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The Problem with Lies




The Problem with Lies

By Jim Gammon

Nowadays, we have a plethora of lies that are told knowingly and openly and without shame.

• “Genocide” is defined as the systematic extermination of a race. Either Israel is really bad at it, or it is in a war against Hamas, not committing genocide against Palestinians. 10-20,000 civilian deaths is terrible in human terms. But with two million Gaza residents and about 20,000 killed, including Hamas? Poorly done genocide.

The real problem in the Middle East? Jews refused to convert to Islam. The same is true of the nomads, Druze and Christians. Prominent Muslim leaders demand non-Muslims to either convert, subdue, or die. It isn’t only about Jews, you are just as evil for not converting to Islam. Don’t think you’re excused because you have an open heart, even people from the wrong form of Islam (Sunni/Shia/Ibadi/Ahmadiyya/Sufism) are just as evil as Jews, to most Muslim leaders.

• Our media is free, fair and impartial. Okay, stop laughing. When Peter Jennings said that 90% of the media is left wing, including him, you should have believed him. If you wish to believe they don’t tilt the news to the Left, wake up. The examples are enormous. Just one? President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder cooked up a plan to force U.S. gun sellers to provide guns to Mexican criminals, so that they could blame the NRA and gun owners. They were caught red-handed and then stonewalled the investigation. Holder refused to even testify. He had every chance to disprove the facts, he declined and the media dropped the subject.

• Consider Jeffery Epstein. We can assume that he was running a blackmail scheme on all sorts of prominent people. He may have done it with cooperation from government, at some level. He was guilty as hell and the wheels came off when they simply could no longer cover it up. No one (or few) in the mainstream media are demanding the client list be made public, so apparently some pedophiles are too important to be “under the law.” They can release some names, but rest assured that 90% of the list and the content of the videos will never be known. Proof? How many of his employees have testified in front of Congress?

• Another example is that we are led to believe America is a major polluter. We supposedly waste power, spew CO2 and pollution more than anyone — we are the biggest environmental problem in the world. There is zero evidence to support this. We’ve done far more than most anyone to reduce pollution and energy waste. India and China are far greater polluters and do not have to do anything to reduce their pollution or energy waste. I stood on a main street in Lahore, Pakistan several years ago and watched the traffic. A cloud of pollution, smoke, and dust traveled with traffic. The cloud moved with traffic, in two directions, depending on which lane. I have a friend who saw the same thing in China. They are building coal-burning power plants by the score. America is responsible for a small portion of energy waste and pollution.

• America is not fair to poor countries and that is why they remain poor. That anyone believes this is discouraging, as the evidence is quite the opposite. There is no limit on success. Poor countries are not poor because we aren’t. They are poor because the people are not allowed economic freedom. The simple fact is that capitalism and free enterprise are the natural way. All of life succeeds on merit. We seem to think nature is wrong. But when your child needs an operation, do you seek out a doctor who graduated in the bottom of his class and has a poor record? Of course not. You want the best you can get and if the child is injured, the doctor is taken off the job. This causes poor doctors to not do as many surgeries on sick kids.

Free enterprise is merit-based success and a form of natural evolution. A society that ignores merit for other goals becomes stagnant. Look at most Islamic countries today. Name a major international business or technology based in a Muslim country.

Nature doesn’t favor little fish over big fish. Nature allows the natural balance to cause the little fish to evolve ways to improve themselves to counter the predation of big fish.  Balance is natural, imbalance is unstable.

People are not fish, but we respond better to opportunity than to a police state. There is no limit on success, everyone can be successful, no one has to lose. They may have to change tactics or require assistance if they are handicapped in some way. But if you can work, you can achieve in a free society.

Government is there to keep things safe, not to guide and control society. But the people in charge have to allow the natural order to work by way of the success of better ideas — nothing succeeds like success.

Our biggest problem today is the guilt of people who know that that did not earn their cushy lives. These people think that they need to help poor people by giving them money. But that makes the problem worse. Mom and Dad may have worked hard to get their kid a great education, but the kid is told he doesn’t deserve it. The professors and elites running colleges feel guilty for having what they didn’t earn and think the solution is to give your money to the less fortunate in other countries who weren’t given the opportunity to earn it.

The irony is exquisite.

People need to deserve their success. It is human dignity we are talking about here. They need fair opportunity to be proud of their efforts. Give people in poorer countries fairness and freedom to succeed.

This isn’t advanced physics, rocket science or brain surgery, it is obvious, common sense.

Western civilization is the solution that works. China was in deep stagnation until they adopted some free enterprise. Look at Japan. After WW II, they embraced free enterprise and excelled. Look at Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan, grossly more successful than their unenlightened counterparts. America isn’t better due to race or any human condition, we are successful, as is Western Europe and Japan, due to providing our citizens with freedom and better opportunity.

America needs to stop accepting guilt for the failure of bad ideas, not embrace worse ones. Socialism and government plans for society have never worked. We aren’t smarter than Mother Nature. There is not a single example of a dictatorial society’s success in the world today.

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