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The 4 cultures of mankind – a glimpse into our future?




David Craig writes;

The four cultures?

I recently received a comment sent by a reader which I didn’t publish because of my fear it could be considered ‘racist’ by my local plods. However, it did get me thinking about whether one could class humans into some clear and simple cultural groups. After all, while one cannot write about ‘race’ without being called a ‘racist’, it’s my understanding that it’s not illegal yet to write about different cultures.

So, I’ve come up with what I’ve called “The 4 Cultures of Mankind”. I’ve named these four cultures “builders”, “copiers”, “looters”and “destroyers”. Let me explain:

Builders: This is mainly a Western culture found mostly in Northern Europe and countries settled mostly by Northern Europeans – Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  Builders have been responsible for most of the scientific, medical, political and social advances made by mankind. In Builder countries you’ll find high levels of healthcare, technological development, education and prosperity. Builder societies will tend to be reasonably democratic, have low levels of corruption and have social welfare systems that ensure weaker members of society are cared for. Most of those living in a Builder society accept that for society to function, the majority of  people have to obey certain basic laws and rules of behaviour otherwise criminality, anarchy and social breakdown will ensue.

Copiers: These are societies which have not achieved any great scientific, technological, political or social advances themselves. Instead they have created their prosperity from copying or stealing ideas and products invented by the Builders. Due to their low labour costs, they have been ale to out-compete Builder societies in many areas thus taking jobs from Builder societies. One area most Copiers have not been able to replicate is the Builders’ ability to develop democratic, rule-based, low-corruption political and social systems. Thus most Copiers tend to have strong, undemocratic central control, high levels of corruption and draconian punishment for anyone challenging the power and control of the ruling elites.

Looters: These people often come from societies that have not developed at all for centuries. They don’t value concepts like education, science, hard work, honesty and living by an agreed set of rules. Instead they see life as being based around cunning and the exploiting of the gullible and fools. Looters are opportunists who try to use every situation as a chance to take advantage of those less cunning than themselves. Looters don’t believe in things like law or morality. Looter countries are often poverty-stricken, backward, over-populated, excrement-covered, violent, war-torn hell-holes that will never develop. That’s why so many looters want to move to Builder countries. They see the opportunity to live well off what they see as the gullibility of the hard-working, law-abiding Builder population. They consider Builder social welfare systems as a pot of gold offered by suckers to be looted and thus an open invitation for their own self-enrichment without having to do any work, they despise those who do work and pay taxes and they have nothing but contempt for the rules and laws that Builder populations mostly obey. Looters tend to be involved in criminality and, of course, they despise the policing systems of the Builder countries they invade as they know that they’ll seldom get caught breaking the law and, even if caught, will only receive laughably light punishments

Destroyers: Like Looters, Destroyers come from backward, undeveloped, over-populated, excrement-covered, violent, corrupt hell-holes. Like Looters, Destroyers don’t value things like education, hard work and obeying the law. But whereas Looters see Builder countries as pots of gold to be endlessly looted, Destroyers resent the fact that Builder countries have developed whereas their countries have achieved nothing at all except create destitution and misery. This resentment turns to envy and hatred as Destroyers will always blame Builder countries for their own failures. Many Destroyers want to move to the more prosperous Builder countries. But when they get there, they don’t try to integrate and get their children education to benefit from the many opportunities in their new home countries. Instead they envy and hate the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Builders and try to destroy everything the Builders have achieved. They try to turn the Builder countries into the ghastly, primitive cesspits of hopelessness they have come from.

The clash of the four cultures

Our future will be defined by the clash of these four cultures and by which of these cultures emerges victorious from that clash.

On the economic front, it’s clear that there will be a battle between the main Builder country (the USA) and the main Copier country (China).

On the societal level, the strangest thing is happening. For some perverse reason, the ruling and media elites in Builder countries have managed to portray the Builders’ scientific, technological, political and social success as reasons to feel guilty rather than what they should be – sources of pride. In what can only be seen as an act of insanity the ruling elites in Builder countries have set about importing as many Looters and Destroyers as they dare to punish Builders for their success. Rather than protecting the achievements of the Builder societies, their rulers want to bring in millions who will trash everything the Builders have achieved.

The Builder societies are willfully committing suicide. That’s not a smart thing to do.

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  1. Who the hell is David Craig.
    Anyway he came up with a great concept.
    Talking about racism is illigal (so they say)
    But talking about culture is not! (and never will be as we have our lovely Maori culture here in NZ.
    So Now I can rave on about muslim culture with gay abandon..



  2. I believe those 4 cultures have bookends
    The Elites and the Exiled.
    The Elites are the bulldozers of indifference. Pushing the catatonic masses to the edges.
    Back and forth like the tide.
    The Exiled are the backstop, weakened, but resilient enough to protect and welcome the dross that spills from each ebb and flow of cultural change.



  3. There must be movement between those groups though. China has long been leading the West in terms of invention, although far less so in the modern era. I can’t actually think of any significant development out of China in the last 100 years although there are some failures. (Like that bus that was meant to move above cars!)

    But historically, moveable type, some 400 years before Gutenberg. Paper, gunpowder, the compass, etc. There’s a very long list of achievements that would be considered “builder” rather than “copier”. A British historian wrote a series of books on their achievements; they’re incredibly detailed but I just cannot remember the name now. Especially as at the time I was reading on this I could only afford one of the volumes.

    Anyway, Wikipedia (Urk) has a list with some references. It makes for interesting reading, particularly when you consider how knowledge builds on knowledge. A country like the United States for example, has a phenomenal list of achievements in the modern era when travel and communication made it easier to bring minds together.



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