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How are doctors supposed to treat a patient’s biology when transgender activists now claim biology doesn’t exist?

In case you haven’t noticed, biology and science are rapidly becoming obsolete. As the transgender lobby works feverishly to erase concepts like male and female, many of the institutions that have long functioned as bedrocks of our society are starting to unravel, including the field of medicine.

Treating patients is becoming a minefield for doctors who are now having to carefully tiptoe on eggshells so as not to “offend” patients with gender dysphoria. Simply doing one’s job as a physician is growing more impossible by the day as LGBTQPs demand that the entire world cater to their delusions.

Back in the spring, as one prominent example, an unborn child needlessly died after the child’s mother, a transgender “male,” failed to inform hospital staff of her true biology.

Because she had been persuaded into believing that she was actually a “man,” this 32-year-old lied to hospital staff, claimed that her water breaking was actually urine, and by the time everyone figured out what was going on it was already too late.

This story shocked many because it illustrates the total mental derangement of the transgender movement. And sadly, mega corporations like Procter & Gamble (P&G) are now feeding into these delusion as well by claiming that biological men can somehow menstruate.

These shifting cultural sands are making it so that doctors can no longer practice their trade and help people using science-based standards. Instead, the medical profession is being expected to adapt to transgender delusion, which means patients are going to needlessly die, just like that unborn baby.

It won’t be long until all doctors are expected to pretend as though transgender delusion is reality, or else lose their medical licenses. If a biological man storms the waiting room and demands an abortion, for instance, medical staff will have no choice but to pretend to give him one.

If a biological man pretending to be a woman demands a gynecological exam, doctors will similarly have to pretend as though this mentally ill person has a vagina and perform a faux procedure simply to fulfill his fantasies.

Whatever an LGBTQP decides is “true” will eventually have to be accepted by everyone else as “true,” or else they’ll be guilty of a “hate crime” – that is, unless decent Americans finally wake up and take a stand against this fascist onslaught of gender perversion and mental illness.

The only reason LGBTQPs are getting away with this is because we’re letting them. When good men do nothing, evil flourishes – and that’s exactly what’s happening in America today.

Nobody is suggesting that this is an easy fight. Still, it’s a fight worth fighting for our collective futures, and more importantly for the future of our children. Is the world as it’s currently headed the type of place you want the next generation to inherit? Are you truly proud to say that you’re an American in 2019?

If the LGBTQP mafia is successful in getting the so-called “Equality Act” passed, you will quickly become a criminal for “offending” its members. Should that happen, this country will be done for – so what’s it going to be? LGBT or free? It’s your choice, America.

Even former LGBTQPs are being oppressed by their bygone “community” for daring to suggest that a person doesn’t have to be an LGBTQP. Are we going to continue to allow this?

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