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The UN declares: the biggest coronavirus issue is… men




James Macpherson writes:

What do you think has most alarmed United Nations General Secretary Antonia Guterres about the Covid-19 pandemic?

Has he been stunned by the ability of a virus to overwhelm societies, despite our advances in modern medicine?

Has he been shocked at the treachery of the Chinese Communist Party which allowed the virus to spread around the world?

Has he been appalled at the swift surrender of civil liberties, as governments have used the virus as an excuse to bully citizens?


Not so much.

What keeps the UN chief awake at night is the real problem revealed by the Coronavirus — men.

The former Vice President of Socialists International told a Town Hall meeting of young women on August 31 that: “The Covid-19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture which damages everyone – women, men, girls & boys.” 

And here we were thinking that the main thing this pandemic demonstrated was that groups like the UN and the WHO are run by a bunch of circus clowns.

Many people expected the comment, which was broadcast via the UN’s official twitter feed, to be quickly deleted — not because it was stupid, but because it only detailed two genders.

The UN had, after all, tweeted on March 7 that “Trans women are women. Every woman is a woman. Women are limitless, formless … women are the world.”

But putting aside the UN’s perpetuation of cis-normative patriarchal stereotypes (a big issue for the three people who care about such things) the comments show that if you thought a global pandemic couldn’t be weaponised for the purposes of identity politics, you’d better think again. 

When the globe’s chief globalist insists that Covid-19 demonstrates patriarchy, his face mask has well and truly slipped. There is nothing the UN won’t manipulate in order to reshape the world in their leftist image. The UN is simply using the virus to push another agenda.

Guterres told the Town Hall meeting: “Beyond the virus itself, the response has had a disproportionate and devastating social and economic impact on women and girls.”

That’s UN speak for: “Men are the most dead and women are the most affected”.

He waves away the fact that Covid-19 kills significantly more men than women — the WHO reported in August that 63 per cent of deaths related to Covid-19 in Europe have been among men — with a dismissive “beyond the virus itself”.  

Perhaps Guterres believes more men need to die in order for women to feel better, a sentiment echoed by Australia’s Clementine Ford who tweeted in May that “CV-19 is not killing men fast enough”.

Or maybe the disproportionate number of male deaths is just typical of men — keeping most of the disease for themselves.

Guterres complained: “Between 70 and 90 per cent of healthcare workers are women, but their salaries and conditions often fail to reflect the lifesaving roles they occupy.”

On this, he has a point.

It is wrong that women working as nurses saving lives earn significantly less than World Health Organisation Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus whose advice in January that there was “no clear evidence” coronavirus could spread between people no doubt cost lives.

“Defund the UN to pay female health workers more!” would find popular support. 

Guterres went on to say: “The pandemic has exposed the crisis in unpaid care work, which has increased exponentially as a result of school closures and the needs of older people and falls disproportionately on women.”

To be fair, this is true.

Men overwhelmingly die of Covid-19 – more than their female counterparts – leaving women responsible for raising children and working. It is selfish of men to do that. They do it in war as well. This systemic misogyny has been going on for years.

Women oppressed by the worldwide mandemic must be heartened to know that Guterres is so committed to them.

Aside from turning a Chinese germ into a battle of the sexes, nothing says “I’ve got you ladies” like running an organisation that puts Saudi Arabia and Somalia on its Commission on the Status of Women. 

It’s cute when globalists pretend to care about human rights.

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  1. Could have been far Worse ,the message could have been coming from a lesbian ex NZ Prime Minister but luckily for us as snaggletooth said after being shown the door having worked there for eight years ” The UN is an old mans club”. and I’ll add “that has no place for a closet lesbian”.



    • What revtech120? Does that mean she is so thick it took her 8 years to decide that? I think an average woman (not lesbian I’ll admit) but surely after the first month most should have been able to work that out not f**king 8 years. If that is the standard of people employed at the UN well it says a lot for the intelligence there and we should all defund them.



      • Lizziep ,you know your comment is correct the whole of the U N shambles is the planets most exclusive club ,SERIOUSLY .
        The corruption and lack of skill or ability seen in that craphole is beyond description ,case in point just this year the W H O ,billions spent and when they were needed their corrupt black Ethiopian president was balls deep in the filthy CCP,they caused this pandemic the absolute opposite to what they were meant to do and there’s been no responsibility taken.



        • sooty, even on ysb that question is better off unanswered, ah but fuck it ,the mixture of the two is invariably the same, man hating, feminazi, agitating dyke looking creatures that are in need of a shave.
          In defense of snaggletooth apparently she’s got “beautiful skin” possibly because it’s never been sullied by a dirty smelly man animal,LOL.



  2. Looking at pictures of the staff in the Wuhan P4 Lab I noticed a number of females so I wonder if the originator of the Wuhan Virus was a a female or a female played a significant role in genetically manipulating an existing virus to be so infectious, I strongly suspect so.



  3. https://cdn2.qmap.pub/images/c6e3c9bf3b2d9ca7601b79f394534413ce85b5281825d2a5cbc24921c9da2868.png
    recognize the tactics?
    We are under sustained assault via MSM propaganda
    tards today announced that the spread of misinformation against the Virus was to be verboten
    even though today the CDC quietly down graded it too an outbreak from a pandemic
    Little Pencil Neck was saying on the radio how hard it was under a democracy to control the information spread and wistfully says how it would be better under an authoritarian regime like the CCP
    Nazi tactics under a socialist front,
    We are all in danger, not from a bad case of whu-flu but from a Communist take over of over government, this election isnt about Covid Cindys leadership, its about keeping our freedoms and civil rights safe from an assault and take over of our state and ending our way of life.
    The great Reset is upon us all, its green new deals and wealth taxs for all, meanwhile in the Real world its stock market manipulation, inflation and re-education for all, good bye retirement funds and pensions, hello re-education and quarantine camps (death camps) no doubt it will be all legal under the end of life choices act.



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