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The Plandemic Unravels




The Plandemic unravels

Gates planned it. Here’s proof:


The EU Commission 🇪🇺 should immediately terminate contracts for new doses of fake #vaccines against #COVID19 and demand the return of the 2.5 billion euros paid so far.

Everyone who lied that #vaccines prevent the spread of the virus must be held accountable. pic.twitter.com/zyl2pHleKm

WTF is this?

Democrat Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig: “I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!” pic.twitter.com/TKxXhJsepf

Endless doctors & scientists (the ones brave enough to speak 🗣 out publicly) have come to the same conclusion! I think it’s time to put an end to the false scamdemic and plandemic! Stop 🛑 following the absurd unlawful lock down directives!

Stop getting tested! Stop with the face diaper/muzzle! Stop using toxic sanitation products that are harmful! Stop closing your business! Go where you want, do what you want, when you want with who you want!

The Platform and Shaun are also complicit in comments like this fuckwit Morgan. No amount of groveling and changing their stance now the truth is coming out, will change my opinions of them.



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  1. That lot have no shame nor humility. Haven’t seen one resign telling that they were wrong.
    Then again we haven’t seen one die from the jab, tell us they were harmed by the jab, tell us of any of their close family that were harmed or died from the jab.
    We have to wonder why they escaped the consequences of having the jab.

    When all the Maori start dieing will we see Willy and Tamahere and Henare and so on tell us it was because of colonialism or fess up and say they essentially forced their people (not ours of course), to get the jab by promising lollies and KFC to compromise their lives?

    Will any of them apologise in any way to all those that were forced out of their work and ocupations with bullying of the worst kind, despite the knowledge that Phizer was as corrupt as Ukraine?

    Has anyone of them got any concept of the consequences of their attitudes and behaviours since 2020?
    I doubt that any of them have the mental capacity to even begin thinking that out.

    Has anyone of them considered the financial consequences for our country and other countries that we trade with or do they just think printing money will fix it?

    Its interesting that many of the Maori I know refused to get jabbed. It is a cultural thing and it leaves me wondering how many of the Maori MP’s actually did get the real jab. You will recall that there was one lady ACT MP that help out until Trev essentially forced he to do so. Big tough Trev the bully with no brains.

    Time is going to tell. Will the worlds population shrink?
    Of course us anti jabbers (as opposed to anti-vaxers), have a bright future without all the dumb arse non-thinkers but sadly also with some of our mates who had their lives fucked up by the jabbers.



  2. An interesting very wide & in depth take of the levers the government uses by “A MidWestern Doctor”
    ….. The history behind “Herd Immunity” helps to explain why each of our officials lied to us when marketing the vaccines. ….
    ….. Pfizer executive in front of EU’s parliament that the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission was never tested.
    ….. this lack of testing was abundantly clear to the scientific community, and except for a few brave voices like Peter Doshi, this issue was swept under the rug.
    This silence from the scientific community allowed authorities around the world like Fauci (as shown above) to claim COVID-19 vaccination would prevent transmission and thus galvanize the population against anyone who was not vaccinated: ….
    …. in propaganda is moving goalposts, as the target ultimately being aimed for is something the public would initially never agree upon. ….
    •A “need” for Big Tech to curate information at the end of the Obama administration.
    •Introducing the concept of “misinformation.”
    •Creating the illusion of an epidemic of “misinformation.”
    •Mass censorship of anything arbitrarily deemed misinformation.
    •Doctors being forbidden from sharing ‘misinformation’ with their patients.
    •Misinformation being declared a weapon of war by New Zealand’s prime minister at the UN.
    •Governments criminalizing the dissemination of “misinformation.” …..

    (Once there, then refresh & then it runs right)
    Covers many issues of how the scam has been perpetuated, like how the modeller’s set up and scam the formulas used to push shit.



  3. One of the saddest things I have had to witness – my 20 ish grand niece on December 5th crying as she was forced to go to be vaccinated in order to retain her Riccarton Mall Beauty Salon position, having moved back down there from Nelson after having to shut down her newly established set up business in Nelson due to the vaccination restrictions.
    Ironically my brother was also present, who was to die less than a month later due to complications arising from his double vaccination.



    • Hooker Phil, that sucks. In my household my 18 year had to get vax to go into the halls of residence this year. She did not want it and did not need it.
      By the 3rd week in the halls she had covid anyway.
      In my work, the management did a BS health and safety consultation about making the work environment a vax only works environment. I didn’t want it and at 47, didn’t have any factors that warranted it. I had arguments with some fellow workers about my stance that mandated vax was not needed. In the end I got the vax so I could go back into the office, but I was facing the prospect of being potentially terminated. Everything I said about it turned out correct. More power to those staff at my work that refused the vax all the way through.



  4. It is a travesty of justice, I have never been to so many funerals. OK I am in my 70s and I guess friends do die around this time, but this is pretty ridiculous. It does make one wonder if any MPs got jabbed with the real thing or just water to ensure that they lived their lives. I am so sorry that your brother died from the jab HP, its a sad time in our lives. Does anyone think that the Groundswell protest today will make any difference to the government position on farming???????



  5. I hope employers who forced 💉 on employees are quaking in their boots at financial restitution for health issues caused. What say you Tv3 with Bernadine on long term sick leave with Bells Palsy?!



  6. I was listening to Shaun and Professor Drs Gorman.

    Nothing to see here apparently other than our inhumanity to our fellow man and woman. Leaving our elderly to die alone and birthing mothers without their partners.

    No probs with the vaxx apparently.



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