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AM I a ‘conspiracy theorist’?

By Liz Hodgkinson

The term is hurled at people as one of abuse but if I am so labeled, it is not because I am being awkward and contrary for the sake of it. It is because, having studied all the available data and research, certain conclusions about what has been going on over the past few years are staring me in the face. I have, one might say, become awakened to the truth.

There is, so far as I am aware, no conspiracy involved in what I have come to believe. Just the opposite in fact. I am not ‘conspiring’ with anybody to spread misinformation, simply making up my own mind having sifted through all the medical and scientific evidence, all the statistics, and read very many books. And if my conclusions don’t fit the propaganda being peddled by mainstream media, I will just have to remain out on a limb. For instance, although evidence is coming from very many studies and statistics that the mRNA ‘vaccine’ does more harm than good, it is still touted as ‘safe and effective’ and is  being rolled out as an autumn booster against a supposed new variant. And, I’m afraid, many people are queueing up for the new jab to ‘protect’ them against Pirola, or BA.2.86, whatever that is supposed to mean, billed as the latest Omicron strain.

Fear has gripped them once again.

The real problem is that many, if not most, of those who adhere to the official narrative have done absolutely no research of their own.  They just take as gospel what the mainstream media say, never delving any deeper or availing themselves of any of the wisdom of those who have diligently done their research.

One example stands out; but he is far from alone.

A few weeks ago a friend and former colleague came for lunch. As I hadn’t seen him for a few years, naturally our conversation eventually turned to Covid and its ramifications. This friend, an Oxford graduate, qualified lawyer and film producer, had never heard of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the Young Global Leaders, the Great Reset, TCW, the Daily Sceptic, Neil Oliver, Whitney Webb, Robert Kennedy Jr or anything or anybody else pertaining to what is probably the greatest crisis to hit humanity, ever. Nor had he read any books, listened to any podcasts or watched any YouTube videos which asked awkward questions about the vaccine, lockdown, Covid tests, masking, or anything else.

He had never heard of Anthony Fauci, Dr Mike Yeadon, Professor Angus Dalgleish, Dr Joseph Mercola or even former High Court judge Jonathan Sumption, who from the start has questioned the legality or otherwise of lockdowns. In short, my friend had never heard any of the expert dissenting voices which have been all over the networks since 2020.  And yet, despite this ignorance, he had of course had all the jabs – six so far – worn a mask, taken the tests, obeyed lockdown rules to the letter, all without having the slightest notion of why he was blindly obeying the mandates. He believed that the mRNA vaccine was ‘safe and effective’ without trying to find out how it behaves in the body, how it is made, or what a spike protein is. And he is supposed to be intelligent!

I would like to say that he is the most ignorant person I have come across in these matters but that would not be true. He is just the most recent. Not long ago I was having a drink in an Oxford pub with a senior editor from a leading publishing company. This person has edited the works of many famous writers, but when I started talking about the Covid nonsense – try to stop me! – she said that she knew very little about it and quickly changed the subject. There was no interest whatever in finding out the truth and this was from somebody who might be considered to have an enquiring mind.  Once again, she is an Oxbridge graduate.

I’m afraid that ever since Covid-19 was announced in early 2020, the world has divided into two groups: them and us. Until we start talking, we don’t know into which camp an acquaintance or relative may fall, and the relief if we discover they are one of ‘us’ is overwhelming. For instance, I was at a memorial event earlier in the year and the photographer, a man I knew very slightly, came up to me and said: ‘I’ve read everything on TCW, including your articles, and want to say I agree with every word.’ This chap said that his mother was also one of us and that they had done their research. I almost fell in love with him on the spot!

But sadly, it is always the same story. ‘Them’ have never done any research or reading of their own, while ‘us’ keep up to date with every twist and turn of this devastating saga, bravely exposed day after day by sites such as this one.

One thing the last 3.5 yrs have taught me is that having academic qualifications and letters after your name does not mean you are intelligent. It is those in this very category who have shown little common sense and gone along with this fraud, questioned nothing, and seem totally unable to think outside of the box. I know numerous people in this camp all with top jobs in the law and various professions. These people will now pay a heavy price for their future health and lives and those of their children.

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  1. As Jimmy Dore said, shame on us “We been read’n”.

    The narrative from the cabal in power was:
    We are your single source of truth.
    Don’t do your own research.
    Don’t talk to your neighbours.



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