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Time To Kill The Climate Cult




Spike Hampson.

The climate cult has gotten out of hand. It now threatens to prevail in politics by convincing the ignorant that the science is settled.

Anybody who has a basic understanding of the science knows that it is not settled.  A number of inconvenient facts seriously undermine the idea that catastrophic global warming caused by humans is about to overwhelm us.  Here are three of them:

  1. Emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are causing far less heating than the climate models have been predicting.
  2. There is no scientifically reputable method for measuring the human contribution to carbon dioxide emissions relative to emissions from natural sources.
  3. Measured sea level rise in recent decades is insufficient to account for the alarmist forecasts about the amount of rise by the end of the century.

As long as the general public is unaware of realities such as these, the cultists will continue to proselytize using emotional appeals about saving the world and moralistic shaming of any who disagree.

Common sense has already stimulated a fair portion of the general public to adopt a “wait and see” attitude about the issue.  These people have not seen any sign that warming temperatures or rising sea level are causing anything drastic to happen, and they recognize that extreme government measures like the Green New Deal require revolutionary changes to our economic and political systems.  Their lifetime experience also tells them that catastrophic weather events like hurricanes, droughts, and the like are not significantly more frequent or intense than when they were young.

But there are two concerns that must be addressed: the global warming cult is promoted using more emotion than reason, and politicians in power around the world have already bought into the scam.  These two realities greatly advantage the global warming believers in their quest to have governments take aggressive action to save the planet.

The weaponizing of emotion is a problem because we as humans are generally more influenced by emotional appeals than by logical argumentation.  The cultists use their distraught emotional state to challenge the immoral resistance of the skeptics.  Whether or not it should be that way is not the point; emotion will always trump logic unless the logic is too compelling to ignore.

As for the politicians in power around the world, they have become true believers because it serves their interests to have augmented control over resources and individuals.  Most of them have become climate cult members because not to do so would leave them vulnerable to self-doubt and self-flagellation.  By taking actions to solve a problem they allow themselves to believe in, they can feel honorable about the increases in wealth and status and control that then come their way.

Climate science has been corrupted by the money and prestige that flow to it so long as its supposedly objective research yields findings that support the climate cult narrative.  Climate scientists have been bought with government money.  Reporters have realized that critical examination of the climate change cult will diminish their access to the powerful individuals who feed them stories.  Big corporations have adapted to the fact that their public image will be smeared and their lobbying efforts complicated if they stop pretending to be ideologically aligned with key politicians when it comes to climate science.


  1. I’m hoping that global warming proponents will be the first to succumb to either starvation or hypothermia in the coming Grand Solar Minimum.



  2. Teenagers screaming about sea level rise. How many do you think have actually SEEN such a thing? Show one photo of a Greenland river in the middle of summer, and the whole planet is melting and we’re all gonna drown. I can’t believe teachers are actively encouraging such bullshit.



  3. If they are serious about reducing carbon in the air, then they need to talk about reducing the world population which is growing at a huge rate.
    Everyone wants a car and a tv and a phone and heat and light food and water.



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