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The Fight Back Begins




Tens of Thousands of Austrians are rising up against a globalist plot to strip away the rights of millions of citizens by imposing illegal lockdowns across the country.

Niamh Harris writes

Austria’s Krone newspaper reported that around 15,000 people attended the Saturday rally. Protestors held placards reading “Kurz must go” as they chanted slogans calling for the resignation of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Rt.com reports: Footage from RT’s video agency Ruptly shows protesters pouring into the streets of central Vienna as they waved Austrian flags. Some of the demonstrators assembled in a park where they heard speeches from leaders of Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party, which had called for the rally.

Speaking to the crowd, former interior minister Herbert Kickl accused the government of “dancing on the edge of lunacy,” and described the Covid-19 restrictions as “so weird and mad, [that] no Hollywood director could make it up.”

Austria began lifting lockdown restrictions last month and reopened schools, shops and museums, but restaurants and cafes remain shuttered. Protesters also expressed anger over mandatory Covid-19 tests that children must take in order to attend in-person classes.

According to Krone, one of the leaders of the rally was detained. Several others were arrested after reportedly refusing to disperse at the end of the demonstration for breaching public order laws and Covid regulations. Footage shows officers in riot gear surrounding a man who was pinned to the ground without a mask.

There were also reports of isolated fights between demonstrators and left-wing counter-protesters.

The government has signaled that restaurants and cafes could reopen at the end of March if Covid-19 infections decline. In recent weeks, Austria has seen a string of protests against the restrictions. Last month, an estimated 10,000 people turned out for a similar demonstration in Vienna.

Austria has recorded 472,871 cases and 8,64 coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic. The country has seen an uptick in new cases in recent weeks, and health officials have warned that the British variant of the virus, which is believed to be more contagious, has become widespread.


  1. ” warned that the British variant of the virus, which is believed to be more contagious, ”
    Seems to be the go to plan – the British – South African and I saw a new one the other day is worse, lock down, create/maintain fear/control.
    Quite a plan.



  2. I heard that Chicken Little POS Fauci saying that there are dozens of different covid varients being discovered worldwide and continuing 6 monthly or yearly vaccinations are probably in our future.
    Trillions of $ are whats driving this scam and its to late to stop it now ,life as we see it today is what we are going to have to get used to ,Less freedoms ,more taxes, more white guilt, more disarming the people,more plod visits to private homes etc etc .WE ARE FUCKED ,THE HORSEFACE WILL NEVER GIVE UP HER ULTIMATE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING.



      • That is easy.
        The only one positioned now to take over is Fatty Robbers son
        Winston is gone.

        Chippy wont get a look as he is weak and seen as a reincarnation of Chinless Wallace Rowling

        Special K at No 3 . Not even good enough to be DPM.
        NZs own Dan Quayle.

        3 Pies at no 4.
        The country would not accept that unhealthy specimen.

        Then Chippy no. 5 Rowling Mk II

        Sepuloni at no 6 and she will be a one large seething Tongan woman with No 6 ranking and the powerful Min of SW but no profile.
        Effectively ghosted.
        That will be a media instruction.

        Angry Little at No7. The country wont accept him esp after the horse’s birthday coup of 1 Aug 2017.

        Just look at the list.
        It is literally a shit list

        The fat poof it is, then.



    • I read some where the other day (may have been YSB) that 7 Californian universities had asked for isolated samples of the virus , presumably to do research, but no one can provide them. Not because they do not want to provide them, they simply are not there to provide.
      So Fauci ( or more accurately Gates’s little poodle) needs to front up with evidence of the original virus exists before he prattles on about other variants



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