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Whilst Hypocritically Insisting That the Public Be Vaccinated

An OIA HNZ00023978 dated 2 August 2023 asked the following question:

“According to the legislation at the time in 2021, there were operational exemptions available for those who were not getting vaccinated against Covid 19. Your website outlines the process of applying for an operating exemption under clause 12a. How many requests were received? How many were approved by the ministry?”

This article is available as a PDF document.

Matt Hannant, Interim Director, Prevention, National Public Health Service, Te Whatu Ora replied:

“From 13 November 2021 to 26 September 2022, a total of 478 applications for Significant Service Disruption exemption (SSD) were received. 103 applications were granted, covering approximately 11,005 workers. Please note that it is not possible to provide the exact number of workers that were covered by SSDs. This is because it was possible for an organisation to submit an application to cover more than one worker.”

So exactly how many Ministry of Health staff and associated contractors benefitted from the vaccine exemptions?

I have made enquiries and found some staff prepared to leak information. One source has told me that 95 consultants in the Dunedin region alone benefitted from vaccine exemptions. Another source has pointed to a group of doctors working in Northland who arranged among themselves to remain unvaccinated. The total appears to run to hundreds and possibly more.

It seems that those granted exemptions were restrained by gag orders. In other words, they could not tell anyone that they had been granted exemptions—it was a secretive process that the Ministry of Health was anxious to hide from the public.

In any case, any doctor advising a patient that mRNA Covid vaccination might be risky faced disciplinary action and many were actually suspended.

So medical staff allowed themselves to be manipulated into a position whereby, if they were unvaccinated themselves, they were still required to advise their patients to vaccinate—a recipe for widespread hypocrisy in the health service.

This process was certainly approved by Dr. Ashley Bloomfield who himself gained considerable notoriety by refusing vaccine exemptions to those among the public severely injured by their first jab, insisting that they continue with a vaccination schedule. Given Dr. Bloomfield’s close working relationship with Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins it is quite likely they were both aware of the process and approved it. The opposition leaders were also likely kept in the loop.

The criteria for granting exemptions apparently entailed an assessment concerning how vital staff were to the working of the health service. In other words, senior figures and those holding key surgical positions could actually insist they remain unvaccinated and continue to be allowed to work. Whilst unvaccinated nurses for example could not gain exemptions and lost their positions.

If senior staff who wished to remain unvaccinated had spoken out publicly, the issue of Covid vaccine safety might have been given a public airing. Instead the Ministry of Health and the government kept a lid on all and any discussion. It did so through liaison with mainstream and social media outlets to censor content and through tight control of staff.

So why did senior medical staff choose to remain unvaccinated?

They may have been aware of a 2019 paper in Frontiers in Oncology Journal entitled Gene Therapy Leaves a Vicious Cycle which reported:

“…gene therapy has been caught in a vicious cycle for nearly two decades owing to immune response, insertional mutagenesis, viral tropism, off-target activity, unwanted clinical outcomes (ranging from illness to death of participants in clinical trials), and patchy regulations.”

Despite this evidence of prior harm and the misgivings of senior medical consultants who were in a position to make a reasoned and evidence-based assessment of risk, you may think that the vaccine was in fact safe and effective. It wasn’t, as subsequent research has demonstrated. Incredibly, against the evidence, the government is still encouraging the public to get vaccinated.

As someone who has analysed social data over the last fifty years, I do sympathise with the doctors who opted for caution. That would be a normal reaction to new medications. It takes years to assess safety. So how unsafe is the mRNA Covid vaccine? Extremely unsafe.

The 2023 excess death data across OECD nations.

The top most highly Covid vaccinated nations in the OECD are in order Portugal, Chile, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Spain and Australia. Their average percentage of the population vaccinated is 91%. Their average rate of excess deaths so far in 2023 is 12% above the five year historical average.

The least Covid vaccinated nations in the OECD are Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland. Their average percentage of the population vaccinated is just 63%. Their average rate of excess deaths so far in 2023 is 0% compared to the five year historical average. In other words, they have averaged a normal death rate.

Anyone who suggests that the death rate among the unvaccinated is higher than the vaccinated is running against the tide of evidence. This view doesn’t fit with the international data.

The standard way to resolve this inconsistency would be to refer to prospective studies which assemble two groups, vaccinate one group and leave the other matched group unvaccinated and measure what happens over a significantly long period. In the normal course of vaccine approval this would have been done for around ten years prior to approval. No one has done this.

In the Pfizer trial the unvaccinated control group were all vaccinated after a few months ensuring that long term comparative outcomes are unavailable. In any case, during those few months more people died in the vaccine group than the unvaccinated control group. There are also many studies now published differentiating the outcomes of the vaccinated and unvaccinated that we have reported including journal citations.

So just how concerning is the excess death problem?

According to the OECD there were 1.2 million excess deaths in 2022 among their member countries which had a combined population of 1.2 billion. A rate of one excess death in every 1,000.

Now it is becoming accepted that both Covid and Covid vaccination began their lives in a biotech lab, it doesn’t seem to much matter what proportion of excess deaths are due to Covid and what to Covid vaccination, but for the record in 2022 there were approximately 200,000 deaths with Covid in the OECD. In summary, OECD excess deaths not attributable to Covid were one million in 2022 alone. This probably extends to a few millions worldwide, about the same as the annual deaths during World War one.

You can see why it is so important for those involved in creating Covid policy and enforcing mandates (which includes all of the currently elected 120 politicians) to make sure that everyone continues to believe that more unvaccinated die than vaccinated because otherwise their narrative that Covid policy is saving millions of lives falls completely apart.

In this light we can now assess the motivations of those still poking fun at the vaccine injured or accusing the vaccine hesitant of seeking to undermine the government. The Disinformation Project for example, funded by the Prime Minister’s Office, who, in common with many politicians, have described vaccine injury as a conspiracy theory. They are trying to hide their own mistakes which have undermined the health of the nation.

For the last couple of years the Hatchard Report has had a simple lament “no one in authority seems prepared to ask why excess deaths are occurring at an unprecedented rate”. Deaths are in fact a very stable staple of life. In a normal year there are no excess deaths. Insurance actuaries spend their lives calculating how many of us will die and when with great accuracy. They set life insurance premiums accordingly. Right now, actuaries must be having some sleepless nights because something has gone terribly wrong that has not happened at any other time during the last 100 years outside of war and conflict zones.

A great many people are falling sick and dying, when they should be alive and well.

The Ministry of Health has been hiding these disturbing facts while quietly and hypocritically acknowledging their staff have a right to avoid these risks. They have not just gaslighted the public, they have recklessly put their lives at great risk. This has broken families and communities, pitting one against another. It has caused tragedies affecting families across the nation, while the Ministry of Health and the government are going through tortuous and secret processes in order to conceal what is happening. Moreover they have plans to continue to roll out more experimental vaccines.


  1. While NZ is still pretending the vax is the only option for preventing death and sickness overseas doctors have recognised the vax was toxic and has left many victims with dreadful effects. Doctors are finding ways to help those vax damaged patients.

    When will NZ acknowledge this truth?

    The COVID Clots:
    Dr Jordan Vaugh successfully treating vax injuries.

    Full Measure host Sharyl Attkisson is joined by a panel of experts to discuss emerging research and treatments related to COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines.



    • Though a little bit long, well worth it, as it is interesting to see how those Doctor’s views ranged & balanced up in good discussion, in how they developed their knowledge, found certain information, & weighed it up from their own experience, & shared with others.

      Though they never said, it sounds like or similar to a blood test of the D-dimer test for that was talked about by some Canadian Doctors, a few years ago, that were suppressed & censured.

      Also to note how Ivermectin was working as a treatment in some-ways as I noted a few years ago an Israeli Doctor found it alleviated his long covid symptoms & wished he had started on Ivermectin in the early stages.

      These Doctors treat medicine as an art, to weigh up & consider.
      Unlike the Public Health officials that are formulaic, that we can now see follows power & control, with a trough load of $money.



  2. The Covid vaxxes being an experimental phase 3 trial, under an EUA, because other First & Early Treatments are not allowed, under pain of State pushed de-registration of Doctors & Chemists.

    1. A Nordic study of 23 million people found that for young men ages 16 to 24, post-vaccination myocarditis rates were six to 28 times higher than myocarditis rates after COVID infection

    2. A 196,992 person large cohort study in Israel concluded that “We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection”

    3. Le Vu et al. found that “the risk of myocarditis after mRNA vaccination was 8 times greater than unvaccinated controls for BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech)”

    4. Nakahara et al. in “Assessment of Myocardial 18F-FDG Uptake at PET/CT in Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2-vaccinated and Nonvaccinated Patients” concluded that “Compared to nonvaccinated patients, asymptomatic patients who received their 2nd vaccination 1-180 days prior to imaging showed increased myocardial FDG uptake on PET/CT”. This study is important because it doesn’t rely on patients reporting symptoms but instead discovers via cardiac imaging that all ‘vaccine’ recipients had some level of sub-clinical cardiac damage.

    5. This is the most comprehensive chronology of the relationship between the experimental genetic injections and myocardial damage that I’ve encountered: Timeline: COVID-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis. A long read.



  3. “From 13 November 2021 to 26 September 2022, a total of 478 applications for Significant Service Disruption exemption (SSD) were received. 103 applications were granted, covering approximately 11,005 workers.”

    103 applications granted.
    11,005 exempted.

    [1] From my understanding, exemptions were to be a case by case basis, and specifically to do with for medical reasons.

    [2] When Bloomfield said exemptions were rare and there were only about 100 possible exemptions, everyone assumed that that was 100 (103) people, not 11,005 people (or however many that covered – 50,000?). Bloomfield lied.

    [3] I can make an educated guess that the exemptions went to people Labour selected as important their cause. Clearly it was not police or army. The 103 organisations behind those applications, and the person(s) applying should be made public.

    [4] If those 11,005 were exempted, they also could not have been deemed an infection threat, so not front line, or public facing, yet fitting into the Significant Service Disruption exemption (SSD). And we know police and armed forces were not exempt.

    [5] If said exemptions were part of potential Significant Service Disruption exemption, why would an exemption be granted if the vaccine was safe and effective? There would be no Significant Service Disruption for simply getting a vaccine.

    [6] There would however be a Significant Service Disruption if the jab left people critical, dead or disabled. So with a 99% surety, the stooges knew there were side effects. Either that or the 11,005 – 50,000 were not human, or human-alien hybrids. Some of our politicians are definitely not human, for they have no human empathy, and lies continuously roll off their forked tongues.

    On top of the Covid response inquiry, there has to be a massive inquiry into the vaccine exemptions.



  4. If the result is death then its a crime against humanity, obviously the UN are in this balls deep, we are gonna have to seek our own redress, if the result is mass death then the sentence must be death.



  5. No matter the bad results of the vax they are still pushing its use

    Vaccine Inventor REFUSES New Covid Booster!

    The Jimmy Dore Show

    Paul Offit, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who sits on FDA’s own vaccine advisory group, has strongly opposed the broad recommendation for previous boosters and says it makes even less sense now. Offit did not receive the bivalent booster himself and doesn’t plan to get the new one.



  6. Posted late last night but may be better value reposting here.

    Good to question Iaasb.
    The bureaucracy always looks after itself in the wording to be deliberately ambiguous & also to be very limited,
    Even to seem to open up rabbit holes or squirrels over there but bottom line, they protect their arses.

    Just like the Mt Erebus Inquiry, that became so political, & then find out it was AirNZ itself that gave the wrong co-ordinates to the pilot.
    In the meantime AirNZ kept fighting throughout, that it was all pilot error, while so kindly helping the reasons why it must have been so.

    Based off this link

    I can see the dilemma, but with having allowed/created 103 applications for 11005 workers which seems to be in a bulk numbers, where some of those workers then had the choice to take up the vaxx?
    Like about 100 workers per application.
    Who put those applications for that average number of 100 ?

    Was it just the people in health?
    Though we know the police, the army & teachers were never grouped up like that.

    Also noting what is this Significant Service Disruption SSD?
    How did that come about, to be done in one application?
    How did they know there was a SSD if workers took the vaxx?
    So would it in part be so that some workers of their own choice decided to get vaxxed up anyway? despite maybe knowing or not knowing there was this form of exemption.

    The other part is this sort of a more time extension, to allow the vaxx by date to be extended.
    Or was it that a supposed critical service would have closed down or so hampered that normal people would have become aware of major problems in people refusing the vaxx? so the application for exemptions was granted just to quieten things down.

    Possibly key personnel were enough in number, that if their jobs were terminated as unvaxxed to wipe out a whole team.
    Like a few intensive care nurses, refusing to be vaxxed so then a whole surgery team or more would need to be stepped down.

    Still with out getting carried away, the systemic public health system in so many ways seems to have a stink.
    The difficulty in part, we know something is rotten, but at the same time, no one wants to look.
    Sort of difficult to put a finger on it, and becomes very putrid when one tries to follow their nose.
    But now again the wind swings around and brings another disgusting waft, that hits the senses again.



  7. A follow up on the initial Hatchard Report.

    So the MOH wanted to make the point that other than a few dissidents all were in Solidarity with the vaccines. That exerts a lot of pressure on the remainder that all was ok with the EUA experimental phase 3 vaxxes.

    …… Previous mainstream media coverage accessible to the public has only reported that a total of 81 vaccine exemptions (not the actual 11,005) were granted to Ministry of Health staff.

    This completely misleading media coverage gave the impression that Ministry of Health staff had almost to a person willingly taken the mRNA vaccine with the exception of 2,400 workers who euphemistically ‘left their jobs’ as a result of mandates.
    A far smaller number than the 11,005 medical personnel and administrators who secretly received vaccine exemptions and retained their jobs in the health service despite being unvaccinated. ……


    This would give the impression that the vaxxes were on that sliding scale of “safe & effective” as that would seem to be a peer reviewed & ok by the systemic Health System, the cursed Whata Ora.

    Sadly all the current Parliamentary Parties are in lock step with this, and seem set to stymie even an wide ranging Commission of Inquiry into the handling of Covid.

    While in the meantime it would seem though unsaid, they will forge ahead to signing all New Zealanders up to the binding WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.
    That will be further cementing in of white washing by the Commission of Inquiry.



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