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‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson Denies Ever Calling For lockdown


The architect behind Britain’s covid lockdown has denied ever calling for the first national stay-at-home order.

The science behind Britain’s decision to lock down had been set out in a research paper submitted by Professor Neil Ferguson who was the Government’s leading epidemiology adviser, on March 16 2020.

Ferguson sat on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which had played a central role in advising the Government throughout the pandemic. He now admits that he ‘stepped outside’ his role of Government adviser

Ferguson’s terrifying models warned that some 500,000 Brits would die unless tougher action was taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

His ‘predictions’ as the UK’s key covid advisor, led the then prime minister Boris Johnson into adopting draconian restrictions that saw the country told they ‘must stay at home’.

The Mail Online reports: But Professor Ferguson, who quit his role as a SAGE adviser two months after being caught breaking social distancing rules to meet his married lover, today insisted he didn’t tell officials to plunge the country into a lockdown.

He told the UK Covid-19 Inquiry that the situation was ‘a lot more complex’.

The inquiry is in its second module, which examines core UK decision-making and political governance.

Hugo Keith KC asked: ‘Do you feel that you did confine yourself to the provision of scientific advice, or did you become, despite your best endeavours, irrevocably involved in the determination of policy?’

Imperial College London’s Professor Ferguson, nicknamed ‘Professor Lockdown’ for his infamous modeling, said it was a ‘difficult question to answer’.

He said: ‘I know I’m associated very much with a particular policy.

‘But as you’ll be aware from the evidence I’ve given in my statement and statements of evidence, the reality was a lot more complex.

‘I don’t think I stepped over that line to say “we need to do this now”.

‘What I tried to do was at times, which was stepping outside the scientific advisory role, to try and focus people’s minds on what was going to happen and the consequences of current trends.’

The epidemiologist, who today also apologised to the inquiry for breaking lockdown rules himself, drew heavy flak for his team’s modeling on the Covid pandemic.

Their work suggested 500,000 Brits would die if nothing was done to stop the spread of the virus and there would be 250,000 deaths if two-thirds caught Covid.

It spooked then-PM Mr Johnson into lockdown. It saw schools, shops and hospitality close, social distancing come into force and Brits only allowed to exercise outdoors once a day.

Experts largely accepted that the economically-crippling measures were vital to control the spread of the virus, as there was no vaccine to prevent severe illness and stunt hospital admissions at the time.

But other epidemiologists and public health scientists shared ‘grave concerns’ about the collateral damages of such policies on the NHS and other parts of society in future.

The wave ended up being much less severe than Professor Ferguson predicted, leading some to call the modelling ‘totally unreliable’.

Others insist that lockdown is why cases didn’t reach the eye-watering levels set out in Professor Ferguson’s models.

He made other gloomy models throughout the pandemic, and later accepted that some were ‘off’.

The UK has logged 230,000 fatalities that have Covid on the death certificate since the pandemic began. Not all of these will have been caused by the virus.

Some 55,500 were logged during the first three months of the pandemic, official figures show.

Despite his models suggesting the death toll would be much higher, Professor Ferguson told the inquiry that he was initially wary about the idea of imposing Covid curbs, such as closing down schools or full lockdowns — known as non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs).

Asked why he did not recommend such measures before mid-March 2020, he said: ‘In part because of my belief that it isn’t the role of scientific advisers to determine policy, but also because I was very conscious of the huge economic and social costs which would be entailed by long-term and intensive use of NPIs.

 Our very own arsehole modeler, Shaun Hendy said the virus would eventually infect 89 percent of New Zealand’s population and kill up to 80,000 people.

When will he be bought to account for his part in destroying our lifestyle and freedoms??

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  1. The whole episode is simply a case of fraud+crimes against humanity, shame that the folks who would normally be witnesses and prosecutors are themselves involved or culpable, right up to the International level.
    The next event will likely be www3 just to destruct us from their crimes



  2. The entire fear narrative, in this case Covid-19, has modelling, modellers, predictions, predictors, etc, etc that use key words/terms such as ‘may’, ‘might’, ‘could’, ‘suggests’, ‘could be attributed to’, ‘alleged’, etc. etc.

    ‘May’ cause 80,000 deaths. Ok dingbat, so provide your spreadsheets, your modeling and more important the key truths your data is based, that you have verified and that you would be willing to bet your house, car, investments, and Bank account balance on.

    In the case of Covid you would need to R factor, IFR figure, and net EFR (that’s my term for Exposure Fatality Rate). EFR is what everyone wants to know: If you go to the Fish and Chip shop, supermarket, get on a plane, what is the likelihood that you will drop dead?

    Well Ferguson, Hendy, Bloomfield, etc, did not have that data. And having spoken to a number of medical professionals, it is highly likely that most do not know how to calculate the EFR. The EFR is particularly relevant to pathogens that infect through the airways. Only a very small handful of medical professionals understand this.

    In NZ’s case, neither Hendy, Bloomfield, Pink Hair, Verrall and any other stooge, produce relevant data. For Christs sake, they do not even know what the Rat tests test for, what the standard deviation of results per batch, or even what compounds can give a false positive or false negative for whatever it is testing, and they don’t know that either.

    For all we know, the $1.5m Hendy got paid was for the sentence “80,000 might die”, and he spent the entire research time watching porn.

    What we do know, that for 80,000 to die, the R number and the IFR would have to be so high that PM, the most important person in the country, would be wearing a positively pressurized hazmat suit with air filters and perhaps oxygen tanks, when on the Pulpit of Tooth, in close proximity to some MPs, support staff, and reporters. But no, it was just same old, same old, no mask s no nuffing. And mid 2020 she was out on the campaign trail taking selfies and hugging. And it was stated by Bloomfield, Baker, Ardern et all that masks didn’t stop the virus.

    She only starting wearing masks after her social media monitors, saw a lot of debate on blogs like this one, and others, about this very issue, and that her walking around in the midst of a zombie apocalypse without a care in the world, was bad optics.



  3. From the article:

    ……”The UK has logged 230,000 fatalities that have Covid on the death certificate since the pandemic began. Not all of these will have been caused by the virus.”……

    Worth noting that;

    # If anyone died from cancer, heart failure or leprosy in 2020 it was classed as a covid death. That’s what doctors were told to do in order to scare the unwashed into submission.

    # If anyone died from the effects of the experimental vaccine it was blamed on absolutely anything other than Pfizer’s poison.

    # Now Professor Ferguson is hoist by the bullshit statistics he helped create we are supposed to change them?

    In a pig’s eye.



    • ……”The UK has logged 230,000 fatalities that have Covid on the death certificate since the pandemic began. Not all of these will have been caused by the virus.”……

      Even the corrupt CDC had a disclaimer on its Covid stats page saying that only 6% of the “Covid-19” deaths had only Covid as the likely cause of death. They then broke the rest of the deaths down into 1, 2, 3 etc co-morbidities, including of course such things as motor vehicle accidents, shotgun wounds, syphilis, renal collapse, parachute failure, etc etc.

      Many stats site such as OurWorldindata, and our own figure.nz have generalised or removed deaths by cause making it nigh on impossible to see what actually happened. And forget worldometer, it is a modeling site now controlled by WHO/UN.

      It should also be noted that NZ did NOT record flu deaths in 2019 – 2022. Yet they can be very precise about Covid deaths????



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