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Spent last weekend in The BOP. Stayed in the Mount Camp ground at the foot of the mount. As you can see from the photo, it was a wild and windy weekend. Had 4 days there and was very enjoyable. On the first night, 3 bottles of wine and half a bottle of Drambuie certainly kept the cold at bay. Our intake for the rest of the evenings was somewhat reduced, but did our best to support the local community.

It was a test trip for our new tow car. Went like a breeze, no problem towing. It was handy to drive around the Mount and over to Tauranga.


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  1. Not sure I could handle the rate of consumption of the stores, and understand why the rate may have slowed. I do like the set up.



    • A bit of discretion is advised in purchasing from Bottle O
      A very crooked outfit.
      “A liquor store owner whose behaviour was branded “heinous” by a judge will pay up an unprecedented $200,000 fine for underpaying migrant workers – but is unrepentant.
      Six Indian migrants were underpaid a total of $250,000 by Paramjeet Singh Parihar and Kuldip Kaur Parihar while working at the couple’s Super Liquor bottle stores in the Hamilton suburbs of Flagstaff and Hillcrest between 2005 and 2017/2018.”

      This has been going on for years.
      So where are we at with this unstopped immigration?
      The bottle stores are pretty much indian owned as are the dairies.
      The indians have penetrated the IRD and Immigration.
      They are taking over the Banks.
      In the USA they are getting top roles in the dodgy IT outfits e.g. Google and Microsoft.

      They will now penetrate the Labour Inspectorate after this trial and the ‘inspectors’ will take back-handers to keep it going.
      Baksheesh, brothers, baksheesh

      Am I racist?
      The cry-babies will say so but who cares about sooks and woofters?
      So No; just logical.

      They had already done this at the A.A. that we know about
      “The “central figure” in a scheme to take bribes in exchange for driving licences has been jailed for two years and eight months.
      Mohammed Feroz, who was found guilty of 55 charges of obtaining by deception and not guilty on 16 charges, ”
      and “Govender, who was found guilty on 13 charges and not guilty on four charges, was sentenced to five months community detention ”
      -not much deterrent.

      Basically the Government is saying commit fraud and crime and she’ll be jake, mate.
      Liebour are especially Pro-crime.
      Hence why they do not want to publish policy.

      It will only get worse and in 10-15 years NZ will be as crooked top to bottom as India.
      we have the Caste system operating with separate treats for the ‘special people’ .

      You can see why the Fijians pushed back on this shit and why Frank Bainimarama was non-personed for his patriotism and pushback.
      The UN does not like his actions .
      The UN cocksuckers like TV1 then went into action to trash Bainimarama’s name.
      Go against the deliberate mixing and diluting of races and you will get poor press from the presstitutes.

      Thanks John Key for all that immigration.

      Interestingly, stuttering John Campbell did an expose on this driver licence fraud in 2013 but no action was taken.
      If NZTA was a State…it would be a failed State.
      They have screwed up everything they touch and the Transmission gully is on the never, never.

      So I guess whether it is Bottle O or any other liquor outlet there will be dodgy immigration schemes going on where the shop servers are working for next to nothing in order to get a NZ passport/citizenship.

      ..and still nothing will be done to stem the corruption apart from a sprinkling of court cases where the penalty is way less than benefit of the crime.

      Welcome to NZ. Have a nice day.



  2. I guess you have it sussed Ed, but don’t show the number plates on this site.
    The lefties are good at vandalism.
    Destroying, not building.

    I trust the wife drives that wee car; or if you do it is with a face mask and dark glasses!!



  3. We stayed there a couple of years ago, nice camp, love the Mount. Have had a couple of big nights out with Curly and a number of Whale Oilers of the time at a great bar – so great have forgotten the name – 45 something. Their peak season is quite expensive but differing rates through the year. Our planned return has been put back a year cause of the virus.




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