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Tommy Robinson reportedly transferred to maximum security prison described as “jihadi training camp”




A maximum security prison rife with unchecked jihad activity — clearly British authorities want Tommy Robinson dead, and they don’t care who knows it. They have set their nation on the path to suicide, and they’re bent on keeping it there.

Tommy Robinson has reportedly been transferred to Belmarsh prison, a maximum security facility in south London once described in Britain’s mainstream media as “a jihadi training camp”.

Tommy Robinson was re-sentenced to nine months in prison this week for non-violent contempt of court offences — after an earlier ten-month sentence passed within hours of his initial arrest was quashed — of which he should have to serve around two-and-a-half months before becoming eligible for automatic release on licence.

In 2016, a former Muslim inmate of Belmarsh told the London Evening Standard that “There were so many would-be jihadists in there I felt like an intruder at a jihadi training camp.”

Terrorists were said to be “very popular and had enormous influence… treated like celebrities by the other inmates,” and non-Muslims accused of insulting Islam at risk of having their cells broken into and being subject to serious assaults.

The whistleblower said he “watched how prison officers seemingly took no action, leaving new inmates like myself with the impression that the real people in charge were not the warders, but a terrifying group of radical Islamists known as ‘the Brothers’ or ‘the Akhi’, which is Arabic for brother.


    • Have you not been watching Pommyland these last few years? Where not calling a cock in a frock a ‘she’ can get you time in gaol or reprimanded by the police? Where a soup spoon is considered a dangerous weapon? Where holding a sign against Scientology by a 14 year old boy can get you into trouble by the authorities? Where stating there are only two genders leads to expulsion? Where you are not allowed a best friend at school? Where telling a joke on YouTube can get you fined?

      And you think the Poms won’t be “so stupid”?



      • Yes I have been watching the descent of Pom justice and yes I think the Poms won’t be so stupid.

        The Poms, unlike NZ, still possess a small number of genuine journalists who will monitor such happenings and shout details from the rooftop.

        DP, the first time this right-wing professional agitator was jailed was completely different; he was just another nutter who most had never heard of.

        This time, while still just another nutter, the injustice of his case has made his false name a well known one and even petty prison bosses and injustice dept. middle-managers know that they must not be seen to feed the flames with this sort of stupidity.

        DP, I agree with points (a) and (b) although, without fact-based evidence, not your last paragraph.



    • Your faith in the honesty and integrity of the UK government is touching, but sadly naive. They did exactly this the first time around and there’s no reason for them not to do the same this time around. They need to silence Tommy. He has become talismanic and they don’t care about creating a martyr, they just want to terrify any future Tommy Robinson’s before they start following his modus operandi. Also this is the last chance for that traitor Theresa May to get revenge upon Tommy for showing the world how she abetted the cover-up of the systematic grooming and raping of young girls by muslim gangs.

      We’re watching a template for what will come here if:
      a) the CoL is not gone at the next election
      b) we don’t start the process for getting rid of MMP

      Tommy’s life is in danger, this is a state-sanctioned administrative murder plot. No one else gets sent to a high-security criminal facility for a civil offence!



  1. Back to tinned tuna and fruit for 9 weeks while isolated in his cell in the middle of summer with the windows closed to stop the spit and feces being thrown in. Appalling. Stay safe Tommy.



  2. The British have always treated their own people poorly.

    They should have had a revolution 200+ years ago but the Brits are very poor at change and adapting.
    The ruling class deliberately kept living conditions poor for people in the 1800s so that going off to their many wars was not a large differential to everyday life.

    When they sent young men off to be slaughtered in the hundreds of thousands in the 1914 to 1918 regime they did nothing to help the physically and mentally affected walking wounded afterwards.

    They ran a huge scam during the Versailles 1919 discussions to find out where the oil was before settling on which Middle East countries to rule despite the Arab assistance to the Brits by those people. The Arabs were subjugated yet again (after the Ottomans) and this gerrymandering and arbitrary ‘country making’ has caused much of Middle East problems since.

    People like to cutely say that Britain gave the world democracy. Well in the 2015 election the Brexit party received 12.5% of the votes (1 in 8) but only one elected MP in an oversize House of 650.
    It is kind of difficult to back up the theory.

    The British used the concentration camp method on women and children in the Second Boer war . It was not the 1930/40s Krauts that started this. It was 40 years earlier. The Spanish had initiated this ‘concentration’ method in Cuba only 4 years before the Brits used it on South African civilians .
    27,000 people – mainly civilian local population -died under that method of imprisonment.

    Do you really think the inner circle that rules Britain cares about the well-being of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon?



    • Part of Tommy Robinson’s problem getting his message accepted is that his message is he is not as eloquently put as some other prominent individual social media voices. Tommy is dismissed and persecuted by British authorities as he is deemed lower class, a voice for football hooligans. His protest group are seen to be potentially violent so must be prevented before widespread anarchy against the government and police breaks out. Tommy is the ‘lightening rod’ who must be made an example of.



  3. I wonder who is behind the times – New Zealand or California?

    I recently imported a device from America that came with a plastic funnel. The same type of funnel you can buy in any NZ service station or hardware store.

    My American funnel came with this warning:

    ”California Required Warning. Cancer And Reproductive Harm.”
    ”This product contains chemicals known to the State Of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects.”

    The warning was then repeated in Spanish.

    A very inclusive warning.



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