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Trans Woman Smashes Four World Records and Wins Nine Events in Women’s Weightlifting Tournament




It’s the end of women’s sports as we know it.

For the second year runnng, transgender wrestler Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound wrestling division. Beggs is in the process of transitioning from female to male and taking testosterone. Mack won the title last year too.

In October 2018 trangender Dr. Rachel McKinnon (in the middle) became the first ever transgender world champion in a womens cycling event.

In March 2017, Laurel Hubbard, a 39 year-old transgender who was born male,won her first international women’s weightlifting title in Australia breaking four national records in the process.

Last week two trans athletes won 1st and 2nd place at the Connecticut state indoor track championships.

Mary Gregory smashed four women’s weightlifting records and won nine out of nine events at a single tournament—as fresh a male-to-female transgender. But not everyone was so happy with that.

Gregory competed as a recently transgendered female at the 100% Raw Weightlifting Federation competition in Zion Crossroads, Virginia on May 27, and crushed four records in Masters world squat, open world bench press, masters world dead lift, and masters world total, Yahoo Sports reported.

She praised her victory on Instagram last Monday, and thanked the organization for its leniency as it comes to adhering to fair-play regulations.


Four days after Gregory had set the four women’s world records, Gregory found out that powerlifting officials had stripped Gregory of the records.

‘100% Raw Powerlifting Federation’ president Paul Bossi issued the following statement:

It was revealed that this female lifter was actually a male in the process of becoming a transgender.

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  1. I predicted this back in the 90s when society refused to draw any lines in the sand against stupidity. My only surprise is it has taken this long to exploit the loop holes.

    Still, if feminism actually believed in equality, they’d have demanded sport long ago not cater to female-specific or male-specific events, e.g no 100m men or women sprints, just the 100m sprint irrespective of sex.



  2. “It’s the end of women’s sports as we know it.”

    Christ I hope so!

    Women’s sport is second (third, fourth, fifth) rate rubbish suitable only for viewing by perverts and deaf masochists.

    I exclude, of course, the honorable sports such as jelly/mud wrestling and lingerie-bowl type events.

    It is good to recently note one significant sport (professional Ice Hockey) recognise this.

    I have no problem with broadcast companies showing whatever they want, whenever they want but this new fad of pooftas demonstating just how poor the standard of women-only sport is must, at the very least, end the media driven pretense it is equal to the best.



  3. I’m sorry but you’re mistaken.

    That is a male.

    With a mental illness.

    Sugar coat your cereal, not this persons problems.



  4. it’s absolutely fucked.

    the testosterone level they drop to will barely reduce their strength.

    it shows how fucked in the head these 3rd wave feminists are. allowing this shit to go on.

    the message is this – if your daughter wants to be an athlete. she needs to understand that the average bloke may decide to throw on a skirt and take her place in the team. or beat her at the event.

    peak fucking lunacy.



  5. Mental illness used to be hidden away.
    Now it is paraded in public as normal and promoted to people as something we should be proud of.
    If you were a budding women athlete why would you bother now with all the training when some cock in a frock will just waltz in scoop up the prizes.
    Completely ridiculous.



  6. The wrestler is a Female “transitioning” to male, so why are they competing in the Female class when males that want to be girls get to switch immediately?



  7. I’m surprised you didn’t list Fallon Fox (transgender) beating up females in MMA, including breaking the eye socket of one her female competitors.

    In this topsy turvy world, I didn’t ever expect a case of people approving of a male beating up a female but there you go.



  8. There should be a “shagable” test. Not shag able, can’t compete. Would any one want to shag any of these “woman”



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