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India Seeking Death Penalty For WHO Scientist Who Blocked Access to Ivermectin


The Indian Bar Association (IBA) has launched legal proceedings against World Health Organization (WHO) chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan, accusing her of causing the death of Indian citizens by deceiving them regarding the effectiveness of Ivermectin.

According to allegations contained in the lawsuit, the WHO chose to suppress Ivermectin despite a wealth of scientific evidence purporting its efficacy against Covid in favor of promoting Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

Bill Gates is both the largest donor to the WHO and a major stakeholder with vested interests in Covid-19 mRNA vaccine technology.

The WHO chief scientist is accused of sending a willfully misleading tweet on May 10, 2021 against the use of Ivermectin which resulted in the state of Tamil Nadu removing the medication from the protocol on May 11.

Evidence based guidelines from @mohfw DGHS – simple, rational and clear guidance for physicians. Should be translated and disseminated in all Indian languages.
Can be updated as and when new evidence becomes available @drharshvardhan @WHOSEARO https://t.co/xNX0Ngj35y

According to the IBA, this cost the lives of thousands of Indian citizens and should be considered a crime against humanity.

If Dr. Soumya Swaminathan is found guilty, then she could be sentenced to death or life in prison.

The Mumbai-based IBA first sent a 51-page notice to Swaminathan on 25 May 2021, and a follow-up on 13 June, reacting to her statements saying that WHO does not recommend the use of the drug as a treatment for COVID-19, except in the context of clinical trials.

Barrister Dipali Ojha, principal advocate of the Indian Bar Association, warned the criminal action against Dr Swaminathan “for every death” caused by her actions is ongoing.

While Swaminathan stood down from her senior role with the WHO shortly after the commencement of legal proceedings against her, Barrister Ojha warns the case against her is ongoing.

The brief accused Dr. Swaminathan of “misconduct” in using her position as a health authority to serve the vested interests of the lucrative vaccine industry.

Specific accusations include conducting a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin and publishing statements in social and mainstream media to falsely influence the public against the use of Ivermectin despite the existence of large quantities of clinical data showing its profound effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

Ivermectin is an inexpensive medication that is prescribed as an antiparasitic. Despite being blacklisted by the WHO and FDA during the vaccine roll-out, it has since gained popularity for the prevention of Covid-19.

Many doctors and scientists claim that Ivermectin is far more effective against limiting transmission of Covid-19 than the vaccines.

Research studies from India reveal that states that used Ivermectin had much better outcomes and far fewer deaths from Covid-19 than Indian states that did not use Ivermectin.

In Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Goa regions cases fell by 98%, 97%, 94% and 86% respectively. On the other hand, following the decision of Tamil Nadu to stop using Ivermectin, the number of cases exploded and became the highest in India.

Deaths in Tamil Nadu increased tenfold following the decision.

In a test of over 4,000 people in India (over 3,000 took Ivermectin) and over 1,000 did not. The results showed that 2% of people who took Ivermectin had Covid-19 confirmed by a PCR test and 11.7% of people who did not take Ivermectin had Covid-19 confirmed by a PCR test.

WHO Disinformation Campaign

TrialSite has evidence that WHO is suppressing important data relating to Covid19 treatment. Recently, she published a report on the large local public health operation effort in Uttar Pradesh but left out the basic fact that ivermectin is in fact widely used as part of the initiative.

Why would the WHO go to such lengths to suppress this important information, i.e. a treatment that actually works?

What kind of agenda has this organization adopted when it appears to be using disinformation to mislead and disrupt nations seeking to bring this pandemic under control?

Is this recent legal action in India simply a symbolic gesture or does it represent a harbinger of more legal actions to come?


  1. The establishment’s defence is in some ways doing a “counter offensive”
    Probably looking in the belief that with WHO Amendments & the Global Pandemic Treaty will gain enough to then have the dominance & control they crave.
    So a German made a list of many of the crazy statements the authorities came up with.
    …… MicLiberal can possibly have committed by drawing attention to these already-public statements.
    The most honest answer is that his thread achieved millions of views in a matter of days, and at a very awkward moment –
    — precisely when everyone was beginning to regret all the illiberal and wildly intemperate things they had said in the depths of the virus craze.
    He had embarrassed some very vain and powerful people with their own incredibly stupid words, and today many are of the opinion that that ought to be a crime in and of itself.
    Alas, things have not yet deteriorated that far. Thus the police and prosecutors were left to scour our dense thicket of laws for a more plausible offence. ….

    So the first court case, a “lawfare” where “MicLiberal” won this month.
    However the prosecutors intend to appeal the acquittal.
    So the harassment, stress, costs in ‘lawfare’ will continue for “MicLiberal” and he will also suffer from the costs in the court case he won.
    A nurse in NZ also continues to suffer likewise from her stand for speaking out about the vaccines.
    Of course any whistle blower in New Zealand, where the authorities will not investigate the actual problem, but are then are investigated, so as to smear from all angles.
    So many of the public then just trust the authorities in this, not realizing the establishment refuse to consider or look any further with their white washing.! whilst doing major scapegoating & smears to protect their positions.
    …… The parallels with the treatment of the many conscientious New Zealand doctors struck off or suspended for advising their patients that COVID mRNA vaccines came with risks are obvious. …..
    ….. They have been validated by research findings and public health data.
    They should be acknowledged and praised, instead they remain sidelined, impoverished and discarded by the Medical Council of New Zealand …..

    So in NZ, the systemic medical institution can continue with their controls & rules, and use more devious tricks & controls, aided by the organismic academia like Michael Baker & Michael Plank being blown by the media.

    All to be supported by the Covid Commission
    .. Our purpose is to learn from the experience of the pandemic to prepare for the future …

    Just as the UN-WEF’s WHO & CCP’s Tedros want it to be, to be able to silence us, continue to manipulate us with mis-dis-mal-information, but also to enforce with no accountability. ! 🙁

    As is said at a marriage, speak now or forever hold your



  2. The WHO’s statements re Ivermectin which has a 50 year tack record of benefits and low/no side effects, and certainly no deaths, could be compared to drinks.

    “There is no known cure for dehydration, except Coca Cola. Saying that clean water is a cure for dehydration is mis-information. Pigs and Cows drink water from a trough, and you ain’t a cow or a pig.”



  3. If one has wandered what happened to Mark Steyn, an interesting article of his surviving another heart turn, and the British Court case against him.

    June 14, 2924 ….. Naomi’s Wolf’s statement to the Court here:

    I am here today because OfCom, the media watchdog agency, concluded that my presentation of information from scientific reports about the Pfizer injection, on Mark Steyn’s TV show in October 2022, caused “harm.”
    Ofcom also referred to me in public documents as a “conspiracy theorist,” using that discrediting characterization of my work, as part of its decision to penalize Steyn for airing the show in which I brought forth the evidence I did. ….


    Though it does seem like a Steyn’s ‘swan song’ in his trip from Vermont to London to attend the Court case.



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