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Trump says what everybody already thinks and knows




President Trump’s latest tweet storm that “Progressive” Democrats need to “go back” to their “crime-ridden places,” again reveals that for everything he says, Patriotic Americans already think and know.

That’s the beauty of the Trump presidency, and why he is loved by his followers and why 94 percent of Republicans say they are going to vote for him again for re-election in 2020.

Now he calls them the “four horsewomen of the apocalypse.”

Where is our Trump  equivalent? Is there such a person living here, or do we need to offer him the job.?


  1. Sir Bob Jones has the capacity to be our Trump…. but I don’t think he’s interested, more’s the pity.

    He certainly shook it all up when he did politics years ago, but I think that he was a man before his time then.



  2. More of a concern – Jacinda’s ongoing peak stupidity or is it something worse?

    Once again the worst PM of all time, wades in on an issue that she has no stake in and will only bring a downside for the national interest. Why would she wade in and accuse Trump of racism – it has no relation at all to NZ foreign affairs and has only downsides for Kiwis.

    There are only two explanations, either she is really, really stupid or she is doing the bidding of her NWO controllers in the shadows. I’ll explain.

    On being stupid. We’ve already seen how bad it can be for the national interest when a stupid little marxist twit calls the President of the most powerful nation on Earth “orange”. NZ steel is still frozen out of the tariff relief that Australia seemed to secure so easily. It is inconceivably stupid (deserving of impeachment under other systems of government) to so overtly do things which harm the national interest, what happens the next time when NZ needs a favourable nod from the Yanks – like with a trade deal for instance – that’s right we go right to the very back of the queue. Unless of course, Labour really are trying to break NZ’s economy – in which case it’s a power move.

    On the other hand, the NWO, the marxist left and the ‘bought and paid for’ media are all pushing the propaganda machine as hard as they can to distract us stupid sheeple from the major issue of the millenium – Epstein and the donkey-deep involvment of the Democrats and the Hollywood liberals in Epstein’s Pedo Island child sex trafficking.

    Here’s some drone footage of the island – those mounds sure look a lot like graves. Interesting that Google Earth photoshopped a tennis court over that graveyard looking spot – the cynical among the population could be forgiven for presuming that Google is into a bit of tolerance and diversity where pedophilia is concerned eh?

    My point is – have Jacinda’s NWO controllers directed her to wade in and put her shoulder to the propaganda wheel to distract the plebs in NZ so they don’t start to realise how evil the left has become? Is she doing her bit to distract attention away from globalist pedophilia?

    (While the media has trolled up some footage from 1992 of Trump talking to Epstein – they have somehow overlooked that Bill Clinton travelled to Pedo island 26 times while he was President and after – often ditching his Secret Service escort. Things that make you go “hmm”. )



  3. And yet there are people in my circle of friends, intelligent business owning people, who think Trump is a moron. They just don’t understand the guy, his method, his style, his way of communication. They are brainwashed by our MSM who in the main quote CNN or similar who are vehemently opposed to Trump or indeed anyone to the right of centre.
    And its not as if Trump has suddenly stumbled on his mantra of MAGA. I’ve read two of his books and its all in there and they were written long before he considered running for POTUS.
    As for someone in NZ “doing a Trump” – historically it could have been Richard Prebble but today I just can’t think of anyone. Apart from the odd blog or two who might support such a person the MSM would crush any potential Trumpelganger.



  4. I was watching Al Jazeera on free to air last night.
    And they showed a quick clip of the “send her back” rally.
    They also showed some clips of that Omar woman, in the corridors of congress
    Gee she is an evil, self confident, arrogant woman. I cant believe how she got elected.
    To me she is just un-American.



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