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There Is A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated




Official Data Proves There Is A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

Written by theexpose.uk

Worldwide analysis of 188 nations shows a massive global correlation between vaccination and higher case rates of Covid-19, proving the world is currently experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated.


Data was analysed from the ‘Our World in Data’ site of Johns Hopkins University on 247 million Covid-19 cases from the very start of the pandemic to October 31st 2021, for all 188 nations where they have data on both the percentage of people vaccinated and the cumulative confirmed cases per million .

The results on the average cases per million people against the percentage vaccinated were as follows –


The above shows that the incidence of cases increases fairly linearly with the percentage of vaccinated people at a rate of 800 cases per million per extra percentage vaccinated.

The nations with the lowest case rates are almost exclusively in Africa, which also has the lowest rates of vaccination.

Whereas the nations with the highest case rates also have the highest rates of vaccination.

The inescapable conclusion from all the data we have up to October 31st is that vaccines increase case numbers. This is not a representative sample of a few thousand cases from one nation. It is a full study of all the cases so far in every reporting nation.

The results are in. There is a massive correlation positive between vaccination percentage and case numbers.

Vaccinations are clearly opening the door to the virus.

In heavily vaccinated nations such as the UK the case rate in the fully vaccinated over 30’s is presently only 23-55 percent higher than the case rate in the unvaccinated. But the case rate in the unvaccinated is elevated due to infection by vaccinated people.

The media narrative is that the unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated. This data indisputably shows that the reverse is the case.

This has now become a pandemic of the vaccinated.

They are increasing the case numbers in the unvaccinated – because their immune systems are being damaged by the vaccines. That is what the fairly straight and very steep line above is declaring.

Had there been no vaccination in the UK the figures would now be more like those of the African countries as seen in the bottom left of the above graph.

One of the clearest ways to see that the vaccinated are infecting the unvaccinated is the comparison of 71 percent vaccinated in Israel with 27 percent vaccinated in Palestine.

The graph below from Our World In Data shows Israel leading Palestine in cases and dragging them up above the world average case level.

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  1. And they want us the unvaxed to keep them safe by getting vaxed!
    Why should we get vaxed, because they have made bad life choices?
    It’s now fact that the vaxed can get covid!
    The shot doesn’t protect them, but the governments around the world can’t back track and tell everyone that they fucked up and spent a bloody fortune buying shit from the worlds dodgyist pharmaceutical company!



  2. Very good article. Thanks Ed,

    You can add to that this simple logic:

    As admitted by several vaccines companies, and indeed the Ardernist:

    [1] Taking the vaccine will not stop you getting infected with Covid-19.
    [2] Taking the vaccine will not stop you passing on Covid-19.
    [3] Taking the vaccine may stop you feeling the effects.

    Logical derivatives:
    [4] If you can still get infected AND still re-transmit Covid-19, then Covid-19 is still active in your system.
    [5] If it is active in your system, then your body did not stop Covid-19.
    [6] If your body did not stop Covid-19, then it has no defense against it.
    [7] If your body has no defense against Covid-19, then the vaccine did not train your body to mount a defense. i.e. The vaccine did not work.
    [8] The vaccine allows Covid-19 to live in your body.
    [9] So long as Covid-19 is living, it is replicating.
    [10] If it is replicating the viral load will be increasing.
    [11] If the viral load is increasing, the more likely you are to pass on Covid-19, i.e. you are a super spreader.
    [12] If you are a super spreader while having no symptoms, your body has become a breeding vessel.
    [13] If you pass it to someone who is vaccinated, they will become another breeding vessel.
    [14] If the viral load is increasing, there will a point where your body is so infested, your health will sharply decline.
    [15] You may even die of Covid-19 or the damage it has done to your body. You are a host to a parasite.
    [16] If you pass it to someone unvaccinated, they will become infected more easily because of your high vial load.
    [17] If their immune system does not kill it, unlike you they will show symptoms more quickly.
    [18] The unvaccinated are at a much higher risk from the infested vaccinated, than the vaccinated are from the unvaccinated.
    [19] There is a caveat here in that if a vaccinated person who is not yet infected, then yes they can catch it from an unvaccinated person. However, the vaccinated are many many times more likely to catch it from the vaccinated since the vaccinated are wandering around with high viral loads caused by infestations, but no symptoms to warn then they are infested.
    [20] The vaccine weakens the immune system.
    [21] The spike protein with the high positive charge in Covid-19 is pqrt of the problem. Putting it in the vaccine is creating a new problem.
    [22] Once the mRNA vaccine is introduced into your body, there is no way to control or stop it. It will keep replicating.

    Since all these are true so we see the following outcomes:

    [23] Covid-19 infection rates will increase in sync with vaccinations. e.g. Israel, Gibraltar etc ✔
    [24] Low vaccination rates and using Ivermectin will have low infection rates. e.g. Uttar Pradesh. ✔
    [25] Vaccinated people with Covid-19 will have higher viral loads than unvaccinated. ✔
    [26] An increase in numbers of vaccinated people in hospital for other health issues. ✔
    [27] The vaccines, having not worked the first time, will require a second shot and ongoing shots. ✔
    [28] The vaccine, unable to stop Covid-19 will interact with Covid-19, courtesy of the spike protein and replication commands. So we would expect to see new variants, after we start vaccinating. Delta arrived in countries only after they started vaccination, Marburg is next. ✔
    [29] Vaccine injuries and deaths amongst vaccinated will dwarf anything created by Covid-19 by itself. ✔
    [30] 29 above has also happened with the Polio vaccine. The Polio virus pandemic in Africa has been eliminated. Now they are dealing with a virus pandemic created by the Polio vaccines. ✔



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