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Socialist Cindy ‘Answers’ The Difficult Questions After New COVID Cases


Bryan Firebrand:

Less than three weeks after strutting around like the dictatorial peacock that she is, and taking all the credit for New Zealand being “COVID-free”, El Presidente Jacinda has been quick to distance herself from the monumental fuck-up that saw the virus turn up again today.

As news broke of the new cases, Jacinda was reportedly frantically looking for someone else to blame for letting two randoms from the UK into New Zealand and not even bothering to test them for the supposedly “deadly” disease.

In a rare opportunity these days, given she’s apparently a deity and all, our glorious leader agreed to speak to The Waterton Chronicle to explain the situation, on the condition we would make her look fabulous. We agreed, hehe.

This reporter asked what tests were done on the two randoms when they entered the country.

“Oh, look, we’re a team of 5 million, and we have to unite for the recovery.” our Supreme Leader explained.

“So, they weren’t tested?” this reporter queried.

“Well.. look.. It’s just that we’re a team of 5 million. Would you like a hug and maybe a photo of me?” our glorious leader offered.

Taking inspiration from legendary ABC Australia non-shit-taker Leigh Sales, this reporter had another crack.

“Frankly, your Gloriousness, I just want to know if they were tested at all before they drove themselves 800km from Auckland to Wellington. And also if they stopped anywhere along the way?”.

“Um. Yeah. Look. I’d have to direct you to (Director General of Health) Ashley Bloomfield on that one. I’m more interested in your thoughts on how cute First Baby Neve looks in this outfit.” El Presidente explained, before forcing this reporter to look at a picture on her phone.

“And here she is going down the slide me and First Dad Clarke had installed in the palace, I mean Parliament, grounds.”

Sensing another scandal that’d probably get not much more than a passing mention in mainstream media, this reporter went in for the kill.

“Oh, nice. How much did that cost you?” this reporter asked.

“Me? Haha. Nothing, silly. Don’t you know how this stuff works? Xi (Chinese President Xi Jinping) loaned the government the money. He told me he wants us all to be happy and compliant.”.

“Neve and Clarke have the whole thing to themselves most days.” she added.

As an update

The Government is suspending all compassionate exemptions from quarantine. It would only be reinstated once the Government had confidence in the system. Health Minister David Clark announced the move after two women who travelled from the United Kingdom, tested positive for Covid-19, after being given a compassionate exemption to leave a managed isolation facility.

They were allowed to travel to Wellington and tested positive after they arrived.

This broke New Zealand’s case-free streak of 24 consecutive days.


  1. Well, wasn’t that the major cock up of the season. We are only free of the virus (previously) due to the fact that we are in a lockdown prison. Once people arrive here (Avitar crew etc) we were not going to have any resistance. So, what is the useless bitch going to do now? I’m waiting with anticipation as to what is going to happen when some of the BLM supporters get it? oh dear never mind such is life in the real world.



  2. Lizziep ,Arderns leadership is as thin as a coating of clingwrap but the POS has the media in her pocket and the only endgame I can see is another 3 years of the longfaced creature and her talentless party.
    Unfortunately these days NZrs cant even pack up and F–K off to Aussie.



  3. Hey Cindy, you’re the PM, the one in the big seat, THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!!! You took the lead with the daily Covid press statements and now with the return of Covid has hit the fan you have pushed your official out to stand in front so he can take the splatter.

    COVID-19: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says protocol before two new coronavirus cases confirmed ‘did not meet our expectations’

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand’s two latest COVID-19 cases emerged in circumstances she considers “unacceptable”.



  4. No responsibility is being taken by Ardern or Clark for the border breach and lack of testing which has brought the return of Covid to NZ shores. The incompetence is breathtaking. It is obvious the Labour lefties are using their usual tactics of blaming someone else. They have their official Ashley Bloomfield in the cross-hairs as their ‘escape goat’ and Cindy has already asked him to explain and now so has Clark.

    Coronavirus: Todd Muller calls for David Clark to be sacked over new COVID-19 cases at ‘clumsy, slack’ border

    After 24 days of zero cases of the respiratory illness being recorded in New Zealand, two new cases were reported on Tuesday. It emerged that the two women arrived in the country from the United Kingdom earlier this month, but were let out of managed isolation in Auckland last week upon compassionate grounds to attend a funeral in Wellington.



    • Cindy, Cindy, where are you?
      When things were going goodly you were everywhere saying how good a job YOU were doing.
      When it all turns to a bigly pile of shit, you are nowhere to be seen.
      Why am I not surprised?



        • Is it any surprise the “team of 5 million” are pissed off that covid is back in NZ. Cindy said “trust us, we’ve got this”. She even did a little dance to prove to us how clever she was when covid was eliminated from our shores. Kiwis celebrated their freedom after doing the hard yards of being locked down under level 4. We were good, we did what was required as a country, we eliminated the nasty virus… then we were shat on by incompetence and slack border control! The buck stops at the top. Thanks for nothing Cindy, Clark and saint Ashley. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡



        • Did you see how anorexic she looked on facebook!
          She’s going to fall over!
          Bet labour are hoping that she sees the election out!
          Whats the bet, that as soon as the election is over that she disappears from view.



    • This ‘incident’ was a well planned manouevre to enable the surreptitious start to a military takeover of NZ by executive order.
      Letting those 2 women with Covid out would have been a deliberate false flag event to enable that militarisation.
      Like the mosque shootings which were orchestrated to enable the government to commandeer our MSSRs.
      Viva El Presidente!



  5. A medical expert has called the Ministry of Health’s decision not to test two women granted compassionate exemption from quarantine for Covid-19 before they left “completely unacceptable.”

    However, he called the decision to let the women leave isolation without being tested for the virus “completely unacceptable”.

    “It was a complete oversight, we expect our officials to keep us safe and border control and quarantine mean you impose very rigorous standards and you’d expect no one leave quarantine early without testing.

    “Certainly someone who was symptomatic should never have been allowed to leave,” he said.

    “Without question we deserve better and we need better, the community has done a wonderful job with behaviour in ensuring we eliminated Covid-19 from community transmission and we have every reason to demand better than this.”



    • The whole border situation has been a mess from day one of border “control”. Remember when people were given a pamphlet and asked to self isolate –that was effectively no control at all.

      ALL these people going into taxpayer funded quarantine should be tested but they are not –just given a temperature check daily.
      The new people going into quarantine can mix with the those due to leave !!

      Having said all this I think they are treating this virus like smallpox “on steroids”. Stupid !! We know who are vulnerable –beef up the help and control on the elderly and forget the rest. The idea that we have eliminated it and can remain that way is irrational.



  6. To me it is all so true.
    The total incompetence that is pushed culturally, via academia, deeply into the education system, so as to effect most, if into all the young people.
    Further social engineered and ratified by all media systems that also keep the politicians in this line of control.
    That is how the “woke” are made.

    The “woke” people have become advisers, managers, through out bureaucracy and the making of the “tick boxes” & flow charts, graphs, and modelling systems.
    They then control the “science” and what becomes “facts”.
    This is then used to control the general population, the districts, the regions, cities, the corporations, though some may question, who controls who, but they all double down.

    When put to make a task of “quarantine” and filled with the “kindness” & “well being” they have no idea, and will not accept responsibility, as they went by the “modelling process”, with improved adjustments, etc.. GIGO.

    The bottom line, they have “no heart” as they have no ability to “think” things through, except by GIGO. and so reactions are “Knee jerks” with no thought.



  7. Simply not good enough. I noted the Minister of Health on national television evading the question this morning. Had he an assurance from Dr Bloomfield the process was working? The Minister referred to press releases in his response such as it was. He did not convince me he had any assurance nor I suspect, the wit to ask. Getting tough now with Dr Bloomfield will not suffice as a Ministerial response after the overblown lockdown we have been subjected to.

    The PM deals with the issue on Facebook. Not good enough either for this citizen as blaming the public service is not going to be accepted by me. The breakdown is yours to handle and be responsible for Prime Minister.



  8. Does anyone else find this latest ‘case’ just a tad too ‘convenient’ in it’s timing?

    It’s very curious that after having had no cases for the last two weeks (yet still not clear-enough to go to Level O) , and when things are becoming ‘normal’ once again, these two cases suddenly appear.

    In the physical absence of the two ‘culprits’ one has to rely entirely on Dr Clark’s words.

    Despite his past actions which indicate otherwise, one hopes that he is an ‘Honest’ man…



  9. The Labour party’s response is predictably to cover their own arse. In response to the two women who drove to Wellington and tested positive for covid is to get a flunky to phone Peter Williams on Magic Radio to blame “one nurse for not following covid testing procedures”! He was rumbled when he wouldn’t answer any of Peter’s questions. 🙄



  10. “Go hard go early” has proved to be nonsense.
    “Too little, too late” NO Idea.,

    In the name of “kindness” now being cruel.
    Finally got the military in to run the quarantine system so it Feelz good to have full authority.

    Now I would guess she still hamstrings & controls, by not telling us the Rules of Engagement. RoE.

    The RoE should be, that all designated into quarantine should be shot on sight, if they go beyond the certain drawn lines.
    The guns will be loaded and cocked, ready for any infringement.
    The CoL Party can draw ballots to which one of them will be on the burial detail.

    If a person refuses a test, or is insubordinate, then navy can slap them in the brig, and when there are enough, they are then transported to Auckland Islands.
    Pickup of survivors maybe in 6 months time, while they consider how lucky they are.



  11. Yeah, yeah Cindy. All a pack of flimflam. The country doesn’t believe you. 🤥

    Coronavirus: PM Jacinda Ardern announces raft of changes after two new COVID-19 cases

    The Assistant Chief of Defence will take over the management of New Zealand’s quarantine facilities, the Prime Minister has announced, after two new COVID-19 cases emerged on Tuesday.

    “This represents an unacceptable failure of the system,” she told media from Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

    Ardern says the controls at New Zealand’s borders must now be “rigorous”, and called together the operational leads of quarantined and managed isolation facilities on Wednesday morning to reveal some changes.



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