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Time For Our Winter Of Discontent




The “Winter of Discontent” was the defining moment when the UK freed itself from a trade union stranglehold. In the 60s and 70s, Trade unions controlled the UK, governments were just puppets that could be and had been, changed at the whim of Trade Union leaders.

The country was struggling with inflation, this was driven by huge pay rises awarded at risk of strikes. Workers at Ford went on strike and won a 17% pay rise. Lorry drivers went on strike asking for a 40% pay rise, disrupting supplies of oil and animal feed, farmers started dumping the carcasses of starved animals in front of trade union offices. Next gravediggers went on strike in Liverpool, the council hired an empty factory to store hundreds of bodies, with more piling up by the day there were suggestions of “mass burials at sea”. After that, rubbish collectors went on strike, with councils using public parks for the interim storage of refuse. Most iconically, Leicester Square was used to store rubbish.

The result was the incumbent Labour government losing the 1979 general election dramatically and staying out of power for the next 18 years. The Labour government was replaced by the Thatcher government after a bitter election fought with the rabid right-wing tory press screaming about so-called union power being out of control.

Roll forward 40 years and we have a similar scenario. Another Labour Government doing exactly what they want. No mandate to make the social changes they are embarking on. With the covid fearmongering on a daily basis, this will not end nicely.

The family of 5 million will not go quietly this time around. Unrest is building. There is a very long list of failed promises and massive wasting of taxpayers money:

Kiwibuild – 100,000 homes in 10 years, reduce child poverdy, end suicides, light rail to the airport, cycleway over Auckland Harbour, more cops, train trip Hamilton to Auckland, Tauranga to Auckland train,  Outsourcing work to nearly 300 working groups, Cancelling all of our Roads of National Significance, introducing  a new ute tax, introducing a regional fuel tax, Elective Surgery numbers decreasing, DHB deficits blowing up, State Housing waiting lists going up, housing more in motels, Teacher strikes, Junior doctors and nurses strikes, fix mental health crisis etc etc etc.

The MSM are firmly in the pocket of Labour, with no one willing to call them out on their massive failure to get anything done.

Now we have the Chinese virus rampant in the country. A failure at the border, despite all the vacuous promises that we will be safe. I can see the family of 5 million quickly anger at extended lockdowns.


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  1. It’s going to get worse before it comes to a head. The clown car don’t know what they are doing they can’t keep inflation under control, prices soar as supply lines are squeezed, angry citizens, a few more power cuts…

    It’s going to blow Jim!



  2. What can National do? The type of change we need in New Zealand is fundamental. It is as massive as the declaration of independence and constitution in its scope, because Kiwis have been trained for 40 years to be socialist.

    Thank fuck some of us don’t learn very well, but the rest? They need to want the changes needed.



    • You should have been here in 1984 Pascal after National lost the election. The fire and brimstone rained down on Labour’s Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble etc when they reformed the NZ economy was EPIC. It was very bad for some, lots of farmers were devastated economically and worse killed themselves. Small business closed all over the place and the gnashing of teeth was heard far and wide but it was what the NZ economy needed to come out from under the economic socialism the country was only just surviving.



  3. Pascal@0818

    Re: ‘What can National do? ‘

    At least grow some and tell the ‘average Kiwi’ exactly what they stand for, what their policies are and what they intend to do when / if they become the Government again, because at the moment, they are seen as being active supporters of the CoL and a party that would be quite happy to continue to implement whatever CoL policies are in place when they take office.

    Judith Collins has been silenced, the ‘globalists’ are in ‘Head Office’ so what do they (The Nats’) have to offer?

    At the moment SFA!!

    ACT, for all it’ s posturing is little better…



    • I don’t believe Judith is just sitting on her hands, neither David Seymour, The “sheeple” are so brainwashed by the media, that I believe current strategy stops Judith and David going “full metal jacket” on the clown car in order to avoid being labelled extremist and tin foil hate wearers. To say what we on YSB know, would be viewed as hate speech and to those that say it, as law breakers. It would serve no purpose for the opposition to be tarred and feathered.

      At the moment, anything approaching what we would consider normal, would be treated by the media as extremist, and viewed by the “sheeple” as nut jobs. Under these circumstances actually being right means appearing being wrong. It must be difficult being right, in a country where the “sheeple”, by their actions agree with Big Ears and the clown car.

      I believe it is a waiting game. What would tip the scales that would allow Judith and David to act without being arrested or publicly vilified by the wicked witch and her henchmen, would be a sign of faith from the public. There is no point Judith and David acting if the public are pissing their pants at the thought of speaking out. Or worse still, don’t know they need to speak out because they have been brainwashed and their intellect replaced by the equivalent of political “body snatchers”.

      With the plummeting polls, the impending nurses strike, and the planned groundswell protest, it was getting close to critical mass. But the wicked witch threw cold water on the flames of discontent by imposing lock down, and supposedly offering a deal with the nurses union. But of course that offer was a delaying tactic.

      The nurses might get more money, but their discontent about the screwed up system, which is the major cause of discontent, will see them getting antsy some time in the future. In addition they called off the strike without a contract. How can you believe a government that pledges “no taxes in our first term”, and then goes ahead and slaps on fuel taxes for light rail that will never eventuate.

      Having spoken to nurses prior to the first strike and before the wage freeze, the demands for more money are a resultant consequence of having to work in a stressful environment, where management are constantly at odds with best practice. The money is not the primary impetus. As we know employees deserted British Airways in droves to go work at Virgin Air when it started up, for far less money.

      Had the nurses gone ahead and had the strike on Thursday as planned, the political landscape right now might be very different. And what could the police do? Arrest all the protesting nurses and leave the hospitals without staff? The strike might have been the very impetus for Doctors and Nurses who have been muzzled by the govt over the vaccine deaths and side effects, to break free and start talking.

      I can bet you, that the nurses are now regretting not striking because as sure as night and day, whatever they get, will not fix the broken health system they have to face every day.



        • Sadly, even if our dreams come true for the greatest global scam or fraud this century to be blown open in the next six months or sooner, it may take some time for the sheeple to admit they’ve been duped – especially the older people who should know better having grown up during and immediately post WW2. The younger generations we can excuse because they have been indoctrinated over the past 20 – 40 years.

          Let’s face it – no one likes having “egg on their face.” Part of the reason we are in this mess is because we have force fed over and over that we are a “team of five million” (in the case of NZ-Ao).

          Or in the case of other countries – that they have a social responsibility to do what they’re told to protect the sick, the elderly and the infirm in their communities. It is, after all, the social contract we have unconsciously signed just by being born.

          So, even when people wake up from the zombie spell they are under, they won’t want others to judge them, or think they are stupid. At best, they will be even more sheepish, and do whatever they can to not make a fuss and quietly rebuild their lives.

          You already are seeing this in the posts going round social media (the copy and paste variety or the images) along the lines of saying “I have freely chosen to be vaccinated to protect others, as well as myself”. To me, this looks like they are trying to convince themselves they’ve done the right thing – people buy with emotion and justify with logic (buyology 101).

          As an example, when I visited Dachau near Munich, which was the location of the first concentration camp, I was told that there were still townspeople who had lived through the war that were in full denial the camp even existed. This was in 1993.

          It was unfathomable to me, once I saw the “showers”, the ovens and the huts, and how the camp was in the middle of the town, that the townspeople weren’t curious about the chimneys, the smoke coming out from them, and the horrible stench.

          And then, last year, I worked on a family history book where one of the great uncles was a POW in Austria. Again, I spent time researching into the camp and the town he ended up in. And again, the same story. The townspeople, in order to justify and probably survive, turned a blind eye to the truth. and have continued to deny to this day.

          So, in short, those behind the psychological warfare being carried out is counting on the psychological effects on their victims. They have done their research. Studied the studies. And are overly confident that they won’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

          In fact, you only need to go and read the comments on MSM social media, etc. and see how people are still sickenly grateful to Cindy, Ashley, et al for saving the team of 5 million from hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths not only last year, but now, in this latest round. And again, it’s not just limited to New Zealanders thinking this way.

          What I’m about to quote from comes from the emotional impact on victims of financial fraud, identity theft or cyber crime. But it is as valid for how people will feel when the Covid fraud becomes acceptable public knowledge:


          In the wake of fraud, victims of fraud can experience symptoms such as persistent feelings of anxiety, ongoing resentment and anger, shame and embarrassment, hopelessness, loss of ability to trust, perception of lack of justice, questioning of spiritual beliefs, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. The term Fraud Trauma Syndrome is used by researchers to describe the emotional experience of fraud victims.”

          “Some of the impacts of fraud included victims getting into more arguments and fights, not feeling able to trust family and friends, not feeling close to them, and not receiving support from them.”

          In other words, our loved ones, who have refused to listen to us, claiming we are conspiracy theorists or tinfoil hat wearers, are not going to be in any hurry to turn around and say, “Oh wow, you were right. We really really really wish we’d listened to you.” Not a chance. They’ll be too ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated that they were duped so easily.

          Sadly, these past few divisive years has caused so much damage to familial relationships and friendships that it will be long time, if ever, for that damage to be repaired and divisions healed.



    • JC silenced?
      It is her job / duty to lead with principles and determination.
      Look at the great leaders , Garibaldi- blood sweat and tears, Churchill fighting on the beaches, and to make the point Muldoon and his blackboard!
      Love or hate them they were leaders, They had courage.
      The present NZ lot think leadership is a salary and a pension, not a-life consuming duty.



  4. HMM.
    My grand daughter is at Otago. A few days ago a bus arrived to take all the first year Dr’s. and chemists students to get the vaccine.
    Out of 140 only 40 got on the bus.
    Are the rest going to be vilified and refused their next year?

    Nasty bastards these university arsewipes.

    Then my Grandson at age 15 and who worked at a Pak n Slav during the last shutdown and since has been told he has to have the vaccine or lose his job. Grateful bastards given that they were desparate for staff last time and he flogged his guts out for them
    Told him to quit.

    Oh it’s not mandatory but if you want a job you have to get vaccinated.

    What about informed consent and what will that cover.

    Fuck New world and Pak N Sav.
    No doubt the other arsewipes will be the same.

    Who is going to be hung for imposing all this on our community? Becuase they should be.



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