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The real story behind January 6 is slowly emerging

A never-aired Fox News interview with the former Capitol Police chief, leaked last week, puts the lie to much of the January 6 ‘Insurrection’ (J6) narrative, still playing centre stage in US politics as a handy weapon against GOP contender Donald Trump. Chief Stephen Sund asserts in the Tucker Carlson interview that the J6 crowd included an unprecedented number of federal agents, that he was inexcusably denied threat intelligence and military support, and that ‘everything appears to be a cover-up’. Sund also notes Tucker was stood down as he was about to air the interview and asks, ‘Coincidence?’

While no one could or should excuse any of the violence that occurred that day, the notion that the chaos was anything like an armed insurrection has crumbled over time, Russia’s recent Wagner revolt with tanks and bombs showing what the real thing looks like. More than two years later, the relentless grind of a thousand emerging small points of evidence has built a persuasive case that J6 was a false flag event, driven by a weaponised Washington elite. Much as the Russia collusion hoax fell apart over time, so a steady accumulation of facts has undone much of the official narrative, the made-for-TV performance of the January 6 House Committee inquiry notwithstanding. The constant drip of evidence has been such that an April 2023 Rasmussen poll found 65 per cent believed intel agencies helped provoke the J6 riot, a view strongly echoed recently by popular, politically unaligned podcaster Joe Rogan. Nonetheless, the day itself must stand as one of then-speaker Nancy Pelosi’s and the Democrats’ greatest triumphs, allowing them both to mount an historic smear campaign against Trump and his followers, and also avoid confronting the 2020 election fraud evidence, as had been organised for Congress that day.

The enduring question is how much of it was a staged event, and how involved federal agencies were that day. This is where the Sund interview becomes important. Sund, who resigned the day after J6 under pressure from his boss Pelosi, complains that the House Committee never asked him to publicly testify, despite his leading the police response. He’s now written a best-seller, out last January, to tell his story.

It Was Pelosi: Former Capitol Police Chief Reveals ‘Set Up’ Behind January 6

Tucker Carlson released a bombshell interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund on Wednesday, during which Sund explains what happened on January 6, 2021 in great detail.

Carlson and Sund had notably recorded an entire interview on Fox News, which never aired.



January 6th Was A FEDsurrection. When This Video Was Originally Posted on Twitter They (Old Twitter & The Feds) Altered The Video & Cut Off The Ending. Here Is The UNEDITED FULL VERSION Watch as this *definitely not a Federal Agent* is vandalizing the Capitol and then begins using violence to facilitate others to enter the Capitol This Fed is all geared up. Radio, earpiece, flashlight (?) in side pocket of pants and what looks like a place a patch may go..look like Velcro… The gov’t would never deploy undercover agents against political enemies! Right?!? When this video was originally posted by larger accounts the video would end early and only show a black screen. They would also outright censor the video. People would try and reply to the video calling out the video was cut off and users would receive suspensions.



  1. Corruption in the USA is overwhelming. CIA responsible for ending governments of many countries and starting so many wars. Both CIA and FBI have so many corrupt individuals in their ranks. Once I thought the USA was protecting us but its not never has been since the inception of these organisations.



    • The CIA is the tool that is the biggest threat to peace and safely in the world.
      It has led to the USA now being the greatest plunderers of all time.
      Forget Mongol Hordes.
      This mob can fly in murderers anywhere in the world in hours and terminate.

      The CIA is the world’s biggest illegal drug runners.
      Iran/Contra should tell you what you need to know.
      I find it interesting that the movie Air America was made in 1990 with Mel Gibson and R Downey Jr.
      Downey had years of drug oblivion.
      Mel Gibson under fire for the smallest of questions. Remember- calling out the jews is waaay worse than calling out the CIA

      CIA is the world’s biggest illegal gun runners. Interestingly this was allowed to be shown at the end of Lord of War (2005) written and directed by NZ born Andrew Nicol.

      CIA are the world’s biggest terrorists. They created Al Qaeda . They created ISIS .
      The former to attack Russians (there’s a surprise !!); the later to attack Syrians and further destabilise the region

      Want to do terrorism… go through the CIA.
      The USA in the last 70 years has wanted Germany to never get strong again. They have armed soldiers and missiles there. I have often wondered if Baader–Meinhof Group was created or at least nurtured by the CIA, It is their type of gig. Anything to keep other countries destabilised.
      Behind the Whitlam take down in Australia.

      Both Japan and to a degree Korea want the US soldiers to ‘get out’ after being there for three quarters of a century.
      Enough is enough.
      The US has, like Germany and 80 other countries , heavily armed soldiers in situ.
      Want to ask them to leave?
      there is some story that the yanks offered to build a road from Akl to Wellington, or some such.
      If this ever happened it would have been a cover to retain soldiers here and they would still be here today.

      The US is the most warlike nation on earth.
      Of course the media critters will tell you otherwise and misdirect like ..it is Libya – which until it was destroyed by the vicious English/French/Yanks -had a higher literacy rate than USA 94% M; 92% F; yes women were educated ; it had free universal healthcare unlike USA which is brutal to its own citizens in favour of Big Pharma .

      So agreed , CIA is evil and corrupt as is the FBI.
      The whole swap based in Washington DC is the most evil corrupt, war mongering outfit in the world. As evil as any African warlord (lord of War) and in fact they had their own one from 2008 to 2016.
      The US does not even have the honour of the Italian Mafia in that at least- as per popular movies- they leave the women and children alone; plus non combatants. The US Govt extends no such courtesy.



      • So bloody true.
        These war against moozlem countries are on behalf of Israel.
        Why invade Afghanistan at all, esp after saying Russia doing it was bad ?
        Mainly I guess to protect the poppy fields.

        The constant attacking of Iraq has been appalling; + Syria,
        plus, an advanced autocracy and the only other successful dictatorship I am aware of aside from Singapore was Libya. But, they are moozlems so had to fuck that up too.
        Jordan really keeps it head down.

        There is a lot of shit done in the world – the majority of it by USA on behalf of east European religious converts who are seriously over represented by sick bastard perverts.

        USA has been edging for a war with Iran for decades.
        Ironically smaller population Iraq was beating Iran in the 1980 to 1988 war so US did Iran /Contra.
        One messed up D.C. swamp operating under instruction from a nasty minority.

        There are 15 million juice in the world
        there are 15 million mormons in the world
        To be fair the Mormons don’t cause any real trouble.
        The other lot create more than half the world’s mayhem; probably three quarters of it . (eg Kissinger into Cambodia)

        Most kiwis do not know this and have a lifetime of brainwashing to resist the facts.
        Willfully ignorant.
        Take a another slurp of crap from teevee one, why dont ya little kiwi !!!



    • The NZ goo-mint are in on this -maybe afraid the US will really fuck us over like they do other countries
      The bought and paid for media filth are right in on the lies
      Notional party wrecker, fruity farrar, is right in on this as a shill and beneficiary of johnny key’s globalist mates .
      He is a pinko along with the other left wing bloggers.

      Most, and I mean most, NZers are too politically naive to really have a clue.
      remember the phrase
      – if voting really counted, do you think they would let you do it ?



  2. The msm and left ran a campaign saying trump stole the election. This included violence, arson , looting, murder, riots, intimidation, rapes and assaults. They stormed the capital in an orgy of violence at trumps inauguration.

    Clinton wrote a book claiming trump stole the election.



  3. Stephen Sund is boring. He is so particular in his comments. He gives me the impression that he is an extremely honest person.
    That is what makes watching the Tucker Carlson interview important. It is lengthy, but Sund quotes exactly, chapter and verse, what a “jack up” the whole January 6th carry on was.
    It is a pity that our country’s journalists have such an inadequate attention span that they cannot comprehend what a travesty it all was.



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