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Muslims who claimed to be above Australian law fined by non-Muslim judge who assures them he follows Qur’an

“The Holy Koran considers justice a supreme virtue, and I assure the defendants that this court pursues that virtue in every case it deals with, just as the Holy Koran requires of its adherents,” Justice Terence Sheahan told Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali.

He could have just said, “In Australia, Australian law applies to everyone.”

Instead, he engaged in this shameless Islamopandering, attempting to convince them that the Qur’an teaches what he says it does, not what they say it does. This is as foolish as the many judges who lecture jihadi defendants about how Islam teaches peace. Instead of pontificating about a book he has almost certainly not read or studied, Sheahan and his fellow judges should be pondering the implications of statements such as the one Mustapha Kara-Ali made upon leaving the court: “Our religion is prime, the cross belongs in the dustbin of history.” They should be pondering what that means for Australia’s future, and trying to determine how many Muslims in Australia agree with the Kara-Alis. But they won’t.

Two Muslim brothers who claim Australian law does not apply to them have been fined $100,000 for contempt of court. Mustapha and Diaa Kara-Ali reportedly laughed when the judge handed down the punishment today in Sydney’s Land and Environment Court, after they were compelled to appear for felling trees on a northwest Sydney property without council permission.

The brothers had tried to argue that the Islamic organisation they ran, Diwan Al Dawla, was exempt from Australian law on religious grounds.

They failed in their bid and were fined $100,000 for what a judge called a “flagrant” breach of a court order to stop construction works to build a Muslim religious centre on their rural property in Colo.

They and their business were convicted on 12 charges of contempt of court.

A furious Mustapha Kara-Ali left the Court on Thursday saying: “Our religion is prime, the cross belongs in the dustbin of history.”

In his written judgment, Justice Terence Sheahan said the pair had ignored orders to appear in court and only turned up after being arrested. Mustapha had said attending court could lead to “hit squads” perusing him.

“The Holy Koran considers justice a supreme virtue, and I assure the defendants that this court pursues that virtue in every case it deals with, just as the Holy Koran requires of its adherents,” the judge said.

Diaa was the sole director of Southern Chariot Stud Pty Ltd, which owned the property on Sydney’s rural fringe. The brothers began building a religious site next to the Colo River and felled trees until Hawkesbury City Council intervened mid-2018, ordering them to stop the unauthorised works.


The brothers failed to stop construction work on the property, which eventually included four flagpoles, a boat ramp, a wall and gates. Construction work had also begun on a series of buildings.

In September, Mustapha told the council he had an issue with the “religious symbolism of court”. Specifically, he objected to the St George Cross on both the Australian and NSW coat of arms which, he said, harked back to the Crusades, a series of medieval religious wars between Muslim and Christian forces. “How can it be that I’m expected to be loyal to the religious symbols of another religion, because such symbols are given coercive force?” he said in a submission last year justifying why he would not attend court.

“To be present at an adjudicating court that upholds the religious symbols of the crusades is religiously unacceptable.” He said a religious association such as Diwan Al Dawla can “choose to not comply with state laws” in matters of religious practice.

“We believe that the NSW court’s upholding of religious symbols that represent the Crusader wars of the medieval period encourages and incites religious violence against us by a group of hit squads who share the desire to uphold their own religious symbols which they consider to be official over ours,” he said.

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  1. “They are us?”

    Yesterday provided “they” the perfect platform to express their inclusiveness with “us.” I kept an eye out for any of “they” amongst the throngs of worshipers throughout the country doing what they do every Good Friday.

    Unfortunately I struggled to see any of the “they’s”

    This inclusiveness is fast appearing to be a one way street, and the sooner “us” wake up and see that, the better !



  2. ” fined $100,000 for contempt”
    Remains to be seen if Australian law collects?
    Or will the supremacist sharia law hold up?. Using religiosity, culture and racism to leverage its way to supremacy.



  3. There’s nothing I can say here that isn’t already glaringly obvious to my fellow Stupid Boys. If only the judge had said “Aussie rules in Aussie. Don’t like it? Then fuck off. $100K on your way out, please.”



  4. The Judge in this case is typical of an Australian Judge, no straight talk. Sharia Law will come to NZ and Aussie, it will just take a lot of procreation to get them over the line. UK is so much closer than we are, it is all about numbers.
    We are not to the no go zones as is now in place in many places in Europe.
    This is what this case is about, the brothers think they can built what they like, and they are beyond Australian law.
    I wonder what the Peters lead NZ First COL thinks about this case.
    Jacinda might have different views, over the very senior Winston. But it is all in vain.
    Winston will have the final say, because that is what Paragraph 1 says loud and clear in the most secretive document of all time.
    It takes real Goolies to take on Sharia Law, I am afraid what I see is an immature likeable marketing girl and a sleepy old man,they just don’t cut the mustard in fighting the Islamist’s march to a new legal system.
    What is the difference between Ardern, May, Merkel, Macron, and Trudeau? Nothing I can think of.
    About 6 to 12 months should bring them all down to same level, most have hit ground zero now.
    A few people voted for this rabble, maybe just maybe they are starting to learn quickly it is all a big farce.



    • Why was the unlearned judge calling the koran a “supreme virtue”?

      ““In December 2017, the Australian National Imams Council (“ANIC”), with the assistance of the NSW Judicial Commission, prepared a document entitled “Explanatory Note on the Judicial Process and Participation of Muslims”,” (which) clearly envisages that Muslims in Australia will often be expected to participate in Court processes. (and) It even stresses that there are many similarities between the Western tradition and the Muslim concept of justice.””

      How can an Australian judge serve 2 masters?

      When will “learned” people read the koran in chronological order, figure the abrogation verses and their affects, read some highly rated hadith, and sunnah, to understand what Mohammad was about, and then realize that Mohammad’s followers see him as the “perfect man” to be emulated.



    • We watch the British programme on UTube “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away”, about the official baliffs working under High Court writs to gain debt payment from individuals and business’s. Almost without fail when negotiations for payment from Muslim have not been fobbed off by them, a large group of Muslim men, appear with the clear intention to intimidate the High Court baliffs to stop procceedings. They show their total lack of respect for British law, that it does not apply to them until the “thumb screws” of confiscating their vehicles or other possessions usually with the needed support of burly police officers turn up to force payment. They usually then produce cash from somewhere and the outstanding payment is paid.



    • Peters attended the OIC Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, with the 57 Islamic countries in Turkey after the Christchurch shooting.
      2 Turkish ministers attended the public Friday Prayers.

      Now it is being pushed to have islamophobia, violence, to be urgently be bought before a UN meeting.
      Just what influences can be used by the UN, on free speech, hate laws, gun laws, immigration laws.

      Well Winston did sign NZ up to the UN Migration Pact.
      Gun laws are on track and a 2nd round is to start.
      Speech laws are under review, awaiting new proposals.

      Just what price is NZ going to have to pay for appeasement? and on what Merry Dance of feelz are going to sell the price of what we are to accept?s

      Will we stay true?
      They are “us”, until we are all of “them”



    • A doctrine “Al walaa Al baraa” that is kept hidden, that is just above is my comment with link. That doctrine is constantly reinforced through the koran, hadith and sunnah.

      Al Baraa for muslims means against their [kafir] values.
      against their beliefs, rejection of their beliefs, rejection of their kafir, rejection of their corruption, rejection of their rebellion, rejection of their rejection of Allah and his Messenger, this is our belief.

      Many do not realize that muslims get many “brownie points” for shortening the time in purgatory or hell, by hijrah [migration], so long as they stay true to Allah, and so more quickly attain Paradise in the hereafter.



      • Forgot to close off italics,
        The paragraph where italics start is summarized from the utube link.
        The last paragraph should have been back to normal.

        All of Mohammad’s, teachings, guidance, sayings, actions, deeds and history, needs to be fully opened up, discussed, debated, etc.



  5. Um goes something like “Door smack arse don’t let when you leave”
    When even just some Muslims sympathise with jihadi thinking, there is already an enemy within living amongst us.
    But with kindness we can tame them #feeelzz



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