media to report false predictions and to question the prevailing narrative (what else is new)



    • Decision-making should never be made on the basis of hypotheses – no matter how ‘reasonable enough’ they might be.
      The global economy is being pillaged on the basis of hypotheses that have been regularly disproven.



  2. As a unit in the political science course at the University of Cloombonty on the planet Flumm we teach our students about the tragic events on a weird planet called Earth.

    This planet is almost unique in our galaxy in that, right at the moment when the population reached its zenith it deliberately destroyed itself. Lifespans were extending, food supplies were booming, medicine had made incredible advances, wars were declining as people increasingly realised their futility and generally the planet’s population was set to experience a truly golden age.

    Then something terrible happened. The population suddenly turned on their own civilization and progress, inventing a catastrophic religion where they believed that they were literally responsible for the weather. It sounds crazy, but the humans (for this is what they called themselves) then set about destroying all the progress they had made, in the name of their religion – stopping energy production, banning life enhancing products like plastics and even stopping breeding.

    As civilisation on Earth crashed, a new species has emerged to live in the ruins. They call themselves Greens (we don’t yet know the origin of this name) and they scurry around like angry cockroaches snapping at each other in unintelligible grunts. We expect that one day they will invent fire and the long process of planetary development will start again. Maybe.



    • Thanks for the link. Yes it was very much worth reading. Western civilisation is teetering on the brink of total catastrophic collapse…. but I fear that it might be worse than this as the West has the capability to take the rest of the world down with it.

      Fortunately I will be dead by the time this process is completed (what with being old and so on). But it’s still a pretty unnerving experience watching it happen in real time.



  3. The so-called “science” of climatology isn’t a science – it’s a **religion**.

    It *was* once a science, long ago in the 1950s or so – but it has long since been completely corrupted by the Left.

    It is not a science because –
    * only papers that agree with the “one (cough) “true” (cough) religion” are published. Disagreement is **heresy!**

    * you’re not allowed to question it. Heresy again.

    * “The science is settled” is yet another version of “don’t ask questions”. Heresy yet again.

    ANY *true* science would allow questioning and criticism of any of its research at any time.
    The fact that climatology doesn’t allow this *proves* that it is nothing more than a religion (or, if you prefer, an *ideology* with an agenda). Neither of those fits the definition of science.



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