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PM Jacinda Ardern abandons plans for COVID-19 elimination

Spot the lies

Ardern signaled the change of strategy on Monday as she announced a lockdown affecting Auckland would be scaled back in phases, starting on Wednesday.

The Pacific nation was among just a handful of countries to bring COVID-19 cases down to zero until an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant in mid-August frustrated efforts to stamp out transmission.

“This is a change in approach we were always going to make over time. Our Delta outbreak has accelerated this transition. Vaccines will support it,” she said.

The country recorded 29 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, taking the total number in the current outbreak to 1,357.

Most of the infections are in Auckland, which has been in lockdown for almost 50 days.

Under mounting pressure, Ms Ardern said her strategy was never to have zero cases, but to aggressively stamp out the virus.

She added that strict lockdowns would end once 90 per cent of the eligible population was vaccinated.

About 2 million New Zealanders have so far been fully vaccinated, or about 48 per cent of the eligible population.

Ms Ardern said the Delta variant felt like “a tentacle that has been incredibly hard to shake”.

“But it’s OK … elimination was important because we didn’t have vaccinations. Now we do, so we can begin to change the way we do things.”

Her stupid stance has not gne unnoticed overseas either. Below is comments from the Daily Mail. Not many support her.

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  1. Re: ‘This is a change in approach we were always going to make over time. Our Delta outbreak has accelerated this transition. Vaccines will support it,”

    Translated: ‘I was screwing down Auckland BECAUSE I AM JACINDA THE ALL LOVING AND OMNIPOTENT but the ungrateful and ignorant peasants DIDN’T WANT MY KINDNESS! HOW DARE THEY!’



  2. I will continue to repeat.
    Until we see the contract with Phizer, (hidden for years it seems), we will never get the truth and the whole truth so help me God.

    Oh and didn’t ya know it the Mormons have different God to Brian Tamaki and the rest of us.

    The contract forbids any other medication.
    As the bitch how she managed to fuvk that up.



  3. As much as I am not a supporter of Brian Tamaki or his beliefs, I do admire him and his protest last week. He actually stood up for something other than the party line. All the people who went on picnic have changed the stupid bitch’s mind about elimination. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I believe there has not been a single case of transmission in the open air from what I have read. Will someone/anyone save us from this ugly bitch and her sycophantic lot of 120 useless pack of wastrels.



  4. Flip-flop witch looks stoopid now. She needs to be whacked across the face with a flip flop. What a moron. Sold out to the injection squad for a few Pfizer bucks. The next tyranny will be the injection laws, and yellow stars for the unvaccinated.



  5. What made me laugh was the way she hung Grunter Robertson out tpdry on Monday Morning when he staunchly defended the elimination of Covid in New Zealand in an interview with Mike Yardley. Those interviews are far too hard for Jacinda to manage even after four years as Prime Minister but she managed to make the 4pm Podium stage show to shoot Grunter down.

    He must be getting a bit uppity..



  6. She’s coming across as quite unstable as demonstrated by her last few pressers. I think the unravelling has begun. No sympathy from this quarter. Imposter syndrome has been fulfilled in my estimation.



    • Imposter syndrome has been fulfilled in my estimation.

      Imposter syndrome applies to people who are actually good at what they do, but believe they aren’t, because of self doubt.

      You can’t have imposter syndrome if you ARE an imposter.

      Imposter syndrome has been fulfilled and fraudster who sold out NZ for cash, has been revealed, in my estimation.



  7. The Salus report from the U.S. Department of Defense makes it pretty clear that the mRNA Vaxes are a failure:


    There is also a good analysis of this report on Karl Denninger’s website: See the article”They All Lied. Throw Them All Out NOW”.

    The Salus Report, based on an ongoing DOD analysis of 5.6 million U.S. Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older is a “must read”.

    So when do we get our official apology from the Government for having misled us?



  8. 39 cases…off to the races.

    Anyone with minor medical knowledge or more than three brain cells, could have told the horse that the ‘eliminade’ strategy was never going to work.

    Dumb is one thing, but add ‘arrogant’ for the ultimate lethal cocktail.



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