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The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19




The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19

John O’Sullivan

Ivermectin is a cheap, repurposed World Health Organization (WHO) approved parasitic drug that doctors worldwide say works well in combating ‘COVID.’ Watch this excellent video for the story of Ivermectin and COVID19.


Called a ‘miracle drug’ after India successfully treated millions rather than jab the population with Big Pharma’s expensive experimental ‘vaccines’, Ivermectin has a fascinating back story worth checking out.

So convinced were US politicians that Ivermectin was effective in beating ‘COVID’ that “hundreds of congressional lawmakers, family members and staffers have received Covid-19 preventative care that included an ivermectin regimen – and kept those facts from the American people.” So says  Dr. Pierre Kory.

More at: https://principia-scientific.com/report-hundreds-received-ivermectin-for-covid-never-told-public/

Meanwhile, just like the crooked politicians, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does not think that anyone should ever be allowed to use ivermectin to try to treat a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, because its board members have financial interests elsewhere.

See: https://principia-scientific.com/nih-wont-recommend-ivermectin-due-to-conflicting-financial-interests/

As Joel S. Hirschhorn reported to Principia Scientific International, there is more to the IVM story. Hirschhorn told us:

“There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there is massive medical science data showing absolute reliable data that IVM is safe and effective for both treating and preventing COVID.  This is what should be a bold large headline in newspapers if we had honest big media: IVM SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO COVID VACCINES.

But instead, there is a constant barrage of articles and statements from government agencies asserting IVM should not be used to fight COVID.  They argue it is unsafe and ineffective.  Both are lies aimed solely at protecting the mass vaccination effort and the profits of big drug companies.  And now protecting the new Big Pharma market for antiviral pills.”

But did you know that Ivermectin Has New Application Fighting Cancer Cell Growth? See: https://principia-scientific.com/ivermectin-has-new-application-fighting-cancer-cell-growth/

But the lying and criminal mainstream media have gone out of their way to pump out story after fake story trying to fool people into believing Ivermectin is not effective and to take the experimental ‘vaccines’ being pushed by their co-conspirators in Big Pharma instead.

Check out: BBC Double Down In Gaslighting Ivermectin COVID Treatment

For the full list of Ivermectin stories visit https://principia-scientific.com/?s=ivermectin

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  1. Very good article. Thank you.

    But did you know that Ivermectin Has New Application Fighting Cancer Cell Growth?

    This is not surprising at because cancer has at its base uncontrolled replication of cells. In many cases non human parasites inhabiting the liver create enzymes that cause the body to go haywire and create out of control cell replication.

    In the same way that Ivermectin is suppressed as a Covid cure, anyone suggesting that cancer can be mitigated by anti-parasitical treatments were demissed by big Pharma and big media. Big Pharma and big media have kept up the appearance that “cancer” is a big mysterious disease requiring ongoing research and funding. Cancer research funding in the USA alone amounts to tens of billions a year in funding to big pharma. Cancers of all types have out of control cell replication in common.

    Those who know, and are prepared to not accept the narrative, go down the natropathic path, boosting the immune system, doing parasite cleanses, and detoxing to remove chemicals, solvents and heavy metals. Modern food processing uses many artificial compounds, even your dish washer leaves residue on your untensils and cutlery.

    Chemotherapy and radiation work on the barbaric basis that they hope that they can kill the bad cells before the treatment kills the host.

    The person that discovered the link between parasites and cancer, and chemicals was Hulda Clark, and she was vilified by the establishement for doing so. Her cures have been used for decades all over the world,


    She is dead but her work lives on and the link to parasites and disease is well known by natropaths, herbalists and even some pharmacies. And there are a range of anti-parasitical products. It is hard to miss them.

    Clearly the public are not as stupid as DL would have us believe. When the lockdowns hit and Covid was the big evil monster, it was difficult to buy raw crushed garlic, Aged Garlic Extract was in short supply, and as was common products such the Malcolm Harker range for lungs and intestinal cleanses. They were being bought faster than they could be produced.

    Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Energy, manipulating Energy, Health, Diseases, and Climate for a very long time.



  2. Sadly NZ customs are searching all incoming packages for Ivermectin and if found confiscate it.

    The customs staff, by following orders, are needless endangering lives by withholding a known safe medication that has been been repurposed as a highly effective anti viral agent. I hope at some time in the future the customs staff will reflect on the damage thry are doing to people’s health.



  3. sumatriptan 100 mg is utilized to assuage symptoms of headache cerebral pains. It restrains the substances that cause migraines and sensitivity to sound and light. It doesn’t help in the counteraction and decrease of frequent assaults of cerebral pains. This medication isn’t suggested in bunch migraines since the wellbeing and efficacy of utilization are not clinically settled.



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