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The Future of Health is for Maori, by Maori




On Facebook this topic.
The Future of Health is for Maori and by Maori
“The Future of Health is for Maori and by Maori – our focus must be on reducing the gap between Maori and non-Maori but more importantly i want to see every health determinant reversed from heart and cardiovascular disease to diabetes and kidney failure, from Cancers to strokes and everything in between”. Matthew Tukaki
After 20 or so comments, I replied with the following,
“Not one mention in all these comments about the health and well being of all the poor little children KILLED by their parents and their boyfriends. Until all maori acknowledge this problem then you can forget about any future of maori controlling the health of the rest of us”
Then one idiot comes back with this,
“racist prick pakeha rape murder stole our land”
I replied with this,
“No comment about the shameful killing of your kids then?”
Then dead silence.


  1. A very small percentage of Maori who take their Whakapapa so seriously must live in perpetual torment as they go through life hating half of themselves and blaming half of themselves for all their own failure,LOL.
    This shit will become commonplace If Labour retain power in a few weeks,we’ve all seen how weak Ardern is as a leader ,she just cant say no and the entitled lardbag maori in her party cant stop asking for stuff.



  2. Maui Pomare, the young boy who had his foot trod on by a troopers horse at Parihaka, simply got on with making the most of life.
    He figured how to make the changes in Maori heath
    Like the Tohunga Suppression Act 1907 put through by James Carroll recognizing that many charlatans had taken advantage of superstitions. Also suppported by Sir Āpirana Ngata.

    ….. ‘Well, you talked a lot about what you were going to do for your race— what have you done since you left thirty years ago?’
    My husband just smiled and said, ‘There were only 43,000 of my people left when I returned to Maoriland thirty years ago. Now they are 63,000.’

    “That shows what can be done by having regard to the teachings of the pakeha upon the vital question of bodily health.

    “My husband—a Maori—went among the pakeha and learnt the pakeha ways of combating disease.
    He did this so as to be able to use that knowledge for your benefit.
    The wise ones of my race have profited by his teachings ….

    …. Our European friends are in the habit of praising us, and of saying what a fine and noble race we are.
    I may be wrong, but I think they are not helping us greatly by doing so.
    Our faults and problems are many, and our best friends are those who not only see our faults and still love us, but are at the same time able to point out our faults and problems, and the remedy for same.




    • Just to keep the health of all New Zealanders in perspective, so nobody was left out, a thoughtful maori who also supported the Tohunga Suppression Act helped to bring this forth. 🙂

      Hone Heke Ngapua, member of Parliament and great-nephew of the famous Hone Heke, thought that the Bill went in the right direction, but did not go far enough as there was no provision for prosecution of Pākehā tohunga or ‘quacks’ (this omission was addressed by the Quackery Prevention Act, 1908 ).



      • If there is a DNA test for “the Maori gene” that is somehow able to distinguish it from other Polynesian groups, how will the system be set up? Will it be “ALL or NOTHING” or a cline of Maori-ness, ranging from 1/2 down to smaller fractions?
        The ALL or NOTHING approach is simpler to manage. You simply take the test. Even if you are a blue-eyed blonde whose great-great-great grandmother was Ngai Tahu, if you score a positive then you get “MAORI” added to your passport/personal data file. Thereafter, any of your children automatically get “MAORI” added to their passport/personal data file simply by birth. They won’t need to take the test.
        The disadvantage of the ALL or NOTHING approach is that over time, the fraction of Maori blood will be diluted.
        The FRACTIONAL approach is more realistic. Once a person is deemed to be less than a certain fraction, say 1/16th, they are no longer really Maori. This is despite some traits as darker skin, wider nose, thicker lips, brown eyes and dark hair being dominant genes that will tend to mask some recessive qualities such as ginger hair or paler skin tones. The disadvantage of this approach is that it is extremely difficult to manage, and is inherently unfair. Is a 1/8th Maori with Caucasian features less “Maori” than a 1/32nd Maori with a Samoan father?
        Personally, I would favor an “ALL or NOTHING” + cultural points apprach to the official granting of MAORI status. To qualify, you need to:
        – Pass “the Maori gene” DNA test
        – Hold a Te Reo proficiency Advanced rating (with re-testing every 5 years) at your expense
        – If you have children you are required to teach your children Te Reo to a “Te Reo proficiency Advanced rating” suitable for their age group, and you will have to pay for their testing and assessment.
        – If you do not have children, you will be required to voluntarily teach Te Reo at a local citizen’s group
        – You will be required to spend 50 hours per year on a local marae involved in one of their community programs

        Failure to maintain the required level of Maori proficiency points will result in your loss of your Maori status. After all, if you can’t speak the language, are not teaching it to others, and are not involved in the local Maori community, then how can you consider yourself to be Maori?



  3. Liberals and Maori have been setting up a taxpayer funded apartheid health system for at least 30 years so they already have their Maori health supporting Maori. So have they failed? What is going to change that Maori have not managed in the last 30 years in their racist health units? Huge taxpayer funds need to be increased? Surprise, surprise – follow the money. As Ed says, until Maori have a change of mindset and start with the basics to take responsibility for their own personal health and that of their children. Get their shit together, eat proper food, cut down on alcohol, no drugs so they can work and keep their job. Make sure their kids get an education so their standard of living is taken care of. If you do have an illness see your GP early, take your prescriptions as directed, go to follow-up appointments. Thank the taxpayer.



  4. I am now unable to post replies to some of the maori commenters on FB. I have been continually asking for an answer to my original question. When they said more money is the answer I asked what had happened to the billions going into Whanau ora. No one has answered.
    It looks like they don’t want to find answers, but just bitch and moan.



  5. The Future of Health is for Maori, by Maori – paid for by non Maori.

    Maori need to step up and take responsibility for their own choices. Instead of demanding paternalism from non Maori.

    The hard working Indian diary owner did not make you a fat, pisshead smoker. He should not have to pay your way.



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