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Tell Seeless, NO more Money for Ukraine




Zelensky is recruiting ISIS fighters from Iraq and Syrian

Ukraine President and Nazi, Volodymr Zelensky. His public rating is at an all time low.

Zelensky’s depraved cronies are selling off NATO weapons to the highest bidder including the Hamas.

By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyski

US military personnel are filing voids in the Ukro forces, many of the reconnaissance teams are now majority American. Snipers are generally Estonian or Swedish, the Chec’s and Poles are associated with Armoured equipment and the American’s artillery and control centres they prefer to hang back from the frontline.

Last week 67 Ukro militants, mostly women, were captured, the Ukrainians have formed all female attack groups. Recently a Ukro soldier surrendered screaming she was pregnant, turns out she was a sniper, something detested by the RF fighter. All female rotas are being created and they comprise all women tank brigades, infantry, artillery etc. “Siberia” a Cossack special forces group captured 1.5 klm of territory west of Bakhmut.

The entire front is moving, RF troops are crushing Ukranians from Soledar to Kurdyumovka. Hundreds of guns are simultaneously hitting enemy positions, the assault groups and armoured vehicles are mobilised.

Unconfirmed reports RF pilots have presumably destroyed 2 American F16’s. RF fighter jets now have the ability to target over the horizon at a range exceeding 1000 klm’s. The Ukro’s have constructed subsurface bunkers for the planes in the Lvov / IvanoFrankov region in western Ukraine. The RF air superiority ensures that on average 300-400 metres of territory is gained following most forays. In Kherson the Ukro’s had stationed 12,000 men, that number has been whittled down to 4,000. The cauldron there is complete as the Ukro’s continue to perish under constant artillery fire. The artillery being used has a 40 klm strike range.

RF have completed 200-300 extra klm’s of rail line into Eastern Ukraine. This logistical infrastructure is in preparation for a massive offensive. However Zelensky has no certainty that the NATO Horde will continue to fill his war chest this winter. The Special Military Operation will continue until the Nazi Kiev regime is destroyed and Russian territory is reunited with mother Russia. The Ukro’s continue to pull men and women off the street to replenish the ranks. In Odessa the locals are fed up with the regime’s military recruitment centres, destroying 2 of them. An onyx missile recently took out a command control centre in Kiev.

Bitter infighting is increasing within Zelensky’s ranks. Zelensky sacked Zaluzhny‘s 2IC. The NATO horde has opposing views, their unity is cracking. The UK backs Zaluzhny and wants an election to formally insert him as the yanks continue to back Zelensky who is opposed to elections. His ratings are at an all time low. The Germans are backing Poroshenka whom once again has raised his ugly head. The RF estimates that at least 50,000 mercs have been killed in the conflict to date. Many of these fools were fully equipped, trained and sourced from/through the EU. In the meantime North Koreans are acquiring first hand battle experience on how to counter the NATO Hordes.

Previously the RF held back on the use of artillery but now is massively shelling Ukro positions around Avdiivka (west of Bakhmut), both from the N and the S, the “industrial area” is also being bombed. Everything is airborne: aviation, Grads, Tornadoes, TOS. the situation is tense. Avdiivka is one of the most fortified Ukrainian defensive positions and is now under constant heavy fire. The RF is completing its “stranglehold” around it, one of its key strategic points has fallen. The Avdiivsky ledge itself is an 8×8 km continuous minefield with concrete fortifications. The fortifications have been preparing for battle for many years, and the work of clearing them will be arduous. Brutal battles at Stepovoe, Ocheretino, Novokalinovoy, Koksohimzavod, and the Avdiivka industrial zone are the epicentres of the fighting. The RF is enjoying tactical successes, FAB-500 bombs continue to fall. The Khimik train station has been breached, threatening to cut off the Avdiivka Coke (Coal) Chemical Plant from the residential sector, potentially (if successful) shortening the path to Avdiivka’s encirclement considerably.

Additional forces are being redeployed to Avdiivka. These men are without significant breaks necessary for replenishment and rest. Avdiivka has suffered substantial losses in both manpower and armoured vehicles. RF forces have yet to commit large reserves to battle without reserves, already high numbers of Ukro troops are surrendering. Ongoing heavy fighting is targeting arriving reinforcements and supplies. The RF is about to take the industrial area, 2 buildings remain. They’ll need to be dismantled with tanks and artillery. The Ukro’s have started to fall back as only 3 klm’s remain before the noose is tightened. Access routes are fully targeted. The Ukro’s are fighting without reserves, they are pulling reinforcements from other active areas in a feeble attempt to retain that which they currently control. The RF is suppressing the Ukro’s within a radius of 25-30 km. The Avdiivka situation, tactically and strategically mirrors the Artyomovsk meat grinder. However, the Ukro’s cling to their fading hope, they have been ordered to hold the line.

An Australia Bushmaster abandoned in Avdiivka has been taken to Russia for conversion into a tourist attraction. 3 days ago the RF encircled a group of 25 Poles whom opted to surrender as many were badly wounded. The previous week roughly 2300 militants surrendered. The rear guard comprised of the Azov battalion which was to use artillery on their own men should retreat. Former Ukrainians soldiers are increasingly, voluntarily joining the RF army. They are training at operational-combat tactical centres to fight as part of the RF, a large contingent (roughly 2000 men) are prepped and ready to fight the Zelensky regime and his NATO masters.

Poland has established a missile defence system over Warsaw it is based on the US Patriot system. If German Taurus missiles are supplied for use against the RF, then international law supports the destruction of German factories. Zelensky is recruiting ISIS fighters from Iraqi and Syrian prisons to side with Ukraine against Russia. The Syrians are starting to take back their oil fields, cleansing their land of Americans. US military bases (occupier) are being targeted and destroyed. Last week 2 US bases were levelled, mind you RF special forces “advisers” may have been involved, strictly in an advisory role, hence not a party to the conflict. The Kurd’s like the feel of RF weaponry and have started to test it on occupier US bases. The Turks have suddenly adopted a hands off approach. RF military personnel are being offered contracts to fight for Syria.

There is a high probability that Israel and Ukraine will disappear from the world map. Even the UN (a first) majority voted for the Jewish borders to be returned to their former 1976 positions wanting the Jews removed from occupied Palestinian lands. Iran and Egypt have started to help the Palestinians the Chechen’s have sent a group to support their brothers in Palestine. Recently the IDF took a Hamas warehouse in Gaza full of US manufactured weaponry supplied by your friendly Ukrainian regime, perhaps this is why the US Congress agreed on a draft budget excluding aid to Israel and Ukraine. The Ukro’s cannot cope with the onslaught by the RF. Biden is forced to threaten America with sending US soldiers to Ukraine if Congress does not approve military aid.

The yanks are once again dumping a best friend in his time of greatest need. Wagner personnel have entered the fray in Gaza, but only as advisers (just like yanks in Ukraine). I can imagine a Hamas freedom fighter with his finger on the trigger overlain by a Wagner finger. Friends of Zelensky have switched to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a new priority, this is a direct road to shell “hunger” – Israel has to replenish its arsenals with munitions previously destined for Ukraine.

Recently in Gaza following 2 days of fighting the Israeli Defence Force lost 24 tanks, they use RF hand held RPG-7’s at close range to defeat Jewish tanks. US intelligence believes that Wagner may transfer advanced air defense systems to Hezbollah. Note that in 600 days of the SMO in Ukraine the RF NEVER carpet bombed civilian residential areas unlike Israel continues to do in Gaza. Putin stated that the corruption in Kiev is extreme so it’s no surprise Zelensky’s depraved cronies are selling off NATO weapons to the highest bidder including the Hamas.

We are at a fundamental turning point and is obvious the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed, the RF is attacking successfully almost everywhere taking key positions before the onslaught of winter. The Ukro’s are exhausted, their defences are cracking. The RF offensive was timed ahead of approaching bad weather.  Numerous fools in the west that believe media propaganda need to comprehend that on June 1st the territorial map of acquisitions of Ukraine over the past 5 months has changed, the RF continues to gain territory, the Ukro’s continue to retreat. You may ask why is the RF – NOT ADVANCING, its because they do not need to. They can hold up behind their fortifications and watch the Ukro/NATO smash upon them.

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  1. The war started by Biden and who ever runs him, as he is not capable and Boris Johnson was NEVER a war for New Zealand to get involved in. We should never have become involved nor should any other country. Ukraine is a corrupt country always has been and always will be. The two bit actor Zelenski is a crook and no mistake. The two instigators of this war wanted to keep the industrial weapons complex going. Under Trump’s presidency there were no wars and those weapon makers have a massive hold on those two countries leaders. Just keep the money flowing Joe and Boris we need it. Then. there is corrupt Zelenski, Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Of course he is selling weapons it’s how he has amassed millions of dollars/rubles or what ever the currency is and how he has Swiss bank accounts.



  2. Ukraine is a world hub for the illegal arms trade. This is well known and documented. Ignore the recent propaganda and look at reports on this going back years.

    Israel wanted Russia destroyed due to them getting on with Iran. That is why America cares. Every war and enemy is not an enemy of America but of jewish extremists. Even North Korea – as they could give nuclear tech to Iran. Millions and millions have died and billions suffered on the orders of the self declared – chosen ones.

    BTW many of the weapons Hamas have are Ukraine sourced.



  3. I’m not religious but correct me if I’m wrong. Zelinsky the Jew comedian closed down the orthodox Church whilst asking for “donations”.

    Zelinsky is a grifter. Maybe he should have asked Hunter Big Bro Biden for more art work?

    Zelinsky the charlatan. The wannabe short stuff should write an opinion piece/peace with hammas or hezbala pleading for money in a “Stuff” exclusive entitled article “Gib me Dat”, similar to Willey Jackson the Askenazi.



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