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France, Italy Require Proof of Covid-19 Status for Restaurants, Bars

.Digital health passes show if a person is vaccinated, has recovered from Covid-19, or has freshly tested negative for the virus

French establishments that don’t check patrons’ health passes risk a €1,500 fine.

PARIS—Julien Zerbos turned away some would-be diners on Monday from the brasserie on Paris’s Champs-Élysées where he works because they didn’t have the European Union’s new digital health certificate.

France began requiring the passes, which certify that somebody has been vaccinated against Covid-19, on Monday for people seeking to dine at a restaurant, whether indoors or outdoors. The pass is now also necessary to take domestic flights and long-distance buses and trains. France already made the pass mandatory last month for a host of other activities such as entrance to museums, pools, gyms and large sports events.

“Some customers say they got the vaccine but didn’t come with the health pass, and we have to say sorry, we cannot accept you,” said Mr. Zerbos, who works as a host at Fouquet’s in Paris. “We can get in serious trouble if we accept someone without the health pass.”


French establishments that don’t check the health passes risk a €1,500 fine, the equivalent of about $1,763, which can rise to €9,000 and a year in prison following the third violation within a month.

Italy also made the digital health pass mandatory for a range of activities last Friday, although the unvaccinated can still dine at restaurants if they sit outdoors.

The certificates, known as the green pass in Italy and health pass in France, display a personal QR code that shows if a person is vaccinated, has recovered from Covid-19, or has freshly tested negative for the virus.

Italian restaurant and bar owners risk a fine of up to €1,000 if they don’t enforce the green-pass requirement, and can be forced to close for up to 10 days if they are caught three times in three different days.

In both countries, patrons breaking the rules can also be fined.

France and Italy are at the forefront of a European trend toward rules that effectively separate populations into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and that make the resumption of normal daily life easier for the former. Governments are hoping that the new rules will push more people to get vaccinated and tamp down the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, preventing a return to lockdowns later this year.

In the U.S., some cities and states have begun imposing similar restrictions as they try to coexist with the virus. New York City will require proof of vaccination for customers and workers at restaurants and gyms next week, although inspections and enforcement won’t begin until September.

The EU’s digital certificates have existed since July 1, but most governments have only begun making them mandatory recently for activities other than cross-border travel. The rules differ across the continent and sometimes within countries.

In Germany, health-pass requirements vary from region to region based on local infection rates. In Berlin, for example, proof of vaccination, immunity or a recent negative test is needed to dine indoors or go to the gym.

For Americans traveling to Paris, tourist sites such as the Louvre museum and the palace of Versailles have been also accepting the vaccine cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. American tourists can also use their U.S. cards to apply online for a QR code that works in France. Bars and restaurants in Italy have also been accepting the CDC cards.





Rising restrictions on the unvaccinated have sparked only small protests in Italy, but in France, protesters took to the streets on Saturday for the fourth consecutive weekend. More than 237,000 protesters marched in cities across France, including Paris, Lille and Nice, according to estimates from France’s interior ministry.

The new requirements have led to a boom in vaccinations in both France and Italy, boosting vaccination campaigns that had shown signs of slowing. In the three days after France’s government announced people would need the health pass to go to a restaurant, more than three million people made a reservation for a first vaccine jab.

The two countries have given at least one vaccine dose to about 65% of their total populations, according to Our World in Data, compared with about 58% in the U.S.

At La Tourelle, a bistro in St. Mandé, east of Paris, the number of people who came on Monday morning was down around 80% from a week earlier, said manager Noé Rodrigues, something he attributed to the new rules. Of those who did come, around half were turned away, some of whom had only the first vaccine shot.

“We’re here to provide pleasure, and the first thing we do when a client sits down is ask to check their health pass. That bothers me a little,” said Mr. Rodrigues.

With most of Italy enjoying balmy weather, the new rules haven’t dented business for restaurants and bars since the majority of diners were already opting to sit outdoors, where a green pass isn’t required.

“As long as the weather holds, having the green pass isn’t much of an issue at the moment because people want to be outside,” said Andrea Linguanti, who owns two restaurants along a canal in Milan’s Navigli neighborhood, a popular spot for both locals and tourists. “Crunchtime will be in September and especially October when it starts getting colder and the rain comes.”

On Saturday night, all the outside tables at his two restaurants were taken. A few groups sat inside after showing their certificates, he said.

Startups, governments and nonprofits are racing to create so-called “vaccine passports,” or digital health passes aimed at helping people travel and safely move around in public. WSJ explains what it would take to get a global digital health pass system off the ground. Illustration: Zoë Soriano

In a nod to the importance Italians place in being able to knock back an espresso or cappuccino while standing inside at a cafe, that can still be done without proof of vaccination if the customer doesn’t linger. The certificate, which is issued in Italy after the first vaccine dose, will be required on flights and long-distance trains and buses from Sept. 1.

Matteo Minguzzi, a hotel employee in Milan, spent Saturday night drinking with friends along the canals. One venue had no space outside so they sat inside after showing their QR codes.

“I’m not convinced that requiring vaccination is the best policy,” said Mr. Minguzzi, 33. “I know people who signed up to get vaccinated after the new restrictions were announced, but stigmatizing people who are still trying to figure out if they want to be vaccinated might backfire.”

At most restaurants, bars and other venues where similar rules apply, such as museums, staff use a smartphone or other device to check people’s QR codes.

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  1. Plain and simple “get fucked”

    If they try that shit on here then i expect them to expand it to other areas, if they can force a vax or exclude you then they should have no worries at mandated birth control or sterilization of the bene bludgers 🙂 … and they laughed and laughed



    • Yup agree. If this happens here I’ll just become a fucking hermit. I will not comply. Eventaully this madness will pass, but people will start waking up as more and mor vacinated get sick and start asking whats the fucking point? In the meantime restuarants etc will go under as the masses stay away….



    • Too right sooty, ive also got stoopid sheeple family that have been jabby jabbed so whilst theyre still living they can fetch us our groceries if it came to that.

      Do you think we will ever get told the real vax rate? Im sure this mob will claim 80-90% when it will be 60%, this govts all about giving the illusion of something and never actually achieving it. I bet the “doses given” include wasted units and stuff weve sent over to the islands just to boost the figures.



      • Even more important than the vax rate are the death rates: (1) death by covid vs (2) death by vax.

        The original deaths “by” covid are now in doubt as to whether any of then were actually Covid-19. Now that we know, and the the CDC have admitteded that the PCR test cannot distinguish between Covid-19 and the flu, were any of the original 20 something deaths actually Covid-19?

        And even if they were, it pales into insignificance compared to the 550 that die every year of the flu, let alone all other respiratory diseases. And of those 550, anywhere between 50 and 150, depending on the year, are corona viruses. So Corona Virus 01 – 19?

        Cluster deaths in aged care, as used by Jacinda as a proof of Covid-19’s deadliness is nothing out of the ordinary. It happens on a regular basis and has been happening ever since they started sticking old sick people in homes together. All crammed together on couches watching TV in a very warm room with poor air circulation.

        We know that these deaths were nothing out of the ordinary, and probably not Covid-19. Why would you lock down a country that has no deaths from the virus.

        Deaths, not asymptomatic infections, are the true measure of a disease or virus mortality rate. You could build a stronger case for the flu than you can for Covid-19 alpha, beta…delta or whatever.

        -Every years hundreds of thousands of people encounter the flu. Most are asymptomatic.

        -Every year thousands of people are compromised severely and are hospitalised.
        Some people get very sick – in most years, influenza hospitalises thousands of people, and some lose their lives to it.


        So again, why are we in lock down when no-one actually died of Covid-19 or not in a way that came anywhere close to deaths from the flu? Why is Frau Farbissina going all out to vaccinate the entire country? It is difficult to know where on the scale between “useful idiot” and “donkey deep in mass extermination” our PM sits. No matter where on the scale she sits, her lust for power and her obsession for communism, is a major driving factor.



    • You will find here in Godzone that the bulk of small businesses can’t afford to turn away customers. You may find that many small businesses owners are just as concerned about letting in customers that are VACCINATED.

      Once small business owners understand that vaccinated people can still be infected and still pass on the virus to others, their attitude will change. The attitude out their is already changing, hastened along by the lockdown. The sheeple are more likely to be employees and corporate and state employees, who suffer very little over lockdown.

      State employees get to work from home, and probably treat it is a holiday, and corporate is not much better.

      Once the news on the number of vacination deaths becomes more public, you will find small businesses not being discriminatory. And France is a whole different demographic to NZ. Their mindset is quite different to NZ.



      • ……” you will find small businesses not being discriminatory”…..

        The current fascist administration will regard that as civil disobedience. They can be expected to come down hard on any small business owner as any cracks in the dam will lead to mutiny.

        It will probably happen but expect things to get ugly for a while.



        • It will probably happen but expect things to get ugly for a while.

          True. You can’t go to war to restore democracy without blood being split. You can’t take on the school bully without the risk of bruises. A woman, with or without children, cannot leave a highly abusive relationship with a narcissist without fallout.

          Unfortunately, that is the price of freedom.

          But of course, like the school bully, the abusive partner, Stalin, Hitler et all, Jacinda will blame the anti-vaxxers and business owners for the fallout. That is a typical bully tactic, and is intimidation.

          “Come back home and we can live as a happy family. I really do love you. When I beat you up it’s your fault, you make me do it.”
          “Stop challenging me, and give me your iPad and I’ll leave you alone. When I stacked your locker full of horse shit it was your fault. You should not have narced on me when I stole your mobile phone.”
          “Pull your troops out of Europe and let me help Europe become peacefully integrated into Nazi Germany. It’s your fault people are dying in unnecessary fighting. No-one would have died if they hadn’t resisted.”

          Typical narcissist responses.



  2. I saw a post yesterday somewher I cant bloody remember, If a waiter asks you for your vaccine card, ask him for his, and his HIV status, Herpes , shots Polio, etc. Get back up and at them…. Time to start pushing back.



  3. These people should be treated as they treat us.

    When the truth comes out we should:

    1. Persecute them.
    2. Arrest them.
    3. Destroy their livelihood and career.
    4. Attack them in the media.
    5. Name and shame them.

    Laws should be made forbidding any covid hysteric from working in government. Their names should be placed online on a searchable register.



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