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The road to Auschwitz was paved with hate




Posted by Editor, Cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

As an Australian, I have to say it is better to die standing than to live on your knees. Bugger the bureaucrats who make us all jump through their politically correct hoops. I have no delusions of bothering to try to meet their standards, as the goalposts keep shifting. Marie Antoinette was stupid enough to say ‘let them eat cake’ when she was told the people had no bread. These people are so removed from reality that they have no remorse, empathy, or shame. May the cold blade of justice hack their heads off just as mercilessly as they have been prepared to gamble with our lives.

De Libre Oppresso: the motto of the Green Berets (To Liberate the Oppressed).
May the Lord hear our cries and see our tears and grant us peace and dignity in the face of humiliation and shame.
A Jewish survivor from Auschwitz was asked, “Where was your God?”
His reply was, “Where was man?”

‘The road to Auschwitz was paved with hate but was built by indifference.’
As a historian, I see a pattern of history replicating itself here. We have never learnt what warning signs to look out for. The New World Order is on the march, and I only hope and pray that the Lord comes to take us home soon. This world sickens me.

‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’ -Edmund Burke

from Paul Anderson


  1. Sadly there are a lot of evil bastards out there in the world. Where are the people to stand up in the world? Well we were out there yesterday but like Nazis papers were not willing to report on what was a huge groundswell of people who have had enough of this half a life. God is what you make him to be or not but seriously if you really believe in him he is and has failed in his duty of care since the world started. All powerful? Not so much as far as I can see. There have always been the power hungry those who value the dollar or what ever the currency is in your land over people. And it is a war out there at the moment, different to other wars but its very similar. Thousands of people protesting these evil regimes but it seems to make no difference. FJA and all those who support her



    • Not only in the world! We have them here in NZ as well!
      Just look at the bitch and her cabal of losers in the present government!
      Most of the the doctors and medical staff have swallowed the shit as well.
      Most teachers and childcare are in the same boat.
      Businesses are closing the doors to the unvaxed.
      Where will it end, who knows?
      Haven’t seen anything about Aussie Cossacks revelation of Qld quarantine lockup for unvaxed!!!



  2. So long as there are churches or mosques for supplicants to kneel in & belief in imaginary gods for them to offer their useless prayers to then those who seek to enslave us have nothing to fear.

    All the effort that could have been used for change will be directed to something that doesn’t exist via the parasitic priests & imams who collect offerings from the deluded.



    • Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. And that fucking Bitch is using the same methodology to turn one group against another. The Germans didn’t wake up one morning and decide, oh fuck we hate Jews, they were subtly conditioned over a period of time so that when the Jews were sent to the camps, it was to be expected. Normal, and appropriate for those that had brought misery to Germans. Same with the Pure Bloods. We are in lockdown because Pure Bloods wont get vaccinated. This is a pandemic of the Unvaccinated. The un vaccinated are filling up the hospitals. …. Fucking Nazi Bitch.



    • They were spoonfed hateful propaganda that gradually increased over a period of time, frog in a slowly warming pot type thing exactly the same as the last 2 years.

      Start of covid = unity and helping fellow citizens
      Mid covid= hatred emerging towards “rule breakers” (freedom advocates that could see whats going on)
      Present day = hatred of the unvaxxed.

      Of course theres much content that can fill those big timeline gaps that would show the gradual changes to get to where we are today.
      Sad thing is many of the unvaxxed that are getting hate/ unfriended were some of the kindest helpfull people at the start of covid, from essential workers to everyday kiwi heros helping the community and now theyre just viewed as unvaxxed scum all thanks to brainwashing hateful/devisive propaganda.



  3. Well the Aussie Anti-Defamation Commission, disagree it seems.

    Man’s ‘insensitive’ costume during Melbourne protest: ‘ABSOLUTE DISGRACE’

    A man who is believed to have compared Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria to the Holocaust while wearing what appears to be a replica Nazi concentration camp uniform has sparked outrage.

    Footage of the man in the Melbourne CBD on Saturday holding up a “history repeats” sign was sent to the Anti-Defamation Commission, who said there is “no equivalence” to public health measures aimed at saving lives to the Holocaust.

    “Nothing in Australia comes even close to the indescribable atrocities carried out on an industrial scale by the Nazis, and to suggest that we are on the road to Auschwitz is beyond words and divorced from reality,” chairman of the ADC, Dvir Abramovich said in a statement.


    “No, Victoria is not becoming Nazi Germany and those opposing the vaccination mandate and proposed pandemic laws must stop with their ugly tactics,” Mr Abramovich said.

    well that was one view.




    • It is sad about old history, but only relating to it one level, does not bode well for the future.

      A lot of different & varied peoples were processed through the likes of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, etc., and wore the stripes.
      Many had to have the right papers, passports, and if not good enough, then major mandatory and compulsory changes in their lives.

      …. “There is a whole community being discriminated against and bullied for their personal medical choices. That’s not okay,” she said.

      “I am in NO way comparing the deaths of millions of people to not being allowed into Kmart, but people need to look at where that ‘them/us’ situation began and the whole story of it is far too deep for any mainstream media,” she said.

      Ms Mills also posted a TikTok labelling Monday “segregation day”.

      “I live in regional NSW so we’ve been living freely for a while now, until today,” Ms Hall said.

      “Yesterday I was safe to be in public, today I am a threat.” ……

      ….. “As a member of the transgender community I’ve experienced major persecution and discrimination. People co-opting the language of discrimination to suit their privileged outlooks is unacceptable and shows they lack awareness of the reality of true discrimination,” a third person wrote.

      Ms Mills said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”, adding that she had been sent death threats over her anti-vaxxer stance.

      “I have had my number leaked and been harassed all night,” she said.

      “We live in the most disgusting cancel culture where people think they have every right to abuse anyone that doesn’t align with their beliefs.”

      To make the Choice, to an “Emergency Use Approval” of an experimental drug between rigid control regulations that cancel ones rights, is not Choice.

      To be a part of active suppression, censorship, of other reasonable medicines & protocols seems to take it further into the realm of what was in practice over 75 year ago.

      These things were all enacted under “urgency” of “emergency” legislation, like “Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Reich.” aka “The Enabling Act” in 1933.

      In Victoria the out of the “Emergency” that was enacted, now the “Public Health & Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill.

      Such Kindly legislation which leads to “Well Being” seems to have history, and this New Zealand’s “COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Amendment Order (No 3) 2021”
      COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Amendment Order (No 3) 2021



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