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Brazil: Bolsonaro Intends To ldentify Officials Who Approved Covid Jabs For Children

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says that he intends to reveal the identities of the officials who authorized the covid jabs for children, even though they had previously received death threats.


Brazil’s health regulator approved the Pfizer-BioNTech covid injection on Thursday for use in children aged five to 11. On the same day, Bolsonaro requested the names of the specific officials who had approved the jabs for younger children, which he said he planned to make public

RT reports: In October, the country’s health regulator, Anvisa, said its five directors had received emails threatening them with death if Covid-19 vaccines for children aged five to 11 were approved. Anvisa underlined that “given the seriousness of the fact,” it immediately notified the police and the government, asking them “to adopt the appropriate measures.

On Thursday, the same day that the regulator approved Pfizer’s shot for young children, Bolsonaro, known for his consistent opposition to anti-Covid measures, said the public should know who made the decision.

Noting that Anvisa is not subordinate to him, he claimed, “We want to publicize these people’s names so that everyone knows who these people are and, of course, forms their own judgment.”

You have the right to know the names of people who have approved the vaccination from five years old for your child,” he said during a live broadcast on social media.

There has been no reaction from Anvisa so far.

Not so common sense is slowly coming to the world. All we need is a few more leaders to stand up and say enough is enough. It’s such a pity ALL our Politicians are in the very deep pockets of big pharma. We have no one standing up and saying no here.

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  1. Follow the money is always the fact and I am sure that there will be very skilled accountants hiding money without a trail to ensure this lot of incompetents have their lot stashed away. If only the accountants would speak up and let us know who received their bonus cheques from the drug companies.



  2. Read Robert Kennedy Jnr’s book on Fauci. All the answers are in there. Even if you just read the first chapter, which covers the Covid stuff , it will be enough. Then there are pages and pages of references.
    I’m onto the “history” of the HIV/AIDS episode –it is mind blowing.



    • It’s good.

      Fauci killed a lot of homosexuals with AZT, for which he was paid handsomely. A toxic chemo drug. Nobody wants to admit that their bath-house, multiple sexual partners per night, drug addled popper pill lifestyle was killing them, so Fauci created a final solution for gays. Now he is taking that same skill set to sell everybody, a final solution for the plebs, for which he will be being paid handsomely. It’s about mammon. Mammon is the root of all evil.

      The vaccine drug push is somewhat like the nudge-nudge wink-wink Rolling Stones “Mothers Little Helper”. Legal drug insanity, proscribed by evil doctors. It morphed into the Sackler Family pushing the opoid epidemic on our dysfunctional modern lifestyle victims, utilizing the same industrial medical complex, smiling family doctors. Our lifestyles are broken when these evil men can be allowed to farm us with drugs, like a sickly herd of cows.



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