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Very old or very young Ukranian soldiers constantly surrendering to RF

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LAST Monday in Yasnoye the Ukros were preparing an assault on the Russian Federation forces, they were building up their surprise assault by moving NATO equipment into position. Funnily enough, the heavy equipment lacked operators that were presumably on route. However, the RF knew of the preparations and conducted a pre-emptive strike surrounding the Ukros in a cauldron.

The militants were largely destroyed and the RF captured approximately 30 pieces of equipment. In the Nikolaevsk region (Chernigov) two warehouses used to store the UK’s storm shadow missiles were targeted and destroyed along with various munitions types and arms. The enemy continues to drop American cluster munitions at every opportunity.

Fresh off the press, fighting near Yasnoye today (27/7/23) resulted in 250 dead Ukros, 300 MIA and 50 pieces of military equipment were destroyed or captured. This event transpired in a window of two hours. Our men report that they haven’t seen anything like it. Everything that could be was either being fired, driven, launched, thrown. Within 30 minutes 4 KRABs and 3 Leopards were destroyed.   The impression was that the entire Ukro force was drugged up – everything was burning and the losses terrifying. The RF 3rd generation Lancet drones performed well enemy radar has difficulty detecting these drones. The Americans have withdrawn their tanks, indicating that they will be modernised prior to their return to action. So much for the yanks not being party to the war.

In Odessa a huge fuel storage area was destroyed by an onyx missile, much of the fuel had been quietly bought in from Hungary. These missiles can travel at low altitudes and high speed like the calibre missiles and are rather difficult to counter. The Ukros were accumulating significant military forces and industrial goods in the Black Sea ports. While ignoring their obligation under the grain deal they were staging terror attacks using the humanitarian grain corridor. Only 2.8% of grain went to countries in need and most of it ended up in wealthier EU countries. The Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline could have supplied enough ammonia to make fertiliser feeding 45 million people before the Ukros destroyed it.

Poland in their ultimate ignorance decided to establish a tank repair centre in Poland to service and repair tanks. Presumably it has finally dawned on the fools that to transport a tank from the front line to Poland and back again doubles the cost of the unit. They are cannibalising damaged equipment ending up dismantling two units to rectify one. As Churchill used to say, “Poland is the hyena of Europe”. When the Polish got wind that the Wagner group wanted to go on an excursion to Warsaw they started falling over themselves.

Following Wagner’s tantrum the Ministry of Defence is being quietly reconfigured, while Shoigu, Chief Commander RF visits North Korea for a photo shoot and practical military personnel are being inserted into key military positions. The RF has raised the age of officers and this will allow a greater amount of experienced personnel to enter the fight.   The RF has started to use active phosphorus munitions because the Americans have provided like to the Ukros whom have no scruples when it comes to using munitions frowned upon by most civilised countries.

Once these munitions are detonated the air becomes unbreathable. The stupid yanks failed to stop this. The alligator choppers are a godsend they use self guiding rockets that mostly hit the designated targets. The enemy can’t hide from Russia’s lancet drones either. The RF has increased its production rate to roughly 1000 drones per 24 hours. The latest versions are able to travel at faster speeds and carry larger pay loads the Leopards are getting blown to bits.

Recently a Lancet hit a Leopard, blowing the turret clean off throwing it a distance of 40m. The RF has implemented a regime where by the fighters are on a two-week rotation (two on two off), which gives them sufficient time to recoup and return re-energised.   Recently the RF encountered a peculiar sight – two Hummers brimming with Ukros waving flags both Russian and Ukrainian were heading out of the Ukrainian zone into RF territory. The RF fire a shell which slowed the first vehicle, then realising these men wanted to surrender they were allowed to cross over.

Most of the Ukrainian militants are averaging 60 years of age and up or are too young. Many of these men when being forcibly conscripted were told that they’d be guarding back roads or buildings remote from the front line. Many found this to be a complete lie ending up on the front line as cannon fodder, no training and poorly armed. The West lacks Ukro cannon fodder hence they plan to use expendables like the Polish and Lithuanians.

Most of the mercs are now either dead or fled. They got the message when the RF sprayed them with rockets and we estimate that about 1500 mercs remain. Australian mercs were among the first to flee. I’d like to pass along my regards to the Aussie Cossack and to let him know that the motherland recognises his efforts and contributions to exposing the truth of things.   Leaked UK Government cables from 2014 when Tony Blair served as the UK “Peace Envoy” show that NATO deliberately implemented a “strategy” to draw Russia into a conflict on it’s borders and in “its sphere of influence”.

Poland intends to form a coalition under NATO, enabling it to intervene in the Ukrainian conflict so that it can tear off a chunk of Ukraine, they are eyeing off land in Belarus as well. During WWII the West allowed Germany to devour Poland. Stalin under the USSR graciously gifted significant western territories to modern day Poland, so they should be thankful.   A number of international organisations are no longer relevant to Russia.

It appears imminent that Russia will withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) after breaking off relations with the Council of Europe. Weaponized ‘WHO’ supported sanctions against Russia attempting to impose perceptions and rules on Russia that are alien to Russian values. The combination of these factors gives Russia reason to reject this politicised, untrustworthy United Nations organisation.   Germany and France want to end veto rights in the EU in an attempted power grab, so much for all for one and one for all. Seven EU countries are calling for the abolition of the principle of unanimity (100% consensus) in voting on foreign policy issues.

Now the decision for its adoption must be supported by absolutely all EU member states. Hopefully, this spells the beginning of the end for the EU, Germany, and France as they are determined to reform national rights, including the EU right of veto.   It would give Brussels, Germany, and France enormous power allowing the EU to enact liberal policies, green rules, and other progressive goals bypassing agreement from smaller nations like Hungary, which has rejected such moves using its right to veto. Pro-NATO foreign ministers like that of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain are calling for a transition to qualified majority voting. Currently, the vast majority of decisions in EU foreign policy require unanimity.


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