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Now I know some of you are old curmudgeons, and resist any changes. I have been dabbling in AI apps and thought you might be interested in the same.

Check out these sites…….

TRY THIS: Make a Song is a site that makes a song if you give it a simple text description.

It’s not the best music but it’s interesting.

TRY THIS: Get the Calorie/Health Information of Your Food

I sent this photo to And it came back with this:

TRY THIS: Make a Course

I went to and said: “I want to learn about the Roman Empire”.

It asked me some questions: e.g. “Do you also want to learn about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire?”

It made a curriculum. And then it created a course
with six sections and each section contained AI-curated YouTube videos about the topic of that section. Here’s the page I see when I click on the third section: “Social Structure and Daily Life in the Roman Empire.”

TRY THIS: Make a T-shirt

I went to and asked for a T-shirt that is about chess.

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  1. ED,

    There is a big difference between AI and IA.

    AI = Artificial Intelligence
    IA = Intelligent Automation

    Most of what you describe is IA.

    IA will do what you want, based on a number of parameters you supply, and within a boundary set by it’s programming, and/or boundaries you set.

    AI will access all of human knowledge, like Google or ChatGPT, do what it wants based on how it sees things, and without boundaries. Any data that is corrupt, as in dis-information, mis-information, Fat Chequers, bent politicians, etc etc will lead to incorrect assumptions. ChatGPT is already telling lies.

    The fact that Klaus Schwab has his dirty fingers in the pie, and attempting to be an authority, should make your wet yourself in shock.



  2. You look upon AI as a replacement for humans yet there are limits to what it can do. From

    ……”One major limitation is that AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on. If the data is biased or incomplete, the AI system will reflect those biases and limitations.

    AI is also incapable of true creativity or innovation. While AI can generate new ideas and solutions based on existing data, it cannot think outside the box and create original ideas. This is because AI is based on algorithms and patterns, whereas human creativity is driven by intuition, inspiration, and imagination. Therefore, AI can be a valuable tool for augmenting human ingenuity but can never replace it.

    Additionally, AI is not capable of empathy or emotional intelligence. While AI can recognise and analyse emotions, it can’t truly understand them or respond to them in a meaningful way. This means that AI can’t replace human relationships or social interactions, as these require a deep understanding of human emotions and behaviours. Therefore, while AI can be a powerful tool for many applications, it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for human intelligence, empathy, and creativity.”……..

    In fact Klaus Schwab as instanced above by Dylan is a perfect example of AI. No empathy, emotional intelligence, no known capacity to form human relationships, no ingenuity & a Spock like regard for mankind.

    Note that he & his queer mates are taking a pasting. They are now a fraction of the threat they originally posed to humanity



    • & a Spock like regard for mankind.

      While for the most part unemotional, Spock would never do anything to hurt humans.

      Klaus is more like a founder out of Deep Space 9 – wanting to manipulate and wipe out mankind.



  3. What price Justice?

    ….. Public Safety Assessment program, a free algorithm that recommends whether judges should grant bail.
    [Billionaire] Arnold tapped Democratic staffers and Obama administration officials to lead the program, which has a history of recommending bail for repeat offenders.

    Arnold’s bail tool uses an algorithm to predict the likelihood that a defendant will commit crimes while out on bail from jail and whether the defendant will show up to court if released.
    If the suspect scores low enough, the tool will recommend that the judge grant bail.

    But the tool has a poor track record. …..

    Mission Creep so eventually the machines will take over more of the running of the Justice system.
    That is if Soros pushes to what way & to what level prosecutors will lay charges or not?

    Will there be key settings on a criteria for certain people to gain a life sentence with no parole, even execution?
    But who has set those levels?



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