640 Doctors Claim that “COVID-19 is a Global Scam”

It seems now that so many more people around the world are waking up to the reality of the current so-called coronavirus pandemic, seeing it as an obvious manufactured crisis aided with harsh government policies and seemingly totalitarian measures that are, ironically, totally unjustifiable and preposterously inconsistent. For example, on August 6, a website called Awakening Channel has published a video entitled “640 DOCTORS, CV19 IS A GLOBAL SCAM”. It showed an international conference of professional health workers and doctors joined also by online participants, talking about the current status of many hospitals and governments around the world in dealing with the so-called pandemic. Clearly, the official narrative of this pre-fabricated crisis is now turning out to be fake and many scams have been happening related to the responses and the policies of the many governments of the world.

Doctors response

My name is Dr. Heiko Schoning, I’m a medical doctor from Hamburg, Germany and I’m one of the founders of Doctors for Enlightenment in Alemania and this is part of an organization in Germany, in Austria, in all over the world now.

To the Medicos Por La Verdad, it’s a real pleasure and it’s a real honor for me to speak today and to support you. We are backed up in Germany by 500 medical doctors and about 2,000 supporters. We have also established an international investigation on COVID 19, it’s called The COVID 19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee.

So the question is, why we did this? Because the parliamentary is not doing its job, the politicians don’t do the inquiry on COVID 19; not in Germany, not in Austria, not in Spain, not all over the world. So it’s up to us, to the citizens to do the job and to do it right. And the question is why we’re doing this? We’re doing this for the people, we’re doing this for our families, we’re doing this for our patients as medical doctors. And I would like to emphasize on the point – it’s not about politics, it’s not about right wing or left wing. It’s not about man or woman, it’s not about up or down, thick or thin, it’s just about the humans; it’s about us as citizens.

So we as medical doctors we have serious doubts that the official story with COVID 19 is true. In fact, we have a lot of evidences that it is a fake story all over the world. And to speak with all my medical colleagues, we see the evidence and we see it obviously, and we have a message: we do not need to be or to have anxiety about COVID19 because this is not different to normal seasonal flu that we have every year.

So that’s now the question, if we have the medical evidence that this is a scam, that this is not true, simply not true, we need to ask ourselves, why, why and why? OK? And we need to ask ourselves, who’s going to profit out of this? And I want to encourage you, our movement is about 10 weeks old and we achieved a lot.  We have demonstrations all over Germany, all over Europe. So just one example, with our organization we’ve established a weekly newspaper in Germany. 500,000 copies, hard copies like this, are going out every week; half a million!

So this applause is to you! It’s to you as citizens so we can do a very very lot. First, we just can tell the truth. Why we’re doing this and why I’m doing this? I can tell you why: two people who are sitting here are my kids. So I am a father, I’m a medical doctor and plus, I’m a retired officer from the German army. So we want to defend our families, we want to defend our citizens.

And to close this, the story is quite simple here; if you look behind the curtains, you’ll see this medical story with COVID 19, we have the medical facts, it is a scam, it’s fake. So we have to ask who is going to benefit with this and who’s got the power to create this fake. And, the target of this is you, you the citizens and the economy. It’s about the stupid economy. So it’s all about us!

So COVID 19 seems to be just the cover story here. So what we need now is solidarity and thank you very much to the Medicos Por La Verdad – Espania. So what we’re doing here is solidarity. And this is a good message to all of you: we have now a very big chance.

So I want to close with this, please see, on the one hand we have a terrible thing with this COVID 19 panic going on. It costs lives, a lot of lives already in Germany because a lot of operations, and we have here the surgeon as well, a lot of operations in Germany we’re not performed. 90 percent, these are official numbers out of their ministry of interior; 90 percent of their necessary operations haven’t done in Germany in April and March. So the people are now going to die from this.

We have an international website acu2020.org. We have translated the content into 10 languages already. So thank you very much, we have more than 3 million clicks on Youtube. So what we will do now is solidarity. So thank you very much, we will do this!


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  1. “We are still trying to work through what happened with this cluster in Auckland and we are still investigating to find out what’s happened, look I want to know where this outbreak started as well ”
    FFS when is this lying sack of shit going to shut her fucking mouth and just admit they fucked up ?



    • The cluster zero case will never be made public as is the case in Melbourne, with the testing they can tell in a day, but if the truth is not to their liking, testing results are never released. After the months of deaths and economic destruction, the Victorian Health morons have decided they will move from a centuries old manual paper system of tracing to a system that may actually trace someone in under a fortnight.
      It is just unreal to sit here and watch much of the world just follow each other with new directives.
      First you must have gloves and masks were ineffective, now we must have masks, not real surgical masks, just anything you put over your face, fined if you don’t, but it doesn’t matter that what you are putting over your face could be 20% effective at best.
      We know that this virus has tiny particles that even the best surgical mask won’t filter out.
      I am sure the “sheep” are being treated like mushrooms, “fed on Bullshit and kept in the dark”.
      I guess the only thing that will stop the madness is if there are enough people stand up and call the mass destruction of our societies.
      Unfortunately there are so few to stand up and so many sheep to be lead to the slaughter.



  2. Revrptch

    In a word ‘Never’! Cindy is in her element, SHE is in charge and making the most of the moment, Narisissitic Personality Disorder and all.
    With a totally – adoring NSM, she’s not going to go anywhere in a hurry, and may indeed need to be ‘prized off her rock’.
    Time will tell.



  3. I am not sure which is the bigger racket. Generating regulations to sell more PPE and hand sanitiser while the rest of the economy collapses, or levying me on a range of consumables to increase my living costs to handle climate change.

    I think the German doctors are presenting an interesting case. I will not be voting for more of the same in October. It is long past time for a change of government, less government and restoration of democracy.



  4. We might get “evidence” in NZ that it is a scam on Sunday/Monday. If Auckland goes down to Level 2, when since going into Level 3 there have been many more cases , at least 9 hospitalisations ( I’m not up to date on these numbers) including 3 ICU cases . They went into Level 3 because of just 4 cases so it is absolute hypocrisy to go back to Level 2 based on that.
    NB. I do not think there should have been a move out of Level 1 (except going to Level 0 –normal living) in the first place, so this is just a political stunt at the very least.

    PS. Has any one managed to access the acu2020.org site ?



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