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Most Who Took COVID Vaccines Will Be Dead By 2025

Most of the people who took a COVID “vaccine” will be dead by the year 2025. The proof is now available for all to see.

Thanks to the people who participated in this first ever human experiment with a mRNA gene-therapy, fooled into thinking it was a “vaccine” for a phony “pandemic” allegedly caused by the never-isolated “COVID-19,” we now know the following based on fact-based, post-vaccine research:

1.) It’s not a vaccine. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine does not provide immunity to Covid or it’s variants so you can still catch Covid and transmit it to others making you asymptomatic. You will likely need a booster shot every 6 months, so get ready to roll up that sleeve every six months once that system rolls out.
[link to www.bustle.com]

2.) The 95% efficacy is the RRR (Relative Reduction Risk) where the real reduction rate ARR (Absolute Reduction Risk) is less than 2% as per this scientific Lancet study.
[link to www.thelancet.com]

This means you are really not protected much at all, as the architects of this phony pandemic would like you to ‘believe.’

3.) The lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines do not remain in the intramuscular region of the deltoid muscle. They seep out into the cardiovascular system infecting the entire body with spike-protein. Something the manufacturers claimed would never happen, yet it does and is why the adverse-side effects are so bad with this shot.
[link to www.sciencedirect.com]

4.) The spike-protein itself is toxic and a part of the disease pathology being the cause of inflammation, ACE2 deregulation and opens up immunity pathways. This means Myocarditis (heart inflammation), Encephalitis (brain inflammation ) and hepatomegaly (liver inflammation) are huge risks and confirmed by many adverse-reactions reported to VAERS and EuroVigilance.

[link to www.ahajournals.org]
[link to www.salk.edu]
[link to www.news-medical.net]
[link to pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
[link to www.jimmunol.org]

This means the spike-protein itself is enough to damage the cardiovascular system and organs, some of which can have harmful events in the future and is like injecting someone with Covid-19 damaging the inside of the body rather than the lungs.

5.) The synthetic spike-protein itself has coding errors and a 5 GxxxG motif placing it in the category of a prion which could pose a long-term risk of neural degenerative diseases.

[link to www.longdom.org]
[link to ijvtpr.com]
[link to www.newstarget.com]
[link to www.nature.com]
[link to www.preprints.org]
[link to www.nature.com]
[link to www.biorxiv.org]

6.) The lipid nanoparticles after injection bulk in Ovaries in women followed by bone-marrow. Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA covers these findings in lay terms for stupid people who can’t process scientific data easily.

[link to www.bitchute.com]

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

If it wasn’t for the gullible and naïve idiots who jumped on an experimental gene-therapy shot which skipped any real, meaningful, trials that would have presented the above findings, we now have this data and evidence from the human lab-rats running around gleefully and ignorantly celebrating their Eugenics shot, completely blind to the short-term and long term consequences that this data all points to:

MOST of them will die from one or more of the conditions outlined in the reports above, and MOST of those deaths will take place by the year 2025.

Enjoy your harmful spike-protein that you will never get out of your body, and the neural degenerative, long-term risks, which ultimately could lead to untreatable deadly neurological illnesses as your brain slowly rots and deteriorates from the prion causing misfolded proteins that damage your neurons slowly over time.

Your sacrifice for the safety of others, which will likely kill most of you, was based on your ignorance, your failure to research things for yourself, and your willingness to simply accept what other (ignorant) people – like politicians – told you.

World population of 500 million coming; just as the Georgia Guide Stones suggested, and the psychotic maniacs who believe humans need to be culled from the planet, took literally.

How about we blame the real culprits who created this in the first place:

Fauci with his gain-of-function research that was banned in the US so he moved it the lab in Wuhan where this took place.

Bill Gates with his depopulation agenda and ties to pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

The CDC/WHO/Rockefeller Foundation and John Hopkins, who ran Event 201, Spars, Lockstep, planning all of this for their globalist new world order.



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  1. Not quite on topic, but so much in line with “Big Government’s” supposed “kindness” and their intentions, just like the vaccine injections, and the leakage into other parts of your life.
    The tracer apps in Massachusetts are out of control.
    The implementation process of the app clearly contradicts the notion of voluntary participation, as well as raising concerns as to what else might be installed remotely without users’ knowledge.
    Many in the state had no idea the app had been pushed to their devices until they got a notification. The app also appears to be reinstalling itself once forcibly removed by users.
    “Ghost installed without my permission, and keeps sending me push notifications.
    I removed it and it reinstall itself.
    This isn’t something I want in my phone, it’s not something that has permission to be on my phone nor should the commonwealth or any other place/company be allowed to put something on my phone without my permission,” said user Beth Silvaggio.


    “kindness” to the sheep, is to give them a blindfold.



  2. In answer to the question posed. Probably unlikely that all will be dead by 2025. At least that is my hope given that 2 of my 3 sons have taken it. I am still feverishly trying to save the third. Long term I think many of the vaxxed will die a lot earlier than they should have from all manor of causes.



    • Like you, Curious, I also don’t think that everyone has submitted to this experiment will necessarily be dead by 2025 – but as you say many of the vaxxed will die a lot earlier than they should have from all manor of causes.

      One of the most confusing aspects will be that the spectrum of damage is so wide (lungs, brain, random blood clots, heart, liver etc) that it will be impossible for the medical profession to keep up with it as the horrific consequences of this experiment progress. Also, the time it takes for any given lab rat to succumb already varies so widely that nobody will be able to predict the course of the damage, even if they eventually acknowledge that something very evil has been done to the human race.

      Probably the prediction of a final population of 500 million by 2025 is an extreme exaggeration, but I predict a billion deaths in the next say ten years. More tragic, though, is the fact that the whole human race will be crippled by sickness in the coming years and this alone will be enough to literally destroy human civilization, even if it doesn’t actually kill all the people.

      This has been coming for fifty years; ever since that psychopathic cunt Paul Erlich came up with the insane idea that the world was overpopulated. I’m not religious (in fact I’m an atheist), but if ever there was a living embodiment of the antichrist or devil incarnate, then Erlich must be one of the prime candidates.



    • My 90/91 year old parents have had the jab. I could have suggested to them they don’t but they wouldn’t have listened. One way or another they are not likely to last too many more years anyway. My karen of a sister (who has been wanting her very own illness for years) is determined to have the jab despite my warnings. You can only help those who will listen – harsh but true. Que sera, sera



  3. Think about this for a minute, youve seen and are living through the response and mass hysteria of the sniffles that has a fatality rate similar to the flu… now imagine it if 3, 5, 15 or even 20% of the vaccinated get dead or seriously fucked up, w
    What will the response and hysteria be like then? Even a 3-5% death rate over the next 10yrs will be absolute carnage on the hysteria front.



    • ”Even a 3-5% death rate over the next 10yrs will be absolute carnage on the hysteria front.”

      With a decent statistical sample, it will be possible to prove with a 95% confidence whether vaccinated people have a significantly greater death rate than the non-vaccinated ones.

      Note: if the people who got vaccinated did so because they were sicker or weaker from the beginning (and thus more likely to die earlier) then that could skew the findings. The researchers would have to compare apples with apples.



      • I dont trust any researchers to be completely honest with anything to do with this in the future, it will end up being the biggest cover up in human history.

        We will only know of shortish term effects, i see nz has just approved it for 12-15yr olds, what if we find out it takes 20yrs off someones life? That wont be known for 35yrs for those kids and no doubt there will be a million other things they could attribute.

        I believe over the next few years many of the deaths will be fudged or attributed to other causes to push fear and other agendas eg. Climate hoax, red meat etc



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