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The PM, the Doctor and the lies.




The lying continues. The PM told us last night that we had been free of community transmission of Covid-19 for 102 days. That is a blatant lie.

For them to now put Auckland into level 3 lockdown, they must have known at least 14 or more days ago that there was a problem. Testing would have been done and the infection picked up then. Why is it only now they want to tell us?

Where did it come from? The PM says they don’t know but can rule out cross border travel. How does she know that? Given it has to have been at least two weeks that they have sat on this information, why bring more travellers into Auckland


Yesterday a plane arrived in Auckland from Melbourne. The epicentre of the worst contamination in Australia. Who okayed that flight? Who was on it? Why did they not refuse to allow that flight to land?

As the days go by, the economy will once again be thrown into turmoil, the panic buying will have already started, and the PM will once again be seen at the daily 1pm briefing.

How they expect us to believe them now is the question.


  1. There is no way she didn’t know. Obvious that something was up last week with adverts and talk of mask wearing. I stocked the pantry at the weekend just in case. She denied community transmission on Monday with Hosking and no need for her to take a test. The Nats were right that we weren’t being told everything. Hope the media will hold them to account but not holding my breath as they are mainly Labour luvvies.



    • Yes, the big question is how long has the COL being trying to deceive us? Was yesterday the point of no return? As in they could no longer hide the truth?

      As has been pointed out: get PPE masks, then the need to ramp up testing, then the very public CCP flu test of Dr. Bloomfield. Add to that there’s the 14 day incubation period, then only going into lockdown for three days. It just doesn’t add up.

      Sadly, I’m as surprised to learn about community transmission as I would be to discover the Pope is Catholic. It’s been quite plain for over a week now that the government has been lying.



    • I have been wondering what the delusional would be saying to defend Cindy Bin Lying on my Facebook feed. Blissful silence. I am amazed. About the only attack is on people in Auckland doing panic buying.

      Normally they’d rush to defend the Mad Queen; perhaps they haven’t been programmed with the right response yet, but so far, it does not appear to be a winning election strategy for Leftards.



      • Well the moronic masses in mt roskill have not been listening to their supreme leader then – the roads are chaotic and road rage worse than any Christmas Eve. Long queues to the new world supermarket and you take your life into your own hands trying to park … maccas was also insane and kids everywhere … not many masks though .. PANIC +++



  2. Why was this close down “inevitable”? The only possible source of this outbreak is that it has come across our border which we have all known has been leaking like a sieve from the ineptness that has been the whole saga. The border control and quarantine has been a cock-up from the top down. Ardern, this is your mess and you have landed us right in it. Nobody else but your government had the chance to demand border control and quarantine was tighter than tight. Instead we have daily heard of ineptness leading to security holes and breaches. This is a total and fucking FAIL so now because of you the country is going backwards into lockdown and testing. FUCK YOU ARDERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Well said Waikatogirl…. The question is will the Arderne Adoration Club now start to lose members? I opined a few days ago that I cynically hoped the virus would come back as it would show the govt up to be incompetent. I wasn’t expecting that to actually happen, but lets hope voters will now see the total incomptence of this bunch. And as for that Cunt Hipkins…..



      • So far, if my FB feed is anything to go by, they’ve got nothing…the NPCs haven’t got their programming sorted from Frazer House yet.

        The closest is it couldn’t have been kept silent for days which is bovine scatology. I’ve worked in the public service before. In the main, they’ll obey directives from the top, and even if they do leak to the media, the media have to be interested in the story; if the media isn’t interested, it doesn’t appear.



  3. I can’t think of a worse super-spreader family than a large Polynesian one in South Auckland. All that huggy-huggy church-going stuff. Kids at school. Having symptoms for 5 days and not self-isolating. If anyone can spread the virus, these guys will.

    This 72-hour lockdown will give the authorities a window to do a batch of tests. I believe it highly likely that the lockdown will be extended for a standard coronavirus incubation cycle of about 14 days (plus an extra week for overlap), making 21 days. The announcement will come late tomorrow night or on Friday morning.

    Look at the chart on the right titled Tested Positive By Age (third row down, on the right) in
    So few deaths among people under 60. And even in the 60s group, only 1 death per around 25 positives (and no data about the co-morbidities of those in this group who died, such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, etc.). Granted, the death risk for the elderly is high, but so it is for the annual flu.

    Let’s follow Japan or Sweden’s example. This bug is just a nasty flu. It is, however, a wonderful opportunity for those who love power and control.

    We won’t get out of this until the daffodils are blooming at the Auckland War Memorial Museum grounds, if we are lucky!



  4. Why is the restriction in Auckland only for 3 days? It would make sense to me if they either did it for 14 days or not at all.

    I listened to Hipkins this morning –he is better at lying than Ardern but he still lies.

    Hoskings mentioned the flu jab shortage and Hipkins said that was unbalanced reporting at the time and it was just a distribution issue. That makes it worse Chippy –doctors were without stock for weeks and so that means you idiots could not even organise some couriers. You are talking absolute BS.

    Apparently when they made the announcement last night a reporter asked about the election timing and Ardern said she was not thinking of the election, just dealing with Covid. She can’t multi task then, or what was she doing in Wanganui yesterday –going for a coffee?

    How are NZ’s stock of HQC + zinc. Time to get serious —give it to all health care workers, all aged care residents and all workers at the international airports and flight crews. If the Government is not prepared to take precautionary measures like this, they need to move aside and let some adults do the job.



  5. saw this ” So Jacinda Ardernis still showing the same traits of being a stranger to the truth and if it hadn’t had been for a Journalist being leaked information on the case of the four people that have test positive for COVID-19 we would not have had the details released last night. Jacinda is politically corrupt and will stop at nothing to retain power”

    What journalist leak?
    Anyone have any more on this.



    • That would be nice. I saw on my FB feed last night that one of the Leftards thought this would backfire on Liarbour badly. So far, I’ve not seen any mounted defense of the Mad Queen. They may just be worried (right now). I can only hope.



      • Interesting, still nothing really.

        There’s the typical strawman of attacking the non-argument of some people who think the CCP flu is a hoax and conflating it to anyone who disagrees with them.

        There’s some outrage with ‘reporters’ daring to question Saints Ardern and Bloomfield (and I’m not joking with the language).

        Other than that, nothing.



  6. Police to set up nine road checkpoints around Auckland when city moves to Alert Level 3

    “We will be stopping vehicles and questioning drivers, but as has been our approach through the Covid-19 response, our first focus will be on educating people and ensuring they are aware of the new restrictions.”

    “The checkpoints will be similar to the operations conducted ahead of the long weekends during the national Alert Level 3.



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