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The Loony Left And Our Own Woke Right Are At It Again




After dropping polar bears because their populations are actually booming, loony leftists now claim penguins are gay and being killed by the climate

Now that climate apologists have lost their cherished polar bear mascot, they’re scurrying in favour of another icon that supposedly supports the global warming conspiracy theory: gay penguins.

No, penguins aren’t actually homosexual. And no, penguins aren’t dying because of climate change. But this is what the climate-obsessed left is now claiming as part of their next phase of climate propaganda.

In an episode of the third season of Atypical, a Netflix original “coming-of-age” series, creator Robia Rashid tries to make the case that the Magellan penguins of Argentina are dying off en masse because “increased rainfall” is causing them to freeze to death.

Show character Sam, played by Keir Gilchrist, is reportedly assigned in his scientific drawing class to come up with a project about a political issue, to which he chooses the single largest penguin colony in the world.

“It’s a bloodbath,” this Sam character tells his girlfriend Paige about these penguins’ fate. “Normally, baby penguins have a one-in-three chance of survival because of predators, starvation,” to which Paige tries to interject that Sam should discuss “something more sunny” instead.

Sam insists upon talking about “humans and climate change,” explaining to Paige that “thousands” of Magellan penguins are freezing their little feet off, adding that “the odds were already stacked against them and now this.”

It’s typical fear-mongering propaganda aimed at a younger audience, of course, which is meant to not only feel sad for these poor penguins, but also angry at humanity for supposedly destroying them.

The whole thing is even more cringeworthy than the Greta Thunberg phenomenon, and yet this is what passes as “science” in the age of streaming entertainment.

The cults of climate change and LGBTQP are destroying everything

Even worse is how Atypical tries to further indoctrinate viewers into believing that Magellan penguins are somehow gay just because the males band together with one another.

As has already been proven in a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature, penguin banding occurs because these cute little creatures are simply lonely. They’re not sexually attracted to one another, in other words.

But leave it to our modern debased culture to not only get the reason for their population declines wrong, but also their choice in companionship.

In Atypical, this false narrative about gay penguins is extrapolated onto the lesbian relationship of Paige’s sister Casey, which is an obvious propaganda ploy aimed at indoctrinating child viewers into believing that homosexuality is a “natural” part of the animal kingdom, and is thus natural for humans, too.

“Sam’s 16-year-old sister must, of course, be sexually attracted to her female friend because same-sex friendships are constantly sexualized in entertainment nowadays,” writes Elise Ehrhard for Newsbusters, pointing out how mainstream American media has no concept of what it means to have a platonic relationship.

“I feel bad for young people in this era who have to navigate such a hyper-sexualized culture in terms of both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships,” Ehrhard adds.

Some of this might be funny were it not a quintessential example of how the cults of climate change and LGBTQP are destroying children’s minds with lies and fiction. Man-made climate change is fake, and so it the idea that penguins are rainbow flag-donning pride marchers.

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  1. These loons still have alot to learn.

    Nobody has yet managed to beat mother nature at her own game, NOBODY.

    And anybody who believes that they have any chance of beating her should be committed !



  2. ……”are somehow gay just because the males band together with one another.”……

    Dear God! Imagine their reaction if they’d wandered into a rugby club* or public bar in the NZ of 6 o’clock closing.

    * For our younger readers. In mid 20th century NZ, men used to play rugby as it was the only way they could experience close physical contact with another human being.



    • You are showing your age there nasska. I remember being about 11 or 12 and watching 2 women fighting like cats outside the Kaikohe Hotel just after closing time at 6.pm. the language was not what a lady would use. I was introduced to swearing at a very early age.



      • The 6 o’clock swill ended in 1967 when I would have been 18yo Ed. My boss at the time reckoned if you could do a man’s work you could have a man’s drink afterwards. Fortunately for me the town’s cop & publican saw things about the same way.



  3. I am not sure the title of this article is correct.
    After the vote in the NZ Parliament this week I think there are plenty of loony’s supposedly on the centre right , on the climate issue.



  4. Don’t penguins have surrogates and adoptions so same sex couples can fulfil their right to be parents? Report those bigots to the UN immediately.



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