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Gov. Newsom Suspends Eco-Rules To Expand Fossil Fuel Use During Heatwave


California Gov. Gavin Newsom suspended several environmental quality regulations on Friday to allow fossil fuel power plants to produce more electricity as the state feared blackouts due to an ongoing heatwave.

Solar and wind energy, which the state has attempted to increase as it pursues zero-emissions goals, are unable to meet the increased demand and famously failed last August during another heatwave when there was little wind and skies were overcast over parts of the state.

Newsom signed an “extreme heat proclamation” on Friday that allowed the California Air Resources Board to allow “maximum discretion” to allow the use of generators on land, and to let ships in port use auxiliary engines for power, rather than connecting to the onshore grid.

In addition, Newsom suspended “daily average and instantaneous temperature limitations in waste discharge requirements for thermal power plants,” and lifted restrictions on “the amount of power that a facility may generate,” as well as air quality rules “that prevent the facility from generating additional power during peak demand hours.”

Newsom signed an additional proclamation specifically pertaining to auxiliary engines on ships docked in local ports.

Last year, Newsom said that the state needed to “sober up” about the limitations of renewable energy sources, though he has continued to pursue a “green” agenda, promising to phase out the internal combustion engine in vehicles in the state.

The Wall Street Journal noted Monday that California is also drawing on power generated by and for other states that happens to pass through it, thanks to a favorable ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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  1. How ‘inconvenient’ for the ‘green’ Governor; no doubt St. Greta the Loud will have been advised and as we speak she will be on her way towards him to deliver a ‘Severe reprimand’ for daring to use fossil fuels…///



  2. The recall election for Newsom is in 8 weeks
    >>The 2021 California gubernatorial recall election is an upcoming special election on whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom which is scheduled to be held on September 14, 2021.

    no doubt any replacement will be a doofus as well.

    This shows the sheer stupidity of the ‘green moron’ nonsense

    So, it is stinking hot .
    Wow must be globby warming (we had to use ‘climate change’ when it was not warming up, duh)
    So we convert to solar and shit to offset globby warming or wees all gonna die.
    But the solar shit is not good enough even when it is stinking f…ing hot.

    so, you can’t harness the heat; cant harness the sun after all.
    A state largely stolen from the desert in the southern California can’t get enough solar to provide power.
    I guess that puts Dunedin, Helsinki, and Hamburg on the shit list for alternative power.

    How dumb is that?
    Cognitive dissonance at work.

    Plus in California the sea is rather cold (damn cold if you want to swim in san Francisco which maybe why there are so many of the great unwashed there) so wind should be a bet with hot land vs cold sea.

    But NO.
    So called ‘Alternative power’ is a crock.
    was there any doubt among intelligent non-sheeple?



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