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The-15 minute city scheme

By Dr. Robert Warren

The 15-Minute City is an urban planning concept in which most daily necessities and services, such as work, shopping, education, healthcare, and leisure can be easily reached by a 15-minute walk or bike ride from any point in the city.  This approach aims to reduce car dependency, promote healthy and sustainable living, and improve the well-being and quality of life of city dwellers. The concept has been described as a “return to a local way of life”. (Wikipedia).

The 15-Minute City is utopian in its design.  Unfortunately, to maintain it, there will necessarily be restrictions on the freedoms of its inhabitants.  Among the potential restrictions proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) are items like a social credit system, the elimination of ownership, a new type of currency, and a great global socialist-designed reset.

The communist Chinese government already employs a social credit system.  If a Chinese subject of government does positive things in society, he or she is rewarded with a variety of perks.  For example, access to better education and employment.   Conversely, if a person is a problem to the Chinese government, that person and their family can and will be punished severely.

The WEF has been quoted as saying “You will own nothing and be happy.”  Everything, clothing, shelter, and food will either be provided or rented.  Among the most draconian aspects of “no ownership” is that fashion is eliminated in favor of “Mao” suits for everyone.  There will be limits on the amount of food that can be consumed, particularly meat and high-value foods.  Leaving the 15-Minute City is problematic as well.

Already, activities are underway to eliminate the current type of money in favor of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a  digital form of fiat money.  The concern here is that this leads to the government having complete access to everything bought by the individual.  Thus, the government can control what is purchased or sold.  For example, no individual can buy ammunition or sell a gun without the permission of the government.  (The government can even impact charitable giving.  Giving to unapproved charities on GIVESENDGO could expose an individual to government repression as has happened in the Canadian Trucker strike.)

The great reset is the brainchild of the World Economic Forum in response to the COVID panic.  The stated aim is to rebuild the world in a way that prioritizes sustainable development using environmental, social,f and government (ESG) metrics.  Exactly how this would impact the 15-Minute City concept is undefined, but the concern is that it would eventually lead to government repression of a particular 15-Minute City similar to what happened to the most poverty-stricken Districts in the “Hunger Games” movies.

Throughout history, utopian ideas associated with humanity have risen and fallen, doing great damage as they fail.  The 15-Minute City is a Utopian illusion, a Potemkin Village of lies, that quickly breaks down in the face of ever-changing realities.  (Humans aren’t robots, they tend to be contrarian and difficult to control even when they agree on things.  And, of course, there is crime, corruption, and decay.)

So far, the greatest advances in humanity haven’t come from more control but from more freedom.  The 15-Minute City is ultimately a contradiction to the freedom of the individual.

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  1. Supply and demand creates 15 minute cities naturally. Planning regulations imposed by politicians destroy them.

    Businesses will pop up where and when they are needed. Un -planning and deregulation is what is needed.



    • Supply and demand creates 15 minute cities naturally.
      Yep. Had all those growing up.

      Local grocer, local butcher, local diary, local baker, local cafe, etc But eventually they gave way to supermarkets. Cafes came much later. The thrill of getting your car license was the ability to drive and try out the better fish and chip shop, or bakery, pie shop, etc in another suburb.

      Notice how they all got shut down during lock-down, except the supermarkets.

      15 minutes by foot, is 1 minute by car.

      They want to limit our freedom and keep us locked down forever, controlling what we eat, what we do, who we communicate with.

      They want to keep us locked up like Patrick McGoohan in The Prisioner.

      “Identity Is Not A Barcode.”
      “I Am Not A Number, I Am A Free Man.”



    • But OS, having lived in Japan for a year in 1970 and having subsequently visited the country for business or pleasure on 96 different occasions, so I know the country reasonably well. You and I both know Japan does not control their population like the Elites from the WEF wish too control the population of this country.

      “Unfortunately, to maintain it, there will necessarily be restrictions on the freedoms of its inhabitants.”

      The question is. Why do the inhabitants of any Town or City need to have their freedoms restricted?



      • Roughly speaking, in Japan societal control is from the bottom up, but in the West it tends to be from the top down.

        Westerners like to think of themselves as “individuals” but most are too afraid to set a good example to their fellow citizens (that is a job for the authorities). Would you scold a stranger’s child who was being antisocial in a public place?



      • …….”Japan does not control their population like the Elites from the WEF wish too control the population of this country.”…….

        Japan doesn’t need to because Japanese society provides it’s own built in control. Authority is respected because it is authority.

        Western society was similar for so long as religion held sway over the ignorant hoi polloi. The church provided the means to corral & control the masses with promises of heaven or hell while the aristocracy exercised its power & did what it bloody well pleased.

        The “15 minute city” will allow us to be micromanaged in the same way except that remote controlled cameras & algorithms will replace Skydaddy.

        It’s a return to the future.



  2. Wow – shopping malls are going to be popping up everywhere. After all, a 15 min walk from my place would get me to a petrol station. That’s it. Not sure I’d trust them to cut my hair, fix my teeth, or do any of the other things (apart from dispense petrol and mediocre coffee) that one would normally venture further for.
    They may need to relax the rules so we can have a cow and a few chickens in each backyard.
    The govt may need to build a few more hospitals as we’ll all need access without travelling.



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