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The Firm is in panic mode




Prince Andrew’s ‘sex alibi’ looks shaky as UK press launches campaign

When Victoria Roberts put forward claims Prince Andrew had sex with her when she was underage, he hit back with an alibi that placed him far away from the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell and a 17-year-old girl.

The Duke of York said on March 10, 2001, he took his daughter Beatrice to a birthday party at a pizza chain restaurant in the outlier suburb of Woking.

That’s the date Ms Roberts, the lead accuser of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, says she was instructed to have sex with Prince Andrew.

The Duke has vehemently denied all accusations of sexual relations with Ms Roberts – even meeting her, despite photographic evidence – including in a “car crash” interview with the BBC about 12 months ago.

The Duke has been stood down from royal duties since that BBC interview in November last year.

The Prince has always been referred to as the Queen’s favourite son, but he was notably absent from the photographs of the royal family, taken at a recent (COVID safe) reunion at Windsor Castle.

It’s not like it would have been hard for him to make it to the reunion – he and his former wife Sarah Ferguson live on-site at Windsor Castle, where the Queen and Prince Philip have been waiting out the second wave of the pandemic in the UK.

Next year won’t be any smoother for the Prince. Ms Maxwell is finally due to start trial in July, for sex trafficking charges related to those Epstein was arrested for, before he took his own life.

Not that the Duke’s Epstein links are ever far from the headlines, Ms Maxwell’s trial will ensure they are page one for weeks.


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  1. All that moron Andrew had to say was ” the young lady assured me she was of age when I asked” Nobody could prove otherwise and he’d be in the clear, instead he lied like a Cindy and came up with a hilarious storyline that is going to bury him , is he a dumb German or a smart Pom? LOL.



  2. I don’t care for royalty one jot and especially the German Saxe-Coburgs that occupy British castles.

    Oh that’s right, when USA entered the WW1 the Saxe Coburgs saw Their Family would not win against the Brits (and others), so changed the name to Windsor after one of their castles they occupy.
    Occupy Britain !

    I have seen no reference to much in the way of facts in all this.
    It is highly likely the Duke of Pork is a sleaze.
    I doubt the world’s smallest micrometer could measure any truth in that which comes out of Randy Andy’s Gob.

    1) The gal was 17 and having sex in Britain is legal and was at that time.
    It may not have been in her home state, but similarly there are instances where Brits have gone to France for a shag and one of them is 15. (exampli gratia – a Rolling Stone)
    That is legal in France given the lower age of consent, but not legal in Britain (under most circumstances, exception: small age difference)

    So age is not the issue.

    Questions not answered.
    -Why was she in Britain
    -How did she get there. Who paid.
    -was she trafficked in any way
    -did she want to shag a royal ? (skiting points, a notch)
    -what does it mean ‘ says she was instructed to have sex with Prince Andrew.’
    – was duress used, eg. threat of harm to her of her family
    -did she receive remuneration or payment in kind for the ‘encounter’

    The actually illegality of the encounter in Britain is not illegal …ergo legal.
    As usual it is the lies and attempted cover up that appears to have caught RAndy (royal andy or just plain randy .

    For no sweat Andy things might get very sticky.
    That is fine by me.



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