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This explains Cindy’s absence From D-Day Celebrations




If you get the sense that our 18-21 year olds aren’t quite what they once were, I think you are right.

Cindy identifies with the woke generation.

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  1. There are rumours in media circles that the Prime Minister and Labour HQ are furious with the attention TV news gave the D Day commemorations last night- As plenty of people are now asking the question ‘Why the heck wasn’t she there?’
    They clearly thought that all New Zealanders are Leftists who don’t care about what ‘Old White Men’did back in the day…
    They thought wrong.



  2. Cindy slipped up big time on snubbing the D-Day commemorations. We all noticed that she can duck over for a virtue signalling meeting in Paris nobody attends, but won’t represent NZ at an important commemoration of war where she wouldn’t be the centre of attention. I bet with the budget/treasury hack conspiracy swirling that she wishes she had been on the other side of the world out of reach of the hack fallout.



    • I do not know about that. I can envisage some pissed off Irish reporter asking her why Tubs and her are protecting their next bank governor from all the lies he has told. Best not put herself in that position of having to tell even more lies and stay home.



    • But spouting a load of climate change bollocks to a bunch of Marlborough schoolgirls was so much more relevant to New Zealanders. I wish I’d known she would be at the Girl’s College I could have gone and chucked a milkshake at her 🙂



  3. That the PM did not go does not concern me. The Governor General was there and will have acted with dignity and decorum as befitting the occasion.

    I was pleased at President Trumps words and approach. He recognised the horrendous loss of American men and their courage in difficult situations. Not sure our PM would have understood that Americans were key part of this country coming through that conflict as we did.

    We made a massive contribution in the air, on land and at sea leading up to, on D day, and in the days that followed. We made a contribution out of proportion to our size to remove the Nazi influence from Europe.

    This effort was important and it is important that it be remembered. The strength and courage of those we lost, and those who returned, against a difficult situation must not be forgotten.



    • I disagree. Under our protocols and legal framework the Governor General is the Queen’s representative. When the Queen is the country, the Governor General position is “redundant” (the legal wording and definition escapes me at present).

      Thus, purely from a protocol point of view, the NZ Governor General being with the Queen is not representing New Zealand since the Queen was already there. No, Ardern should have been there as the Queen’s prime minister of NZ.



  4. What a great word, ‘stonking’. So we had no media there either, other than our foreign correspondents, because Jacinda didn’t go? How dare she not go, I feel quite incensed, I believe that NZer’s would have expected her to go, she is meant to represent us, not herself, what a bloody cheek.

    What a great opportunity wasted, mind you, I haven’t read anywhere that Jacinda was missed.




  5. For one second can we just imagine the media coverage and howls there would have been from the media if National was the Government and they hadn’t gone to D Day commemorations?

    They are partisan hacks and should be stripped of any special privileges and access that they have or get given, to inform us, not just what Jacinda has had for breakfast as is their want, but that she is so narcissistic that she does not go and represent us, with our former allies and foes, I would imagine them to not think in terms of principle but of how rude.

    And after Prince Wiliam took time out of his very busy schedule to come and show a bit of Nobles Oblige a few weeks ago. I am sure that it is noted. Well done Jacinda, you have finally done something that I approve of, you have insulted the forebears of the majority of people in this country, you have insulted their whakapapa and I suspect even your own.




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