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The Real Reason Vaccines Are Being Pushed So Hard




The Real Reason Vaccines Are Being Pushed So Hard

J. D. Rucker

When writing an opinion piece with a “reveal,” it behooves authors to build up to their climax in which they announce their profound findings in or near their article’s conclusion. In this case, I’m supposed to set up my “reveal” of the real reason they’re pushing vaccines so hard. I’m choosing to explain what it is first, then I will demonstrate why this is not only true but also ludicrous and very concerning.

The answer is annoyingly simple on the surface, but when we dig into the motives of those who are actually in power over this situation, we realize just how complex it all is. They — government et al — are pushing the Covid-19 vaccines with everything they have because they’re being told to do so. See, simple. Of course, the first question that people will ask is “Who is telling them to do it?” The second question would be “Why?” And that’s where it all gets complicated.

How They Control The Narrative

First, we have to understand the hierarchy of powers so we can grasp the flow of information. The powers-that-be — which is not necessarily the various governments — did not contact every politician, doctor, journalist, professor, and Big Tech censor and say, “Push the vaccines you guys.” They set the agenda from the very top and trickled it down using various means of control over the perceived powers in government, healthcare, and information dissemination.

These different means of control are usually embodied by the insider- or expert-information bestowed on the recipient.

For example, simpleton leaders in government and media were sold on the notion that the vaccines will bring an end to Covid-19. This is ludicrous on every level because the powers-that-be have known from the start that these aren’t really vaccines. They won’t eliminate Covid-19 like actual vaccines virtually eliminated Polio. At best, these injections stave off certain variants of Covid-19 by forcing the body to unnaturally create antibodies.

Without getting too scientific, the “natural” way to get the body to create antibodies through vaccines is to use a dead or weakened version of the virus that the body can easily fight off, at which point it will produce antibodies that protect against future infections. Over time, fewer infected people means fewer people can get infected and diseases like the measles become rare.

The “unnatural” method used by the mRNA and spike-protein injections known as Covid-19 “vaccines” does not use weakened or dead versions of the coronavirus. They take an experimental approach to “trick” the body into thinking it needs to create antibodies. This experimental approach has proven to be disastrous in the past, but those invested into it have persisted for nearly two decades to try to perfect the techniques.

Contrary to popular belief and propaganda, Big Pharma did not suddenly find the solution that has been elusive all this time right when Covid-19 hit. They took what they had which had been marginally successful — or at least less dangerous — and sold it as “completed” science. It’s not even close and based on what many medical researchers have said in the past, it may not be possible for these techniques to ever work properly.

If politicians and media were gullible to the notion of eliminating Covid-19, doctors and academia were not. They couldn’t be sold on the same notion so other techniques had to be employed. Let’s look at medical professionals first. Most of the folks at the top were bought off. It’s that simple. They were offered a piece of the Big Pharm windfall that has manifested through the “vaccines” and they took it. Those who were hesitant to take their piece were bullied or blackmailed.

They were told the vaccines weren’t perfect but they were better than nothing, so it’s not like these leaders in healthcare were bribed to do something they didn’t believe in. They were incentivized to make vaccinating the masses a top priority, which meant making sure the medical professionals under them all played ball.

Keep in mind, the vast majority of leaders in the medical arena as well as doctors and nurses are pro-vaccine anyway. It’s not like they had to get their arms twisted into accepting this. The people at the top were bought off to make sure they suppressed questions from pesky doctors and nurses who were skeptical. They were bought off to make absolutely certain hesitancy from medical professionals and therefore their patients was completely quashed.

And anyone in the field who dares to question the vaccine narrative must be branded as medical heretics and excommunicated from the profession.

The way they got the healthcare industry to comply really isn’t all that nefarious. Doctors were told to do what doctors normally do. They were just told to keep their questions to themselves. But in the world of academia, the selling points are quite nefarious. One might even say the powers-that-be appealed to the inherent Neo-Marxist leanings within the education industry to make sure they pushed out the right message.

The quiet part that is rarely spoken out loud in our education system from top to bottom is that the vast majority of leaders and even teachers are authoritarians who lean towards totalitarianism whenever it suits them. They want absolute order and control within a post-truth society in which the technocratic elites determine what is real and what is anathema. They look down on others; they’re the glue that hold’s an ungrateful world together, at least in their own minds.

The last group being told to push vaccines to the masses are the corporate “elites” who do not realize they’re also just pawns. These are the Big Tech tyrants, Big Pharma billionaires, government powerbrokers, and Hollywood’s “Illuminati.” Sadly, these are the people who think they’re at the top of the food chain (and, granted, a small handful of them are) but they’re really just high enough to know most of the plan without being high enough to know there’s a greater power driving it all.

I know, this is where it starts to sound truly conspiratorial, so if you must put on your tinfoil hats to continue, I’ll wait.

These members of the oligarchy, or what they perceive to be the oligarchy, have been granted seats at a very exclusive table that gives them certain privileges. First and foremost, it allows them to be privy to some of the machinations of the true elite, though not all. This information and exclusivity is the driving force behind the messages they put out.

To stay in the club, they must play ball. But like the medical leaders who are naturally inclined to embrace vaccines, so too are these leaders inclined to accept agendas such as “The Great Reset,” depopulation, and perpetual totalitarianism. There’s no twisting of these particular arms necessary for them to willingly enact the nefarious agendas.

What makes this group the saddest of them all is that they believe they are in control over vast empires when in reality they are the lowest, most easily manipulated pawns of the powers-that-be. They’re vessels, nothing more, and they can be replaced the moment they get out of line, which they never do.

They are so beholden to simply being in the group that if they’re told to sacrifice a family member to stay in, they willingly do it.

Who Is Behind It All?

There’s a dichotomy between those who believe we are in or near the Biblical end times and those who either do not think those times are here or do not believe in the Bible. Believers look at what’s happening in the world and attribute the forced chaos to enemies of God, whether that enemy manifests as Satan, Lucifer, the Antichrist, or Principalities and Powers.

Those who do not think this is Biblical prophecy unfolding before our eyes attribute it any of the standard boogeymen from conspiracy theories, whether it’s the New World Order, the United Nations, the Chinese Communist Party, the World Economic Forum, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Russia, Freemasons, aliens, or a combination of any of them.

As a believer, I’m in the first camp, but it really doesn’t make a ton of difference which theory one accepts at this stage. As long as we recognize the forces arrayed against us are extremely powerful beyond anything that we as individuals can face alone, then we’re on the same basic path.

That path narrows the closer we get to the end and I always ask people to turn to the Bible for answers on these situations and, well, everything else. But for now, recognition that we are being targeted by a powerful cabal is enough to get us working together to stop them.

Keep in mind that being a believer and realizing there are dark forces leading our enemies does not preclude the involvement of any of the aforementioned boogeymen. Are Soros, Gates, and Schwab working on behalf of the Biblical Adversary? Whether they realize it or not, they likely are. In my mind I don’t see Satan calling up Mark Zuckerberg and saying, “Hey, let’s push vaccines!” It wouldn’t necessarily surprise me, but I suspect there are demonic proxies working as intermediaries for the Adversary.

It’s important that we understand that this is not just a bunch of people in government and industries coming together to push a false narrative about mass vaccination. The coordination and absolute dedication to the agenda to supposedly fight a disease with a 99.93 percent recovery rate for anyone other than the elderly and vulnerable tells us that their goals are coming from a higher evil.

Now, the question comes down to what it is that they want.

What Are Their Goals?

InfoWars put out an excellent video detailing “The Ten Stages of Genocide.” The similarities between what is happening around us today and what InfoWars believes is going to happen in the near future are eye-opening.

Biblical prophecy buffs should believe we may be seeing the ushering in of the one world government and the reign of the Antichrist. Conspiracy theory buffs should see this as depopulation among the common folks and totalitarian control for the elite. Again, these goals are not mutually exclusive. Both take the same basic form in the beginning. The only difference is where it leads to if their agenda is seen all the way through.

Today, it manifests as “The Great Reset.” UncoverDC’s Michelle Edwards did an excellent job compiling information that offers us answers regarding their goals in an article titled, “The Great Reset: COVID-19, Cyberattacks, China & BlackRock.” The article is long but worth the read. Here’s an excerpt:

In 2014, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab called for a “Great Reset”— essentially a “social contract” designed to assign an electronic ID to every human being on earth that will be linked to health records, bank accounts, and all online activity. Through permanent technical surveillance powered by artificial intelligence, the global elite will constantly monitor and control individuals’ “social credit,” possessing the power to dictate every aspect of daily life.

It is already happening in China. Still, despite having access to the wealthiest decision-makers in the world (global enterprises with over five billion dollars in turnover who trek to Davos every year), a fundamental element of Schwab’s plan for the Great Reset was missing—an opportunity that would make sense to the masses.

On Oct. 18, 2019, the WEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise. Less than three months later, the coronavirus pandemic gripped humanity, bringing to life most of the scenarios in October’s training exercise, including a serious public health crisis, social unrest, government lockdowns, unemployment, fake news, the censorship of free speech, public debt, a sharp economic downturn, global economic shutdowns, and the instability of human well-being.

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  1. Warning. Reading this may mark you as an extremist. Proceed with caution.

    “Meanwhile, the number of people having to wait more than 52 weeks to undergo other medical procedures stood at 336,733 in May 2021 – around 13 times the number waiting a year earlier, in May 2020, which was 26,029.

    Do the maths: those in charge of responding to the “threat” of Covid19 have spent the last sixteen months throttling public health services, torpedoing the economy, massacring old people in care homes, issuing curfews, selling masks that are useless, fiddling generic drug trials, locking people out of social intercourse, scaring everyone unnecessarily, using a Covid test now dismissed by Fauci as “useless”, and hardsell marketing experimental vaccines that aren’t vaccines and will need boosters in perpetuity.

    According to FDA figures in the US, these formulations are now easily the most adverse reaction drugs in American history…………, ”




    • When writing an opinion piece with a “reveal,” it behooves authors to build up to their climax in which they announce their profound findings in or near their article’s conclusion

      Is the original site built up out of adds you have to scroll past to get to the conclusion? I read that sentence then scrolled forward to see the conclusion first; read the biblical piece and gave up.



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