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Reminder, the Swamp is trying to distract you with the scamdemic and planned riots…

Lost amid the ongoing protests and riots was former assistant attorney general Rod Rosenstein’s testimony. He signed off on the FISA warrant that led to Mueller’s Russia witch hunt, but he never bothered to read the warrant—he merely rubber stamped it! This is typical of the politicization of our security agencies and justice system under Obama. He used his partisan operatives to help him illegally spy on Trump before and after Trump’s election.



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  1. “Scamdemic”. after today we hopefully won’t be inflicted by some mad Trump hating bitch with pink hair on a daily basis,FFS 6 weeks ago this creature was the face of Arderns war against the virus.
    What were the morons of this country thinking to put this “thing” on a pedestal as our great saviour when two weeks before the virus they would have pointed at her and giggled when they passed her on the street,but in this country its all about the media and what they like, and they liked her..



  2. I heard about this on Hosking this morning. Below is my email that will go public. I hope other may choose to do the same.

    Are you 70 or over? If so, we want to make sure your views on Covid-19 are heard.


    My message is for the PM aka Comrade Ardern. I strongly resented being talked down to by a silly little girl. Her comment that adult children should tell their parents what to do is patronizing and offensive. Even worse she said if they would not listen to them they should tell them to listen to her.

    This comes from a woman who is a pathological liar and a student of Goebbels. She repeatedly claims that her government went hard and early. There can be no disagreement that the government went hard but it certainly did not go early. Ardern only cancelled her photo op on 15 March after much pressure from many doctors in a signed letter.
    Even though I am very fit and exercise regularly I realize that my immune system is not as good as a younger person. However, nearly everyone who died worldwide had underlying conditions.

    I am sure that Ardern would not know who would be most at risk – me or someone 25 years younger but obese and a smoker?
    The actions of her government may have saved lives but it has also cost lives. It has been in the media how many cancer patients will have terminal cancer due to unnecessarily keeping hospitals empty. The unemployed and people whose businesses have closed due to government action will have caused extreme stress. In a minority of cases this could result in suicide. However, in many others the stress could cause other health problem.

    I might add that I was not really adversely affected by being over 70. This is because I took no notice of what Ardern had to say. I went to the supermarket and walked and cycled for exercise. I believe there one case of the police harassing as couple over 70 in Hamilton walking around Lake Hamilton but I think the police were told not to do so again.

    I mix with a lot of those over 70 when I play tennis. I believe most share my view to some extent although some would not feel as strongly as I do about our communist Prime Minister.

    Chuck Bird



  3. I think these researchers are in for a big surprise, Chuck, because they are bound to get a lot of letters giving the same message you have given.
    Make sure all your friends get busy responding to them.



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