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The Cracks Starting to Show?




Workers desert Australian Labor Party over party’s obsession with ‘woke ideals’.

By Joe Hildebrand.

Private research commissioned by the NSW Electrical Trades Union — which was itself just taken over by the Left this week — has found a quarter of union members surveyed no longer vote Labor and a further 35 per cent reported decreasing support for the party. …

Almost one in five said the Liberal party better represented working people.

The document … confirms what many in the party have been quietly warning about for years — that among blue-collar voters Labor is perceived as elitist and out of touch, pandering to inner-city interests that drive their traditional base away. …

The workers wanted Labor to fight harder for their workplace rights — better wages, job security, quality control and the right to strike — but even more so to fight for their jobs instead of arguing about climate change and other ideological preoccupations.

One participant said, “I feel betrayed or cheated by the Labor Party. They’ve made a big push for carbon neutrality, catering to leftists in inner city Melbourne or Sydney. F**k you, we’ll vote Pauline Hanson or Clive Palmer.” …

The research found Labor MPs were seen to be a different class of person to the workers interviewed. “It’s like talking to aliens,” one said. They “meet at flash inner city pubs, not in Port Kembla”, are “not from the shop floor”, are “white-collar, university-educated yuppies” and “don’t believe in the same stuff I do … they’re diametrically opposed”.

Labor was also seen as being at odds with people of faith.

“I’m a Christian … I agree with them on the working conditions stuff, but disagree with the identity politics stuff,” one participant said.

Workers also felt it was bad politics for Labor to be “dragged” into “all the culture war s**t”.

I’m wearing my not-very-surprised face. The left everywhere in the West is becoming the party of the rich and those with financial connections to big government (often the same thing). The deplorables, the poor, the realists, and the less educated are all being increasingly excluded from politics, on the  excuse that we are morally deficient for not being up on the latest woke trends in “race”, “sex”, etc.

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  1. Shit, you could say the same thing about our labour party here been out of touch!
    It’s only karen and ken votes and ex notional voters that got them in this time and they a swing voters.
    Support could vanish in the blink of an eye. Better roll out wdding, baby. Don’t think glitter will do it!



  2. My 79 yr old father couldn’t be bothered voting last time, Raised in a fiercely socialist, working class NZ family he had never before missed a vote, always for Labour. Why? He doesn’t think he has anything in common with Labour anymore and he thinks Jacinda is “a silly little girl who is completely out of her depth and frankly, a bloody embarrassment”.



  3. …..”a quarter of union members surveyed no longer vote Labor and a further 35 per cent reported decreasing support for the party”…..

    As well noted by Chris Trotter, the clowns who run NZ Labour lost Waitakere Man three elections ago.



  4. Big Norm be spinning in his grave. Never in a million years could he have ever foreseen such a clusterfuck of filth, depravity and incompetance which has taken over the NZ Labour Party. If ya looking down Norm..I’m sorry.



    • Best you get a copy of John Lees diaries and read his other books if you can find them. Labour have been rotten to the core since they started.
      Savage was a homosexual pacifist from Aussie who with his mates descended on the Union movement to use as a an army.
      Only time they have been different was in the early Lange years when the townies overcame the unionists for a while. They themselves got booted by the Maori and the elite from the uni’s. So you have the shit for brains lot we have now.



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