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New SuperGold Card website and app ‘big step up’ for scheme

A new SuperGold Card website and phone app have been launched by deputy prime minister Winston Peters, though only half of superannuitants have a smartphone to use it on.

The new app and website, part of a $7.7 million investment first announced before the Budget in May, has been touted as a “supercharge” of the card, one of Peters’ more enduring legacies.

While the card will not become a debit card or provide free doctors’ appointments,as promised in during the last election, a seniors group says the new businesses joining the scheme are a big “step up”. 

Seniors Minister Tracey Martin and Peters launched the website at Sylvia Park mall in Auckland on Tuesday, where Peters held up the first SuperGold Card: his mother’s.  

Peters said the card had been neglected by the previous Government, “so plenty of work was needed to supercharge it”.

“That has been achieved, and it’s going to help make it easier for seniors to get a bit more out of their superannuation.

“People, for example, getting their tyres renewed can get as much as 20 per cent [off] – these are serious discounts.”

More than 750,000 people over 65 have a SuperGold Card. More than half a million use the internet and about half, 375,000, have a smartphone.

The SuperGold Card phone app essentially operates as a directory of the 5500 businesses which offer discounts.

Countdown, Spark, The Warehouse and Qantas are among 500 companies that signed up to the scheme during the upgrade. 

Martin said the card had entered the digital era for the growing number of tech-savvy seniors. 

“We needed to find a way we could be more instantaneous … making sure our seniors could know, what are some of the drop discounts in there, like Qantas, or what were some of the discounts in their community, near them.”

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  1. I wonder if Winston can download his own App or did he have to get someone else to do it for him? There are a lot of oldies who have this technology but working out how it works is another matter all-together.



      • I never doubted you’d be onto it Chuck. My old mother has an IPhone for her hearing aids but doesn’t use it for anything else even though she has had an IPad for years. We can’t update them to a smartTV because they wouldn’t be able to remember how to work it. They don’t have online banking because they are worried about being scammed. Not all ancient folk are capable of using or technology, sad though it is. There short term memory just doesn’t stick around long enough.



  2. Its only a discount card, Nothing of real benefit to the older generation receiving their pittance. Its a spend and you get a discount if you happen to shop at one of the places signed up. Most need the whole of their GRI to exist let alone spend to get a discount. So Winnie gave this for what? Absolutely nothing. Just a look at me stunt.



  3. Half of the country’s superannuitants have a smart phone. Only one twentieth of those superannuitants with a smart phone know how to use it. And this government spent $7.7mil trying to meet that minute audience? Bonkers.



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