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Got my first warning from the NZMCA yesterday. Some arse hole member took a photo of my camper parked in a car parking area. Unbeknown to me, this is not supposed to happen. Anyhow, instead of knocking on the door and pointing out my error, the stinking little shit takes a photo and sends it to the NZMCA.

This is the email I got from them

I have received a complaint with a photo that on your recent visit to Taupo, it is alleged that you stopped the night in one of the sealed carparks at 5 Mile Bay Reserve. These car parks have signage banning M’Homes from parking in them, the accompanying photo clearly shows the sign.  It does not portray the NZMCA in a very good light when members are seen to disobey parking rules.  Can I please advise you to be more cognizant of where you park in the future so as not to bring the Club into disrepute.  This matter will be placed on the Complaints register for future reference.

This is my reply

It was our first trip in a mobile home and had the person and presumably a fellow member that took the photo, knocked on the door and advised me that I were incorrectly parked then I would have shifted.
Some must have very shallow lives if this is all they can do.
But I guess arse holes will be arse holes


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  1. No surprises Mr. Ed. I used to get tattle tale bastards almost daily from neighbours with binoculars spying on illegal construction. As soon as they call Council to bitch, we had to go out there and hassle them. No sense of “mind your own damn business buddy.” Got anything better to do?

    Enjoy your road trip 🙂



    • Solution: You have a shag on the balcony.
      I had this 30 years ago with a girlfriend at her house.
      Nosy neighbors.
      Had a Shag on the balcony. It was a freestanding house on its own decent sized section with trees and things.
      What are they going to do- contact council and dob themselves in for being peeping toms.



  2. May have been concerned about being accused of being an arsehole so took it out on the keyboard….warrior style.



  3. The MTA are a weird mob. They’re basically Grey Power for the mobile.

    We were members for a couple of years & I earned the wrath of the nit-pickers on a few occasions for “forgetting” to stick the Wings emblem & membership number on the caravan.



  4. As a fellow NZMCA member – gee, some people need to get a life. Think it must be a North Island thing.



  5. What an utter cockwomble. Took the time to take a photo, but couldn’t have a chat to a member.

    What’s the benefit to belonging?



  6. I had the same experience a year ago, some silly old busy body with nothing better to do reported me to the NZMCA because my cat (yes, my cat) was wondering around the camp ground. I got an email saying I was getting an official warning and a black mark against my name should this re occur.

    When I questioned what rules I had broken I was told that pets must be under control at all times, and dogs should be on leads at all times, but this should be applied to cats as well.

    Since my cat wasn’t attacking anyone, annoying anyone, leaving droppings anywhere or being a nuisance, the best they could come up with was to make the rules as they went along. (They have since amended the rules to include cats on lead also)

    The NZMCA obviously has members who have nothing better to do than rat on other members for nonsense like this. What is worse though, is that they have a complaints office who takes these stupid complaints seriously.



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